1. Wall Street is such a big bunch of babies, always crying me me me and stamping their feet if any of the American people’s money is spent on things that benefit working people.

    1. Republicans hate the American people too much to vote for a Corporate Tax increase. What’s in it for them. They don’t represent people anymore. Unless you donate more than $10k they will never know your name.

  2. Funny thing is when uncle Sam bailed out Wall Street they didn’t say don’t bail us out, not they are having fit the other way around, no more free lunch, the fed may also raise the interest rate too, look out

    1. @jdnb86 what is with all the adult anime people? Still watch Saturday morning cartoons? Mommy make you breakfast in bed until you decide to get up to play some video games?

    2. @peekosthename ah yes I forgot, I’m a Serbian commenting, Australian twitch streamer who only plays video games lol. You should have quit awhile ago bud you are only making yourself sound worse, bravo didn’t realize it was possible.

    3. @peekosthename thanks for the laughs tiny dancer this really was fun to watch you get so angry about this. Don’t worry you only present as mildly psychotic.

    1. @TheCorporation as a matter of fact I just finished a book on him and he said exactly what you said. I always thought on America was pushing for socialism but I was wrong and you are exactly right

    2. You’re ignorance of the stock market is astounding, it’s regular folks who are going to lose the most, not hedge funds.

    1. Meh I’m not even sorry for them they’re making a living off of us when we buy their sh**

  3. I bet they are lashing out! None of these monsters care about working class taxpayers l. They just care about being able to sleep on their enormous beds of money!

    1. @Brian Martinez infrastructure? Reliable power? Safe water? Internet access? Investing in new technologies and jobs? Retraining programs? Housing? Grow up child and start actually thinking. The goal is to raise taxes on corporations and those not paying their fair share. To tax those hoarding wealth as if it was some kind of high score. To end the loopholes that allow these people to avoid paying an estimated 1 trillion a year.

    2. @darena12 The government needs more money to mismanage? Again, No thanks. Where I live we don’t need any of those things you are crying about. Sorry you live in such a shithole. If you didn’t vote for crony liberal dummies you’d probably have a nicer town. Why don’t you and every other Democrat just volunteer half your salary to the IRS. If you don’t think rasing the gains tax on people that make over 1 million isn’t going to impact everyone you are sadly mistaking.

    3. @darena12 Not pathetic. Why do you want to change my finances for some government program you want. Fund it yourself with the rest of your friends.

    1. @Marianne Mcilwain I got a double degree in poli sci and economics and work for a bank
      I do credit analysis and have seen my fair share of returns with high capital gains income and pay less in taxes then people who work. For most working people this tax has no effect. I would rather the stock market to reflect the natural price than be inflated due to a consolidation of wealth being pumped while providing little mechanisms to reduce the mass consolidation of wealth.

  4. They have their hands in a candy jar long enough now it’s time for the grownups to say that’s enough sweets they will adapt

  5. Funniest thing he said, “hard earned capital”. I know several trust fund baby’s. They’re very cool people, but their income is not hard earned.

    1. Sad thing these days is the person making $11.00 hour can do the work of the person making $3,654.00 hour in the company.
      However it cannot work in reverse.

    2. It’s generally more so the rich who haven’t actually “earned” anything who are afraid because they don’t know how to earn wealth should they need to. Not that anyone actually “earns” a billion dollars, but the people who truly work hard and have been financially successful as a result will be just fine. They know what to do to “stay” rich. The people who were born into it or simply got lucky have no clue how not to go broke or what to do if their bottom fell out.

    3. @Damián “el Salsuero”  but the sort of economic survival of the fittest you suggest is only for the poors while both successful rich and the lazy rich make sure they aren’t subject to rules at all wherever possible.

    4. @Damián “el Salsuero” My point being that whether they “know” how to “earn” billions of dollars or not their only common interest is in _keeping_ it. Sure some at the top up their donations when they’re the single richest or even in the top ten but even among those “self made” billionaires their only superpower is finding ways to not lose money. Taxes included.

  6. we won’t have to sit at home and wait on the government for their capital gains. We can show them we can do it without them then we wait for them till they need us .

    1. Current Capital Gains at 20%. You soon will be paying 44%. Congrats you all. Soon almost 50% of all your capital gain incomes will go to Joe. It’s only been 90 days and is isn’t near done taxing you. Welcome to socialism. You will never get that freedom back. Remember you voted for this.

  7. Ha! the guy said ‘wealthy’ and ‘hard earned capital’ in the same sentence…great sense of humor

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