‘Walls Closing In On Donald’s Little Buddy’: Joy Reid on Matt Gaetz

Former friend and associate of Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg, has formalized a cooperation deal with prosecutors. Greenberg plead guilty to six of the 33 charges initially filed against him, including sex trafficking of a minor. Joy says, “if the potential implications for Gaetz weren't clear enough, we also saw a plane flying a banner over the courthouse in Florida today. It read, ‘tick tock Matt Gaetz.’”
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  1. Karma is such a beautiful thing to behold. Usually it happens without an audience however when the culprit is so disgusting, karma is displayed for all to enjoy….which adds to the karma

    1. I heard that one woman has finally come forward as a witness to these crimes…her name is Tara Reade… too soon ?

    2. @Alaska Pirates Gaetz, like Greene, if indicted, might offer the Feds incriminating information on someone or several people of great importance, in order to save his hide/reduce his sentence. The crooks tend to do dirty deals with each other.

    1. @Bat Boy Is there something in particular/specific that you surmise from that observation assertion ?

    2. @William Bowser Is that your way of saying: The stench is on you because you’re a Republican. But only a “Democrat” can smell it, because you Republicans have become accustomed to the squalid smell—so now you’re laughing at us ?

      Keep in mind, WE—True Americans eradicated the runneth over sewage system in The White House. (I think) EIGHTY TWO MILLION STRONG.
      We’re working on further solidifying Congress.

      So stick around, let’s see who gets the last laugh.

    1. @Michael Scire That’s not even funny. That’s sad you would joke like that. That could be dangerous.

  2. If any of them go to jail like they should , I’ll be in shock. The rich people get off the poor people go to jail $$$

    1. And if you’re a black in ameriKKKa the penalty is ten times worse.

    2. Every once in a while, they go down too. Remember Martha Stewart?

      The 2 original “Teflon Dons”, both died in prison. They were Capone and Gotti.

    3. @Robert Wolfe lord I hope you’re just trolling because that’s the dumbest comment I’ve seen for a while…

  3. Greenberg’s lawyer is the only lawyer I know that repeats his questions before answering. Smart move….lol

    1. @Kathleen Austin Yes that’s a possibility but if you watched his previous interviews, he does the same thing frequently and you could hear the questions loud and clear. I think the reason he repeats them is because he needs to give a careful answer due to the severity of the case and it concerning a political figure.

  4. I can’t wait to see gaetz behind bars. Wonder if Eric’s dad was also one of those other adults? Lock them all up

    1. Drumpf Junior and Kimberley was probably at those cocaine, keys in the bowl parties too. Those two are freaky.😳

  5. Joel Greenberg deserves a full orchestra when he starts to sing🙏🙋‍♂️😂😱🧒🏻👧

    1. He’s already sung, it’s over for him and Gaetz, and possibly Roger Stone.
      The only reason the feds cut that deal with him is because they fully his info.

    2. @Crimdor Matt Gaetz: typical corrupt Republican trying to gaslight the whole world while staring down the barrel at the end of his career.
      But you’ll justify anything in your favor, because ‘crazy mass hypnosis’

    3. @Billy Yonet Gaetz, maybe. Stone, nah? He’s too slimy. I can see him slipping into an open sewage drainpipe if the Feds got too close.

    4. @Paul Kearsey yep, he’s also talking about Trump’s Supreme Court picks who threw out any hope for hearing the voter fraud BS, and the Georgia Secretary of State who recorded trump’s corrupt call.

    1. Yeah? Well, evidently they’re a lot better at hiding their “naughty favors,” improprieties, and guilty pleasures. You have to at least acknowledge that both Greenberg and Gaetz are remarkably stupid and bad at being corrupt. I guess that’s what living with unfair advantages does for you. Makes you lazy and gives you a false sense of security. Wow. They just let it aalllll hang out.

    2. True but they are not easy to catch. And if the one who gets caught starts talking the next thing they are found hanging in their cell

    1. agreed! 🤣👍
      Matt Gaetz is disgusting in more than several ways.
      When I voted last year, I didn’t see him on the ballot otherwise I’d have double bubbled a NO.

    2. “……plane and from a different angle as it slammed into the…” (“My GOD”, “AHHHHHH”, “HELP”………….”AHHHHHHHHH”…(unidentified)…”That was a military plane.” (

    3. @kimberly s Paul Sheldon; ‘Misery’s Child.’ ‘MISERY’; ‘Misery In France’, ‘Misery Betrayed’, ‘Misery In Love’: you don’t know any of these books???

  6. It sound like to me his little speech he gave he said he’s ready to sing like a mockingbird and expose everybody if he’s got to go down

  7. “Tick Tock Matt Gaetz”
    Matt- oh yeah I see a lotta hot girls dancing on that app!
    The world- 🙄

  8. If they’re NOT charging him for all of those other crimes, he has ALLOT of info to give them. There is no WAY it’s only 2 or 3 other people.

  9. I hope Mr. Greenburg doesn’t get a visit from the Warden. Protect him please. He has a lot of names in that plea deal.

    1. It’s already too late, the feds have all the info they need, otherwise they wouldn’t have cut that deal.
      If he happens to “commit suicide“ in jail, it won’t matter at all.

  10. Matt “I’m not Bevis” Gaetz is a personality type I do remember growing up in Florida. I miss Florida and so many good people there.

    1. It would be so nice to hear about the nicer people in Florida, rather than giving these morons a microphone.

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