Fauci Confirms ‘Extremely Low’ Risk Of Transmission For Fully Vaccinated 1

Fauci Confirms ‘Extremely Low’ Risk Of Transmission For Fully Vaccinated


“The risk is extremely low of getting infected, of getting sick, or of transmitting it to anybody else, full stop,” says Dr. Fauci, explaining the new CDC mask guidance for fully vaccinated folks.
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    1. @Bannedforthe8thtime Youtubecanthandletruth I have a good friend, a teacher, who had covid for 5 weeks this summer, same length of time I had it in March 2020;
      he took the first shot of vaccine ….. got sick for a week with it AGAIN; took 2nd shot …… got it for a third time. He calls it “self-inflicted” because he should have said NO when the school wanted all employees vaccinated.

      I agree! Don’t take the vaccine.
      (maybe it’s why the damned Yankees tested positive…… they got vaccinated!)

  1. Yeah the risk of transmission from a vaccinated person doesn’t go up from its 99.99% recovery rate in the first place

    1. @Drake Hershberger Dude the Chinese welded citizens into their homes and it still didn’t stop it

    2. @Stephanie Kicks First intelligent post I’ve read in awhile. It’s like a trailer park blew up all over YouTube recently. Breathtaking stupidity everywhere.

    3. @Canta Gadelica He said that in the first month of the crisis when masks were in short supply and cases were being measured in hundreds across the country. It was always meant to be temporary advice.

    1. Even the ppl who distribute the drugs don’t get high on there own supply lol they know it’s bs

    2. What he is doing by Flip flop is called “Gas lighting abuse” (google/see y t vids)…it’s used to stealth confuse someone & push them over their emotional edge.

      He is also setting it up so not to ever go to prison…he is flip flopping so in court he could just say “I was only given very little info” …this guy Fake Fauci is a master manipulator who has pocketed MILLIONS off of planned covid.

      Look up the site Brand new tube…watch their video: We wont be silenced (this site & vid were created by doctors from all over the world speaking out against these deadly & dangerous EXPERIMENTAL corona vaccines)

      LOokup Hugo talks site & his you tube chan: Hugo talks some more (look up his video titled 1) London Freedom Protest 2) World wide protest’ (millions are in the streets protesting these deadly corona EXPERIMENTAL vax)

      look up Sites: Bit Chute

      lots of good info why not to take this DANGEROUS & DEADLY EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE.

      lookup on y t: Corona vaccinated magnet can stick to their arms. The news & GOvernment is denounced this. But, a family member used a dime size magnet and it stuck to his arm like a magnet to a frig. see the you tube videos.

      look up Great reset…and WOrld economic forum y t ch = this is the evil elites agenda & y t chan. please pass this on.

    3. @Go Surf nice to see some are still at least trying to let people know there is other opinions out there. Sad to think this would be a bridge too far tho haha

    1. @R N I keep an “Ear to the Ground” on the Main Stream Media, and I like to read the comments. lol

    2. Sadly while everything discussed in this video is well known to those like us who actually do their research, ,most people are still in denial and need to hear it repeatedly until it clicks in their brain and they start to get it.

    3. @Nathaniel Erskine be careful …. with your ear to the ground Fauci might run over you in a Mack truck! Then count you as another Covid death! lol

    4. @Zengrath boy oh boy, taking the pacifier out of their mouths is sure to cause a LOT of crying!!

    1. @Tom Servo congrats, you called me a bot, is there supposed to be some sort of argument behind this? or are you just resorting to belittling me at this point?

  2. We knew this months ago. But for some reason the media picks and chooses who we listen to and when we listen to them

    1. @Mike Barry Would this be the same science that claims there’s more than 2 sexes? How about a life isn’t really a life inside a woman’s womb?

    2. @William Steed OHHH, but not for long! Get your safe space and emotional support pet ready.

  3. Wasn’t he also advocating for two masks in January even after being vaccinated himself?

    1. @Drake Hershberger do your research of the Pilbright Institute in the UK and Fauci. Why did Fauci need to do damage control for the Pilbright Institute in the UK? Then see if you still believe in this fraud Fauci.

    2. I highly doubt this clown ever allowed himself to be injected with that toxic garbage.

  4. The people of the world needs to take a very close look at every aspect of this man’s life, his work, friends, money and manipulations. Everything.

    1. @Cary Francis , Why did he patent all those proteins ? Why is tied to all those previous virus that have afflicted our population for so long ? Why after we outlawed this gain of function research did he funnel money to a CCP control lab to do this crazy research ?

    2. @Cary Francis he has, it’s sad people hate someone who has dedicated his life to help American people

    3. PHD: Piled High and Deep.

      There’s a reason why people with Masters degrees are NEVER interviewed on TV. The truth about what we know will crash the house of cards our society is made of.

      A PhD is not next a true expert in anything.

    4. We already did dude, he’s well known. not someone just came out of nowhere. Where you been?

    1. @Sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis 7th time deleted. I trust camels to make cigarettes because that’s what they do soooo get my point?

    2. @Manny Thrash Do you know the history of doctors saying cigarettes are healthy or healthier than other versions?

    1. @apexxy I just mean in general assuming I make it to the end-ene of this. At some point I’ll have to stop.

  5. Let me guess. J like w the guidelines on this segment they’re going to ignore those of us with immune conditions…

  6. The fact that you asked this clown his advice on the “stab” says a lot about you (sudo news clown) and your station

  7. “Had no symptoms at all which means it is very likely that the level of virus in their nasal pharynx is too low and won’t spread.” I thought asymptotic people could still spread it

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