Walmart Exec Told Sheryl Crow To Change Her Lyrics Or They Would Ban Her Album From Stores 1

Walmart Exec Told Sheryl Crow To Change Her Lyrics Or They Would Ban Her Album From Stores


Musical icon Sheryl Crow on how she pushed back on a Walmart executive who told her to change the lyrics to a song and kept her hit album out of stores. This is an excerpt of the newest installment of “Mavericks with Ari Melber,” a series of interviews with artists, musicians and cultural icons. Watch the full episode on
PR Guns/Walmart.

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    1. @Robin It’s so nice to see women supporting each other and not being catty b*tches because they’re jealous.

  1. I’m glad Ari stopped to dwell on that point because that’s slimy af that Walmart would be so quick to throw one of its competitors under the bus like that. Good for Sheryl’s label for supporting her decision.

    1. Exactly. I read an article in Business Weekly magazine back in the 80’s that referred to WalMart forcing a manufacturer to sell their “pickles” in a huge jar at a discounted price. The manufacturer did as required by Walmart. Of course people did not rush to buy massive jars of pickles, but WalMart blamed the manufacturer, who I think ended up in bankruptcy(?). The same article mentioned that WalMart tried to pull something similar with Levi jeans, but Levi was big enough to tell WalMart to go bother someone who cared, they weren’t interested.
      I stopped shopping there then, never cared for bullies.

    2. @Antique Girl… I also heard a story (around 2006 on Terry Gross’ Fresh Air radio program) that Walmart offered to sell a very high-quality lawnmower, but they wanted to sell it at a steep discount. This lawnmower manufacturer stated this would require them to change the quality of their product, and they refused to do this. Their reputation and product guarantee would be on-the-line, and they wanted no part of this.
      – Sorry, but I can’t recall the name of this lawnmower.
      After learning this, I now avoid buying things at Walmart if I need of a certain quality.

  2. After 2016, liars are rewarded and truth tellers are punished. Someone needs to tell corporate America that good Americans won’t take that idiocy any more (bad Americans will still do it with gusto though).

  3. Truth matters. A wealthy corporation should not make you change anything in order to make themselves look better.

  4. I’ll gladly go buy Ms. Crow’s albums anywhere else.
    Walmart is not going to stop me:)

  5. Out of top richest Americans 3 are Waltons, Walmart owners! Meanwhile Walmart workers are state lowest pay possible, kept at part-time hours, given no benefits and has the highest employee turnaround amongst large USA corporations! Shop local! Keep your spending in your community! Costs a bit more, but better for USA!

  6. If Walmart hadn’t have had a cow over this I wouldn’t have even known Sheryl Crow had dropped a new album.
    Congratulations, WalMart. You played yourself.

  7. Street cred is everything to the fans. You either walk the walk or you’re finished as an artist.

  8. “Those Walmart realize that anyone can purchase her album online from any other store other then Walmart” She shouldn’t changed any of her lyrics to please these corporate oligarchs

  9. I bought a new computer mouse from a Mom and Pop store that I didn’t even know they sold computer mice! (Or is it computer mouses? ) But the point is! I didn’t go to Wal-nutz!!

  10. Walmart: “Disparage our competitors and we will carry it.”
    Proper response: “No thanks, I’ll sell on Apple.”

    1. “… and then I’m going on national TV to tell people what you tried to coerce me to do… boneheads.”

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