WaPo: Trump Belief In Bogus Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Started Early | All In | MSNBC

WaPo: Trump Belief In Bogus Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Started Early | All In | MSNBC 1


According to the Washington Post, President Trump himself started bringing up the “Crowdstrike” conspiracy theory as early as July 2017. Aired on 12/20/19.
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WaPo: Trump Belief In Bogus Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Started Early | All In | MSNBC

41 Comments on "WaPo: Trump Belief In Bogus Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Started Early | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Putin’s plot against America, which was to help his puppet Trump get elected began in 2014. Thousands of miles away, in a drab office building in St Petersburg, Russia, a fake newsroom was under construction with its own graphics, data analysis, search engine optimisation, IT and finance departments. Its mission: ”information warfare against the US..

    We now know from the Mueller report, that what followed was a successful attack on the most powerful democracy in the world. It involved stolen identities, fake social media accounts, rallies organised from afar, US citizens (Trump cultists) duped into doing Moscow’s bidding..

    In his first criminal charges related to election meddling, Mueller indicted 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies of an elaborate effort to disrupt the 2016 elections with a covert trolling campaign, aimed at helping Trump get elected.

    The Russian offensive began in 2014 with an aim to “sow discord” and evolved into a concerted attempt to help Trump. Some of it relied on old-fashioned boots on the ground. Two operatives, Aleksandra Krylova and Anna Bogacheva, travelled as tourists through at least nine states over about two weeks in June 2014 to collect intelligence for their operations. They prepared “evacuation scenarios” in case their cover was blown.

    This was combined with exploiting the anonymous, borderless world of social media, where agents of chaos thrive.  The Internet Research Agency, a “troll farm” based in nondescript offices at 55 Savushkina Street St Petersburg, was operating through Russian shell companies, the agency employed hundreds of people, ranging from creators of fictitious personae to technical and administrative support.

    Its specialists were divided into day shifts and night shifts to fit with the appropriate US time zones. The agency also circulated lists of US holidays so that specialists could be active accordingly.

    Russians posed as political and social active Americans. They created social media pages and groups, and bought political adverts such as “Donald wants to defeat terrorism … Hillary wants to sponsor it”. They relied on identity theft, using the social security numbers, home addresses and birth dates of Americans without their knowledge. They set up fake bank accounts linked to PayPal accounts.

    They engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Clinton, and to denigrate other candidates such as Cruz and Rubio. In June 2016, after Trump clinched the Republican nomination, the Russians began to organise pro-Trump rallies, recruiting and paying unwitting (Trump cultists) Americans. At a time when Trump supporters were chanting “Lock her up!”, one was asked to wear a costume portraying Clinton in a prison uniform at a rally in Florida, while another was asked to build a cage on a flatbed truck. On 22 September, Russians created and bought Facebook ads for a series of “Miners for Trump” rallies in Pennsylvania..

    Today Trump still refuses to criticize Putin, or even acknowledge that Moscow meddled in our  elections. His refusal to do so is either motivated by fear, or a conscientious and wilful  betrayal of his oath of office, and the betrayal of America.

    • JoeyFiveandDimes | December 21, 2019 at 3:23 PM | Reply

      David J ………. Also integral to this Russian disinformation campaign was the systematic smearing of US Intelligence agencies. particularly the FBI .  Why Brennan, Comey, Strozk, McCabe, and others have been singled out .

    • David j., you are brilliant, you’ve done your research!! Forget Oslo Vega, he, proves the point I’ve tried to keep making!! trump’s cult members, have nothing, not a bone of defense for this man who is defenseless, so like trump, and his Russian loving enablers on the Hill do, they can only divert, to, “WHAT ABOUT, WHAT ABOUT,” tire some, childish rhetoric, and attack. “WHAT ABOUT,” if President Obama was a Russian asset in the White House and committing the crimes trump has, “WHAT ABOUT,” that, they would have strung him up from the nearest tree on the White House lawn!!

      Now, do a study of the billionaire Libertarian, Robert Mercer, his daughter Rebekah and their once evil genius, who groomed trump to win the election, Steve Bannon. It wasn’t just the Russians who put trump in the White House!! Mercer’s became partners with the then two Koch Bros. back in 2012 Mercer also bought Breitbart news with 10 million dollars. The tie that binds them and the Russians, is OIL. The Koch’s father worked for Mussolini in his oil refineries, and for Hitler, in his oil fields. Google the Republican CPAC on 2/22/2017 where you can listen to Bannon and Reince Priebus tell you exactly what the government would look like after Bannon got into it to dismantle it, it does. You can hear what Bannon has to say about the rich congress members, he and Rebekah told trump to hire for what agency to, his word, “NEUTER!” Google and study Mercer’s now bankrupt Cambridge Analytica, Bannon was running it bragging about the thousands of names and profiles they had on people, a whistle blower outed him for stealing them off Facebook!! They were using the Military’s PSYOP’S to teach brainwashing, it worked for trump. The premise is, to “play,” on people’s emotions to change how they think, what they do and believe, in order to manipulate them. (a strange situation for someone to be in, who is easily manipulated by dictators, himself!!) trump uses everything he learned at Cambridge, every time he opens his mouth, especially at his rallies, Bannon deliberately targeted these people, along with the Russians!! Study Bannon, period, his aim is to take the western world over to Putin’s. Last year he was in Europe helping the far right wing hardliners, win their elections.

      Mercer and Bannon interfered in the Brexit election for Theresa May. Nigel Farage, who was leader of the Brexit movement, was at that CPAC with his entourage with Mercer, his family and Rebekah’s friend Kelly Anne Conway, and trump!!

      Where did all these pro- Putin, pro-Russia people come from?!! I believe the craze is driven by the love of money, the Republicans have always been the Party of Big Money!! Now, trump agreed to hire all of Mercer’s people and hired the Koch’s people too, these were the people running trump’s campaign, watching out for these rich people’s interests. (when trump agreed to the deal Rebekah laid out for her dad, to hire all these people, he got 15.2 million spread around him.) They were the ones running around trying to find a way for trump to secretly get his orders from Putin!! Betsy DeVos’, brother, Erik Prince was in the Seychelles, just nine days after trump’s small inauguration with all the Russians in the front rows! He was meeting with one of Putin’s rich oligarchs, trying to find a channel for trump and Putin to talk!! Mercer had never been political, but he is a rabid conspiracy theorist, who believes two of the most investigated people in this country, the Clinton’s are mass murderers, so he outspent everybody for the sole purpose of making sure Hillary didn’t win the election. (and HIllary despises Putin, vice versa) Mercer and Bannon, through Breitbart and Bannon’s book, and their movie, “Clinton Cash,” rivaled Moscow in the lies against Hillary!! The Koch’s had to get rid of Hillary, she was going to get rid of their Citizen’s United, that allows the rich to buy our candidates!! Not only that, she was capping the amount of money a corporation and union could give to a candidate!! I’m afraid all this obsessive study of trump over these years, since I got my first computer, six years ago, has caused me to become a conspiracy theorist myself!! I’ve even wondered, is it possible they all got together and had someone get to the people who really vote for the president?!! So, David, what to do, I even believe, there is some evil force behind all of this, my mind just cannot grip and find realistic as to what has happened to our great USA!! In my day, Krushev and his Soviets were visible, no mistaking who they were, we were constantly threatened with their A-bomb!! Krushev, like trump was given to tantrums, leading him to bang his shoe on the podium, he was so angry he couldn’t go to Disneyland!! Now, the Russians have infiltrated our country, without a shot fired and with the permission of the president, their mole, and his Russian Republican Party!! The only thing standing between us and these power/money hungry savages are two things, our votes and thank God the constitution!! I am thankful for the media people in this country, trump hates, for their vigilance and their investigations that expose the Russians., and trump!! A young newsman just broke, about the Russians on Facebook, still, and Facebook shut them down, it is huge!! What do you think, David, I’m not asking Oslo Vega, I just wrote facts to him. that are going to be, answered, “WHAT ABOUT!!” It seems people like him don’t realize, just because you ridicule facts, does not render them untrue!!

    • @Roman Clay Oooh….I know…..Orange Turnips!!!!?

    • @Joe Paleface You don’t appear to have enough of a brain to be brainwashed.

  2. Of course, Putin owns Trump and now USA… scary times we live in being forced to have a treasonous traitor con man as President!

  3. Traitor Trump is a Russian agent, and he doesn’t even try to hide it. If any other American did what Trump is doing, they would be in prison right now. In Helsinki, on July 16, 2018, was the day that Trump gave America and the American people the middle finger, by announcing to the world that he was a Russian agent, and he was siding with Putin.

    • @Joe Paleface If so, in your opinion, at least I have one that they can TRY to wash. Peace if you will accept it.

    • @Carl A Thank you so much, Carl, I am 77, I got my computer when I was 72!! I had to teach myself how to type, I also became a late in life activist, your kind remarks make the painful efforts worthwhile. I think typing is good for my arthritic fingers!! I developed a trick when I began writing. I had both my parents die of Dementia, my dad in 2016 my mom in 2018, so I try not to panic if I grasp for a word. I believe the mind is a computer, the spirit runs it (I was delighted to hear, through near death episodes, some physicians and scientists are looking into the spirit running the body, not the brain!!) So, if I can’t remember a word, I relax, run it back through my computer, it works every time, unless it’s a new word I didn’t know in the first place, then I simply google it!! I love learning, now I wish I could start all over again with what I know now, it is only the thought of making all kinds of new mistakes that brings me back to reality!! You have a Merry Christmas, you and yours, I guess we’ll have to see about 2020, all we have between us and total disaster, is our votes and the constitution. Also, I want to say, how grateful I am for the media people, who keep investigating and exposing trump and the Russians, the reason he hates them, so. A huge break, a young news reporter, just uncovered a huge Russian ring on Facebook, again, further duping unsuspecting people, they shut it down, I have to get the full picture, it is huge!! So, good luck to the USA, may we “BRING BACK AMERICA AGAIN,” my motto!!

    • @Sharon Snow Keep up the good work, I am 77 also, and still perking. Although, I will admit that I started using computers when they first came out.

    • what filth.

  4. Donald Trump and his red sparrow Melania… Trump is watched by Putin 24/7.

  5. Who is “they”. Also the line he uses frequently “some people”. Name them. What “group”.

  6. GOP = Gangsters Of Putin

  7. History will not be kind to Trump and his supporters.

  8. David J, I hope you’re writing a book on how Putin has weaponized social media.

  9. Putin has grabbed Lying don the Con by the P—y.

  10. He is such a Putz, is there no one in the wh that can explain what crowd strike is???? What they do????

  11. Talking facts with MAGGATS is like talking science with a flat earther.

    • Lucky Fisher 72 | December 21, 2019 at 2:47 AM | Reply

      Fact is this is the 7th attempt to pass Impeachment articles. What comes now is a TRIAL in the Senate and after that a filing with the Secretary of State. You were saying bird brain???

  12. At the very latest at Helsinki every Republican should have done a face-palm and demanded his immediate removal from office.

  13. Look here Rump.. ‘the dingo ate your server”

  14. “Where are the servers? They’re missing. Where are they?”
    Sounds like the worst restaurant ever.

  15. The traitor was laughing at americans as he took the oath, slow to pick !!!!

  16. That’s crazy Putin didn’t influence his views, Putin said ” tell them it wasn’t us it was Ukraine ” and Trump said Yes Sir!

  17. I think Trump think that “the server” is a little man that sits inside the computer that gives out information.

  18. Salvador G. Jimenez | December 21, 2019 at 4:41 PM | Reply

    Where EXACTLY our man who knows EVERYTHING BETTER than anyone else did he hear about “the server” Trump had never mentioned servers until he met with Putin in Helsinki?

  19. Trump* is such a narcissist. I’m sure he thinks Putin is working for him.

  20. Watching Putin strutting out of that secret from their super secret meeting grinning like a Cheshire cat is sickening. Trump looks like Putin served him a big helping of his worst secrets on a blackmail platter. Maybe, Putin added the sweet promise of Plutonium tea if he even got a whiff of non compliance.

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