Washington State Lawmaker Engaged In ‘Domestic Terrorism:’ Inquiry | All In | MSNBC


    1. @foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild show us on the doll where the nazi’s hurt you… I don’t drink… don’t make assumptions, you’ll find your wrong often.

    2. Froggy Croaked the fbi literally says the guy is a nazi and your defending him… you get a, “shut your nazis face”

    3. @John Brown you know I didnt even catch that, the guy is clearly a nut, but just for asking questions you guys cry nazi at me and everyone one else without any questions or dialogue.

  1. I’m watching this with my neighbor and he just yelled out “JESUS” when Hayes mentioned that manifesto. This is… on a whole other level.

    1. @Born Villain No. And the reason for this is that the Democraps were calling for Impeachment, literally, from the very beginning of his serving as POTUS.

    2. @Born Villain Are you out of your mind? Do you understand what you’re saying? Unbelievable, it is truly unbelievable.

    3. @David Erdman
      No. I’m not. Are you going to make a valid point or give a solid example or just continue gaslighting? 🤨

    4. @Born Villain Believe me, I’m making a more than valid point. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean I haven’t done it.

  2. Washington state constitution is defacto (illegal). The constitution was ratified and signed into action by many officials who illegally and unconstitutionally held multiple offices of oath in direct violation of the system of checks and balances. How many current officials hold more than one office of oath? Those that do are criminals by exercise.

  3. The fact of the matter is this:
    There are many domestic terrorist groups in the united states; as subsidiaries of international cartels they are often involved in Human trafficking, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, and countless killings.

    The Jones-Shafroth Act needs to be modernized to put an end to it.

  4. Domestic Terrorism? were allowed to form Militias and serve in them, and they can be used in the manner they were.

  5. So the guy is a little nostalgic? The left wants everyone to go back to being hunter gatherers…no wait, back to apes who don’t even hunt.

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