1. ​@Pony boy don’t forget Vietnam
      Don’t forget Somalia
      Usa lost lot of wars and soldiers

    2. America has been planning the destruction of Russia through Ukraine for a long time and not many people know about it. Don’t forget that America still views Russia as an enemy.

    3. It’s not ukraine vs Russia.
      It’s zionists neo cons vs Russia 🇷🇺.
      They want to extend Israel. But
      Russia is a stone in Israel shoes .
      Because Russia protects Syria and Iran.
      Don’t forget zelensky is jew.

    1. @Vladimir ProteinYou might want to start smoking weed.
      If Zelensky isn’t getting weapons. Then that means Ukraine is holding against Russia on it’s own. I you sure Ukraine isn’t getting supplied by Western Nations?
      Yeah, start smoking weed. It might help your brain. Can’t hurt your brain as it is now.

    2. @Me Off i was talking for today not in the past..are you sure they are getting now what zelensky ask?Air support, tank support, ammunition, well as of now its nothing west cant provide anymore..so stop your delusional comments.

  1. Are these the same experts that predicted Putin would not actually invade Ukraine in February 2022? 🤣😂😀

  2. In Ukraine the discussion is about more tanks, artillery, ammunition, fighter planes, more and better training, but in Russia the discussion is about more conscripts, missing equipment down to uniforms and food, and more rigid laws. That tells you where this is going. This reminds me of Volkssturm. But you can not replace sophisticated weapons systems or ammunition by ill-equipped and poorly trained conscripts.

    1. @Adam Abele Some LIVED, one who received the Cross of Iron at age 16 for his heroism in Berlin served Honorably in an American Armed Force and retired as a Major….YES, he was allowed to wear his Cross of Iron on his American dress uniform since it was Honorably earned!

    2. The idiots in the West don’t realize it. That we, the Kremlin, are still alive and well. All they have to do is let our stupid Russian people know, but the Western idiots don’t even do that. Our allies are far larger than the West expects. China, Iran, North Korea, etc. We have allies all over the world who are dissatisfied with the West. We will win World War III and build a world empire. Western idiots are enslaved. The white balloon is the beacon for that. All our Kremlin plans will work if the idiots in the West don’t let the Russians know.

    3. The idiots in the West don’t realize it. That we, the Kremlin, are still alive and well. All they have to do is let our stupid Russian people know, but the Western idiots don’t even do that. Our allies are far larger than the West expects. China, Iran, North Korea, etc. We have allies all over the world who are dissatisfied with the West. We will win World War III and build a world empire. Western idiots are enslaved. The white balloon is the beacon for that. All our Kremlin plans will work if the idiots in the West don’t let the Russians know.

    4. @Kyle Kyle: Bakhmut is only one city. Ukraine has many others. To conquer Ukraine, Russia has to take ALL Ukrainian cities. And the Russian army is a very, very long way away from achieving that.

    5. @Kyle Kyle the last I heard there was 30 to 50 thousand people in that city . Those are not civilians , those are troupes . It takes a while , I would imagine to rout out & kill that many soldiers. I believe the death tolls are much , much higher than what any media can accurately relay. There could easily be millions dead by the time this is over.

    1. A bad situation is allowing the US GOVERNMENT to move in your backyard bringing weapons to point 👉 at your house 🏠 and family 👪! You have definitely been fooled on who’s the bad guys here. & DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE 100K UKRAINE SOLDIERS WITH 50K BUTCHERS,BAKERS & CANDLESTICK MAKERS are BEATING 700K RUSSIAN SOLDIERS? 👀🤦

  3. The guy you speak to on the left and getting your war information from has his information very wrong. Especially about the ammunition thing. When hearing him speak you can tell very clearly that he’s talking about things he heard of,
    not about what he’s seen or what he’s read or what he’s researched. There are so many individuals that would love to come and pick apart everything that he just said..

  4. The Patriot systems being deployed will be able to track 50 targets at once! Using them in Poland amd Romania did multiply the surveillance of air space. More defensive missiles can be networked. Directing MAD teams to defend likely 190 mph drones inbound to targets. Mobile Air Defense squads stationed all over the country. Fifth generation fire detection and missile response. Making missile and air strikes less efficient for the Russians.

    1. As amazing as those systems are, they cost a billion each, 4 million per missile as well. Funds could have been used for tanks or artillery, or mounting a shell producing plants

    2. @Iron Rye The manufacturers behind these military contracts must have made their investors and CEOs enough money to buy a real ❤nice watch… or ya know a few 100 or so million here and there. Ugh global capitalist military….ya know the story

  5. Ukraine needs our help…so let’s all do something about it. Let’s all contact our government representatives to urge them to increase aid to Ukraine. Send them an email, call them on the phone, and best of all…send them an old fashioned letter. Ask them to provide more funding to expand ammunition production capacity (more ammo factories), more funding for F-16 fighter jets, more funding for long range ATACMS missiles for HIMARS. With the proper weaponry, Ukraine can expel the invading war criminals from ALL of their land–including Crimea.

    Please contact your government now; you’ll be proud of yourself for doing the right thing.

    1. Contrary to popular belief, more weapons leads to more war. Ukraine might have taken peace negotiations more seriously if NATO hadn’t simultaneously armed and trained its fighters. Now instead of peace, Ukraine chose a bigger war. Maybe it will be worth it, probably not.

  6. The largest weapons manufacturing globally is here in the US. In my geographic area alone, thousands of jobs rely on the production of weapons and weapons systems, aeronautic weaponry, tracking, radar and radar/signal interruption technology. With all due respect to the guests, the footage presented is deceptively underestimating of US production. The US is able to fight wars on two fronts with two separate enemies simultaneously with full armament and support. The US has over 700 military installations worldwide and a sophisticated distribution network. Now, moving tanks and all support vehicles for tanks, Bradleys, Abrams, Strykers, is a massive undertaking, to be sure, and it does take time. The US does need to make its support decisions two months before the supplies are needed, but the war in Ukraine is on the doorstep of Europe. Poland has been a brilliant ally to Ukraine as a neighbor, supporting over 1.5 million refugees, but supporting Ukraine as a unified Europe has been a disaster. Germany has been ridiculously slow to act in support of Ukraine and should have moved to bring NATO directly into the conflict ASAP, instead of bureaucratizing it to the point of moot. This necessitated the US stepping up and supplying regardless of Germany’s decisions. Germany only recently decided to rearm to 2% of GDP in light of the conflict, which isn’t much of a gesture in the face of an aggressive neighbor like Russia (Putin still has designs on the WHOLE of the former USSR, including East Germany). Other good insights for information on Russia can be had by looking up lectures or interviews with Fiona Hill and Julia Ioffe.

    1. The capacity of countries like the US is a lot more complex than you’re describing.
      Not surprisingly, Ukraine’s greatest need isn’t new weapons but ammunition. If Ukraine had no restrictions, its Soviet style war doctrine would be like Russia and fire more artillery shells in a single day than is produced by the US in an entire year during peacetime.
      Ramping up production to wartime tempo is an enormous undertaking and takes time. It might mean taking resources from other programs which will cause millions if not billions of dollars of disruption. It might mean some production lines will be disrupting causing vast cost overruns just to feed Ukraine’s wartime appetite. This is why although the US has enormous total capacity, it might make a lot more sense for NATO members to be making ammunition. The 7 countries for instance that make 155mm artillery shells might benefit from the business if wealthy members cover the cost.
      Supplying the Ukraine war will require a number of countries to suffer some amount of economic dislocation. I’m sure in the US case, this is why contributions to Ukraine have been almost entirely from stocks of weaponry and ammunition that won’t likely be used in another war anytime soon so for instance if there is a conflict in the Asia Pacific region, relatively few weapons given to Ukraine would be used there and would draw from entirely different stocks for different weapons.

  7. “just in time” … what?! Wait … listening to this whole thing, it feels like this is a conversation that should be taking place around a month or two into the conflict. Is CNN that far disconnected from what’s going on over there or are they just posting extremely old content?

    1. @asdf asdf Like the entire damn coastline, incuding crimea, not to mention power plants, gas, agriculture, and other resources. last time i heard they got most of the ports locked down, that’s no small feat, especially considering they are basically fending off nato simultaneously.

    2. @Secret Sauce Russia hasn’t even captured a single regional capital, it has zero since it lost kherson. Saying they have “missile and artillery game” is dumb when their missiles are unguided and their artillery regularly gets taken out by Ukrainian HIMARS

  8. We’ll have to wait and see if new training for Ukrainian soldiers to fight using Western war doctrine bears any fruit.
    Up until now, both sides have shown that they mostly fight the same war doctrine, which is artillery barrages and WWI style trench warfare. Any great movement like the celebrated Kharkhiv counter offensive and the fall of Kherson has been mainly the result of horrendous and amateurish mistakes by the Russians. After all, how are supposedly 15 tanks supposed to break through the lines near Kharkhiv, make a mad dash to capture the opposing commander of the entire region and sweep across the Luhansk? One can call that luck or skill but it’s actually some dumb mistake by the Russians. And Kherson was simply given to the Ukrainians when its strategic significance was not understood as the gateway to the southern coast and Crimea. It’s one of those situations where the Russians had to literally die to the last man because Kherson City was that strategically important.

    Aside from those two incidents, the war has been a complete stalemate where Ukraine has used its mobility and asymmetrical weapons to battle Russia’s massively superior numbers. In a way, if Ukraine feels that it really will eventually get superior equipment, there’s no rational reason to get risky and push the pace of the war. Ukraine should preserve its forces since Ukraine has a smaller overall population than Russia so shouldn’t try to compete on the basis who will quite first if numbers are traded equally.

    So again, it seems to be a question if Ukraine can plan and execute operations in the style of a Patton, Rommel or Montgomery in WWII who famously directed operations based on not just hard nosed defense but also lightning strikes to outflank the opponent across the deserts of North Africa, up the boot of Italy and finishing up the war liberating France. Not like the slugfest during the coldest winter on the march to Stalingrad.

  9. The nation’s supporting Ukraine have plenty of planes that can be used to get the weapons and ammunition and could make much more deliveries and should be doing so instead of dragging their heels as they are right now as it only benefits them to do so.

  10. There is an amount of area each side can secure at a distance from secure supplies. Getting out of balance in one area will affect the controllable area in another region. This war is not winnable because Russia can not project too far into Ukraine but Russia can skirmish near the border at a diminished level for decades. Both sides have the capacity to expend some resources indefinitely.

    1. That’s why when you refer to the strategic map of Ukraine, the area the rashists either occupy or are trying to offend from is a fairly neat crescent, from the north east to the south east, indicating the maximum amount of ground they can push inward before their logistics become too thin. It’s rarely any more than 100km at the upper limit and It’s unlikely to change much in their favour either. Being able to efficiently and adequately resupply really does make all the difference in how much territory is captured and retained.

  11. That we are not 100% sure about when the Russian offensive started says alot about the quality of that offensive.

  12. “The stakes are immense, the task colossal, the time is short. But we may hope–we must hope–that man’s own creation, man’s own genius, will not destroy him. Scholars, indeed all men, must move forward in the faith of that philosopher who held that there is no problem the human reason can propound which the human reason cannot reason out.”
    –Christian Gauss

  13. There are no border disputes between the two countries of Russian federation and Finland s of today. After the winter war of about 1938, the Soviet Union Union gave back to Finland two chunks of land of the Karelia province each about the size of Massachusetts. This way the capital of saint Petersburg can be better defended, if the border is 100 miles away from the capital. One has to understand that the present generation of citizens of both Finland and Russian Federation were suddenly born in the modern era, and do not have any ill will towards each other. The border on the Russian side with Finland is thinly manned by Russian Federation today. Same border with Finland was ignored as well as by kings of the Imperial Russia 200 years ago. This was precisely the reason why about 200 years ago, give or take a century, Imperial Sweden quietly occupied a 50 mile long province of Russia between Saint Petersburg and Finland about 200 years ago. Suddenly the border of Finland with Russia started from Saint Petersburg about 200 years ago. Finland and Sweden are already de facto members of NATO war group. A piece of paper hardly matters. In 1783, troops of Imperial Russia entered the Ottoman empire and annexed an area stretching from Donbass to Lviv. Ottoman empire for quite some time stretched from Donbass to Vienna in Austria and it’s suburbs. Few generals under Queen Katherine II claimed they were liberating Cossack lands for Cossacks, and that they were invited by Cossack rebels of the Ottoman empire living in the regions of present day Ukraine. Russians during the reign of Katherine the great in 1783 generally pronounced Cossack by the same pronunciation as the last name “Cusack” in America. Instead of Imperial Russia calling this liberated land by a native American Indian name such as NewFoundLand, they called this newly annexed land by a Russian name, and an equivalent, to “Borderland”, way back in 1783. We in the western hemisphere should rename conquered territories everywhere by the name :NewFoundLand.” Give Ireland back to native Americans. Give Borderlands back to Turkey or back to Turkmenistan.

  14. The quality of information, thought and answers is higher here than in most mass media. Thank you sirs and for CNN for airing them.

  15. I think we should push for negotiations, but the idea that we’re running out of ammo is ridiculous. We would waste literally thousands of rounds after qualifications were done on the range every few months in the army. Literally line the company up and switch the M4s to auto until we’re out. Sometimes there weren’t even targets. It’s to avoid the budget going down the next fiscal year if all the money wasn’t spent. I guarantee it’s still happening every day on every military installation in the united states. Maybe someone that’s still in can say that’s not the case, but I really doubt it. Our military is an absolute clown show. Not worth the money tax payers spend on it. Not to mention we make things worse everywhere we step down. World would be a much better place without out imperial bloodlust. It’s correct to condemn the Russians here, but we’re doing it from a house that’s 100% glass.

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