‘Warning shot from China’: Canadian Robert Schellenberg’s appeal of death sentence rejected

A Chinese court rejected a Canadian drug convict's appeal of a death sentence in what appeared to be an effort to step up pressure on Canada to release a detained executive of tech giant Huawei.

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  1. Maybe we should jail all drug traffickers. Or are we starting to protect them as well. You made the choice, so now suffer the consequences. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. He was punished, sentenced to 15 years in prison.. They changed it to a death sentence during the appeal

  2. Don’t mislead, this guy appealed the 15 year sentencing, for trafficking 220 kg drugs, the crime can be sentenced many times of death penalty…

    1. @roof pizza You are. You have no proof that’s 1/4th story. Basement dwelling Conspiracy Theorist or ParanoidSchizophrenic.

    2. @roof pizza whatever story it is, its 222kg meth. In Singapore youbget straight penalty for much less amount carried, ask the Aussies about it.

    1. Before the Meng arrest this drug smuggler would have been jailed, then deported back to Canada. Now they’re executing Canadians intentionally to put pressure on Canada to release their favorite fraudster Meng Wanzhou. I say let her rot in her $3 million mansion. She’ll be rotting inside a 8×8 American jail cell for 25 years soon enough.

  3. 3:12 you battery backup in your security system is dead or communication is cut. trouble indication sound.

  4. It won’t matter, Meng is going to be extradited, and she will spend the rest of her life in solitary confinement in a supermax prison, possibly ADX Florence.

    1. @Tarinder Brar I’d feel insulted about that classist remark if I was from whatever backwater country you crawled out of.

    2. Can Tarinder and electronic please continue their argument? I was actually enjoying that and wished it would continue 😂

    3. Eye for an eye makes the world blind, mind you one was smuggling 222 kg of meth while the other sold technology/upgrades to sanctioned country (Huawei partnering with Iran).

  5. 9:35 “no evidence against them to warrant what been done to them….” I might understand this argument about the 2 Michaels, but to Schellenberg also? this lady is detached from reality…

    1. I think she’s just saying that his actions don’t warrant the death penalty and so yes, he’s being used as a pawn because his penalty became much more severe as a result of retribution. All of that is true, and yet I still find it hard to feel bad for him. If you make poor decisions for most of your adult life, eventually your luck will run out whether it’s fair or not.

    2. The lady guest is from U of Ottawa Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. Based on her bias, it does not uphold a high standard of disseminating the truth. Not a school I would attend.

    3. @ytj22 whatever she thinks does not matter, bc law is different country to country. If you want to traffic drug in a country where it is considered death sentence and you still do it, then its all on you!

    4. @Calisthenicsnoob Whatever she thinks doesn’t matter any more or less than whatever you and I think, but i didn’t say any of it mattered. He pushed his luck, and it ran out.

    1. I notice that, I scroll through here and since most remarks have been deleted it does not reflect any reality.

    2. @Gertrude Bell I know it’s since most of the “remarks” have been wiped clean, what’s taking place is a nefarious form of misinformation!

    3. @Jessica Lui Since most have been wiped clean, it architects a false perception of public opinion which is misinformation

    4. @Christina Palmaterri What the platformers are doing is manufactering consent. Which is an extreme form of fraud.

  6. Drug Trafficking is a death penalty for many countries in the world. Except in Canada, it’s considered an honest day of work.

    1. Yes in east Asia the death penalty for drug smuggling is not uncommon. China’s streets are much, much safer that ours. We need the death penalty for drug smugglers.

    1. But this sentence is…

      At the very best, it’s a disproportionate show of “justice”

      At worst (and it’s what I think this is), it’s in direct retaliation for the detention of Meng Wanzhou

    2. @Catachan jungle fighter 222kg meth dude.

      In Singapore you get straight death penalty for much less amount of drugs. Aussie had that dispute iwtj Singapore back then.

      There’s not excuse for breaking laws in foreign countries. Sorry dude.

  7. 222 kg of meth let’s take a moment of silence for all the lives he distroyed when he wasn’t caught.

  8. Michael Kovrig, was not a “diplomat” when he was arrested! Kovrig, was a former diplomat turned analyst for the International Crisis Group.
    You can’t be diplomat for life!

  9. Schellenberg had been jailed twice in Canada for drug possession, and had been arrested a total of 11 times for drug offences and In 2012, Schellenberg was sentenced to two years in prison for drug-related offenses including for trafficking purposes

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