WARNING: Toronto officer who killed 2 Black men in the 1990s promoted

Concerns are being raised about a promotion for a Toronto police officer who was cleared of fatally shooting two Black men in the 1990s.

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  1. Shank is a monster. That makes him a perfect fit for the sociopaths who own and control the world.

    When I saw the byline I knew it had to be Shank even before watching the story. I was horrified by the Dawson murder and can never forget this guy.

  2. , هاذا 👆👆الرقمي اخي اشتي اطلبك طلب واسالك بلله العلي العظيم وبجبار السموات والارض وبمن ادخل الروح فيك انك لاتردني خائبه منكسر ه القلب ففيني مايكفيني من القهر والفقر والهم والغم ولانسلم من الخوف والتهديد من صاحب البيت اخي جيتك وكل املي فيك بعد الله عز وجل تجمل معانا بقدر استطاعتك اسال من الله العلي العظيم لاغیر علیکم حال إلالاحسن الاحوال استرنا وافرحنا ايفرحك الله بالجنه وبشفاعة سيدنا محمدصلی الله عليه وسلم يا اخي الذي مضت كان ابونا موجود يشقي علينا ابي الله يرحمه توفى وتركنا يا اخي الله يحفظك ولا يحرمك من اهلك واولادك ساعدنا بالذي تقدر عليها حتى لو جزء بسيط والباقي ربي بيسهلها𝖠𝖺𝖺𝖺𝖠𝖠^#^÷^!/”/”

  3. I wonder how many cops discharged their weapons in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s then got promotions 3 decades later for unrelated incidents that showed bravery in the line of duty while saving lives of unarmed innocents that were in the line of fire of armed criminals intent on harming.

    1. @Shaq In BC there is and has been an independent inquiry for this which beats the police investing by light years.

  4. There have been calls to stop the police from investigating their own in questionable behaviours for years and years. And yet nothing ever has changed there. Police who have engaged in violence against the public, should have to face criminal charges and judges who determine if there was cause for violence or not, just as any civilian would.

    1. @Curtiss Flamence  And it’s 10 times worst down here in my friend. It really depresses me because Canada is the place we think we could escape to if everything else fails.

  5. Remember when trudeau had the cops attack the trucker convoy protest ? And then he investigated himself and determined he did nothing wrong … Expect a promotion soon

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