Warnings of a fourth wave amid concerns about delta variant | COVID-19 in Canada

Peel Region's chief medical health officer Dr. Lawrence Loh discusses the possibility of a fourth wave in Canada and his concerns about variants.

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  1. It is absolutely absurd and transparent that after months of referring to the “UK variant”, “South African variant”, etc. you are now rebranding this thing as the “Delta” variant just to avoid acknowledging the particular geographical region it emerged from.

    1. @John Hendrixson perhaps not but humans have always reacted to information that they know.

    2. I can’t help but admire how disciplined this virus is, mutating only once, and more or less every trimester. . .

  2. I can’t wait ’til we get to the 7th wave!
    Sting says, “Love is the 7th wave!”
    When will this assholism end!?

    1. A rhetorical question and a last wave from you before you drown, sir, with the delirious belief that Sting will be your saviour! This is NOT typical Canadian thinking or behavior! There are subversives at work out there, no question.

  3. The Governmwnt is getting ready to swing the Ban Hammer again.

    I predict this ‘4th Wave’ will show up just in time for Canada Day weekend. You know, two weeks after things are allowed to open up again.

  4. Here in Manitoba we haven’t come out of lockdown since November of last year. Never will by the sounds of things! Stupid government!

    1. Admitted in Manitoba courts PCR testing is being used in fraudulent manners cycle counts way too high which give meaningless results

    1. @tom gianni That’s what sickens me, 33.1% of the population that voted was all it took for this clown to rule Canada and the liberals to win, some democracy we turned out to be…

    2. @Chef Pee poo Ive been working on it for a few months. i leave in august to south america. never will i be back here. This country has slowly turned into something i do not like

  5. As long as there is a pandemic then we dont need to have an election. How convenient for sitting MPs.

    1. @James Murdock all elections are suspended indefinitely in Canada as voted on last week in parliament. Should be fun.

  6. The UK has already done the legwork on this one. Efficacy dropped from 94 to 87%, nothing to be alarmed about. Not from the virus anyways. Our politicians might be another story.

    1. Ford went against 100 % of the recommendations. The upcoming election is almost certainly influencing his decisions!

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