Warren: Bloomberg Will Have To Spend More To ‘Erase America’s Memory’ Of Debate | Hardball | MSNBC

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says that Mike Bloomberg’s a threat ‘because he’s already dropped $400 million in this campaign. And understand this, after his performance tonight, I have no doubt he’s about to drop tonight another $100 million.” Aired on 02/19/20.
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Warren: Bloomberg Will Have To Spend More To 'Erase America's Memory' Of Debate | Hardball | MSNBC


    1. Judd palmer And he still beats anyone of those democrats.They only dream they could work a crowd like Trump does but the reality is none of them ever will.

  1. Matthews: “It was so graphic, so personal.” Yeah, it was graphic & personal when Bloomberg said it about women. Enough of your clutched pearls and smelling salts. Be offended at the offender.

    1. I never miss Hardball, and you know why? Because eventually, one day, on one show, the day will come… Chris Matthews will interrupt somebody. And I want to be there.

    2. Chris Hardballs is the biggest joke on MSCIA. And this is the network that employs Rachel “Russia is going to turn off our water!” Maddow and Joy Reid, FFS.

      (And Brian “Stolen Valor” Williams, for that matter. And Morning Schmo. They’re not lacking for jackasses there, that’s for sure…)

    1. @sal been I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just hope people know better at the end of the day. He’s got great moderate appeal, but clearly couldn’t debate Trump.

    2. he might still recover from this, he just has to pay-off the right people at the right time (which has been what he’s been doing all along)

    3. @Archi Teuthis I’m thinking: if he doesn’t get the votes then he can’t win the delegates and if he doesn’t get the delegates then he doesn’t get ’em… he’s really awful debating

    4. @red drib Okay, but take this into consideration: if none of the candidates have a majority in first round of voting at the convention, then the super-delegates can vote and delegates are free to change their votes. My guess is the second round of voting is where we’re going to see interference from Bloomberg, Trump, and foreign/corporate interests

    1. @Apollo’s Crow, I like her very much but I lean more towards bernie or even Biden. I dont think she had the best chance to win against trump.

  2. Warren did do well, but boy, Chuck Todd just gave us all the confirmation on what their game plan is with that last question.

    1. I think that used to be the plan, but then one of them screwed it up, and then the heat got turned-up when Bloomberg showed-up to screw them all over

    1. That’s Hardball. It’s his gimmick, no different than O’Reilly was. I think it’s part general personality, but also a ratings tactic. See Crossfire.

  3. While addressing allegations of Bloomberg’s sexism, Mathews keeps interrupting Warren across the interview. Talk about self-unaware!

    1. It’s not sexist if Matthew’s does this to everyone. Idk if he does but I would wait to call it sexist just because hes a man and shes a woman

  4. chris ‘red scare’ matthews is the worst interviewer. ‘let me ask you a question…’ then interrupts 5 seconds later to blather on about himself.

    1. @MdelR Roose yup. been watching that fool since crossfire with bowtie cucker tarlson. he needs to throw in towel.

  5. Hi Chris.👋☺.
    Hi Lizzy.👋☺.
    Me, “women and men are equally important, they each are 50% of the electorate.”👍.
    Me, “in other words, they are both equal sides of the same coin.”👍.

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