Warren Down, Biden And Sanders Up In Iowa Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

New Monmouth University polling in Iowa shows gains for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and a drop for Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren. The panel discusses. Aired on 1/14/20.
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Warren Down, Biden And Sanders Up In Iowa Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. First Iowa poll showing Biden leading on screen for about a minute.
    The second poll (the Gold standard of Iowa polls) showing Bernie in the lead was up for about 7 seconds.

    DM register /CNN Poll: Sanders 20, Biden 15, Buttigieg 16, Warren 17, Klobuchar 6, Yang 5, Booker 3, Steyer 2, Gabbard 2, Bloomberg 1

    1. Gotta love how terrified the mainstream corporate media is of Sanders and Warren. Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020. We need progress and change, not another “moderate” Hillary or Obama even.

    2. Not only that around 1:04 she said Bernie and Warren Tied when the poll shows Bernie being up by 3 point. Shameful.

  2. I don’t get the “going after each other” narrative. Bernie can’t defend his character from an orchestrated two day slander operation?

    1. Daniea3 They think or pretend to think that Democratic infighting is a bad thing. Donald Trump only won the presidency by attacking establishment republicans. How could that ever work? 🤫

  3. I simply can’t be polite when Joe spews this anti-Bernie, corporatist propaganda. EFF U, JOE! At this point you are no better than Trump with your right-wing propaganda.

    1. @ruth depew : Let Bernie win & I will further expose him for the communist socialist he is & America had never & will never accept a commie.

    2. @Baby Drumphf I see you are too uneducated to know the difference between socialism and communism (let alone democratic socialism) so your peabrain conflates these things. You are a typical know-nothing Cult 45 member. Pathetic.

  4. The DNC doesn’t understand that when the Democrats have another middle of the road candidate, they will lose again.

    1. @ruth depew How can you complain about Bernie’s attitude, he just had a heart attack and he is on the road again. And what you call whining is what others call fighting for justice. You can vote for another Democrat who only cares about people during elections, I like Bernie who has been fighting for *ALL* people since forever.

    2. @Citizen EU Medical conditions do not generally change a one’s personality. The personality I observe in most in Bernie supporters is that of an ill behaved two year old who demands all the attention all the time. It’s been going on for three and a half years now, and I am sick of it.

  5. Love how the didnt look at the des Moines register poll that has picked the last 6 winners. Because of course they didn’t Bernie is leading that

    1. The only ones that were complaining were liberal democrats that were so upset about the 2016 election that they started the Russia hoax for three years

    2. @ruth depew if you cant see the bias you are blind or a liar. There is a reason the media is against him, the democratic party is against him, corporations are against him because a Sanders presidency will truly CHANGE things. I’m not talking about some fake, put it on a poster and leave it there, hope and change. REAL HOPE REAL CHANGE for the working people of this country and the rich and powerful will not have that.

    3. @ruth depew I would give you some credit. But these whining is literally based on facts! So seriously, shut up about it!

  6. Biden will drag us into another war. I have family who are maimed because of Joe’s bad judgement and eagerness to support the Iraq war. Warren or Bernie for me.

    1. @Well Yea I see no problem with that. I see no problem with following tradition of bipartisan support for strengthening the USA army. It doesn’t mean she has supported war. Strong military =/= war. And it’s no worse than Bernie and Biden voting for mass incarceration of black and brown Americans. If that’s all you have against her, than you got nothing.

  7. I’m giving up Morning Joe. They are getting ridiculous about their love fest for Joe Biden. Are they underneath hoping for a Trump win for the ratings? Well, here’s one watcher they’ve lost.

    1. Blaming your candidate’s poor performance on talking heads, makes sense!

      Making excuses and complaining is an excellent quality to have! World leader quality. You should consider running, I’d absolutely vote for you.

  8. Man, I am getting tired of these Bloomberg ads….Yes we know you have money Mr Bloomberg you can stop throwing it in people’s faces by your ad campaign. Did you know you have spent more on this ad campaign in two months that a minimum wage worker would have to work over 9,500 years to match! Maybe you shouldn’t flaunt that wealth. Eventually like the French revolution people are going to remove it from you.

    1. Omar B. Omar hopefully it won’t come to that. I fear it will eventually if we can’t turn the corrupt system around starting with this 2020 election.

    1. Taylor Gavinchuk ss always. Bernie is the most civil mature decent honest person running, and possibly who ever ran for prez

  9. Warren lost millions of potential votes just in the very second the story trying to portray Bernie as sexist was launched.

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