'Warzone medicine': Alta. doctor says system has collapsed 1

‘Warzone medicine’: Alta. doctor says system has collapsed


Dr. Ilan Schwartz says that Alberta's health system has collapsed and is now only able to offer care to the most seriously injured or sick.

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  1. Maybe if the healthcare system wasn’t gutted time and time again by Kenney, if most hospitals weren’t running skeleton crews this wouldn’t be happening. Maybe if we weren’t firing perfectly capable nurses because of a preference that s wouldn’t be happening.

    1. @Itsaboutcontrol How so? I agree that our health care system is in complete collapse. We could have and should have navigated through this better. –

    2. @AllSaints Academy if they didn’t actively suppress early treatments that are PROVEN to work, they wouldn’t be in this problem right now

  2. Can anyone tell me what she is referring to when she says that last story? Just curious and i cant find a clip of it on YouTube?

    1. One was an interview with a kidney and cancer patient who were told life saving treatment will not be affected only to be told their treatments were cancelled! The kidney was about to have a kidney transplant and the day of his surgery he was told it was postponed. I will see if I can find the link but I can’t promise you if I will be able to find it

    1. Yep the “Trumpers” are out In full force protesting in full force daily, survival of the fittest, if they must get sick LET EM. unfortunately, you cannot fix stupid

  3. This also means that those who require “non-urgent” surgery, needs to wait until their “non-urgent” sugeries become urgent / decreasing their time for life, needing further health care or support putting more strain on the government. All this knowing that anti-vaxers are a known cause. Beyond my comprehension.

  4. It has been on the verge of collapse for years, at even given time prior to covid the hospitals in that province were at 95% occupancy. Study done in 2016 showed this. I guess it fell on deaf ears.

  5. This is what happens when you have a “right-wing” approach to healthcare and the wellbeing of the public at large. The idea that caring for the needy is not in the public’s best interest is ridiculous. Kenny and his cronies have set Alberta back decades……next step…. cry for help to Ottawa the way they do when oil prices go down and they feel hard done by! The anti-vaxxers have created this and Kenny’s govt has enabled it.

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