Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: August 27th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: August 27th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Friday's All In with Chris Hayes

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    1. @reality you’re so misguided.,try thinking for yourself,and use your common sense this time. You’ll feel better, sheeple

    2. @R Torres sheeple. Those cops behind her were being attacked and beaten. She was breaking the law by use of force. She was using an object as a battering ram, against a barricaded door or our Nations Capital. He was doing his job, using his training. She got what she came for!

    3. @R Torres
      Sorry, the VP does not have the power to shut anyone down – unless it is a Representative with no Senator sponsoring the objection, in which case, it cannot be voted on.

      And if you can’t see such OBVIOUS political theater, you are a moron! Trump WON NC in 2016! But yeah – a guy with no support, who is from the Raza Unida Party should get special treatment? It would have been ILLEGAL to take up his objection! So I guess Biden is awful for following the law. You REALLY wanted to hang Mike Pence, didn’t you? What a terrible scandal! Two VP’s who followed the law and certified a result I am sure NEITHER liked.

  1. Biden wasn’t president at the time of insurrection. tRump was, so tucker, when you say the Biden administration was ok with the criminal babett, your wrong with that statement.

    1. @David Hale He is still at it. Instilling fear, hate, and challenges to the peaceful transfer of power. Or haven’t you noticed?

    2. @Carolyn Sumners power has been transferred.
      And the responsibility of whatever happens as he’s president. Is Biden’s and Biden’s alone.
      Unless he’s not the president and doesn’t make his own decisions and actions.
      He says the buck stops with him. Then turns right around and blames Trump.
      Biden has lost all confidence from the world and over half of the American people

    3. @David Hale No, it is NOT Bidens alone, when a person is following the past presidents deal. LOL biden has NOT lost all confidence from the world and the American people just from people like you who never liked him in the first place

  2. The story about the AG leaves out the suspicion that he was drunk at the time. He had just been at some open bar fundraiser where he had had several drinks according to witnesses. He was not tested for blood alcohol until 17 hours after the incident.

    1. @jose rosario
      Especially in light of the police saying the flashlight would have been like a beacon – but the cop(s) responding to the call didn’t see it?

  3. Tucker cynically quips a “question” about “courage.” On that subject, questions for Tucker Carlson: How many private/personal bodyguards have you in your employ? Do you, Tucker, have a security system at your home? When was it installed?
    Finally, if you answered any of the above, by number or affirmation, “What are you afraid of?”
    I was taught that in America, putatively a “Christian” nation, if you speak the truth you have nothing to fear. However, the Vindman case gives the lie to that national myth.

    1. Ready For Anything. I’m unclear what you’re driving at — please explain. Are you suggesting we ought to enroll in the Kellyanne Conway school of obfuscation by accepting her illogical notion there are “alternative facts?”

    2. @Edward Pincus You speak the truth lol

      What is the truth without facts… It’s someone’s opinion(s)..

      Do you understand now

    3. @Edward Pincusalternative fact isn’t a fact.. it’s someone’s opinion against the facts… True facts are the fact..

    1. Maybe this will open people’s eyes when an unarmed citizen tries to hurt other police officers , when police officers tells you to halt , stand down no matter where or the color of your skin , Antonio brown did not stop , so he got shot

  4. “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” –Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Newsweek, 25 August 1986

    1. the dispatcher probably answered the phone saying “911, this is ____, what is your emergency?”. he would not, as ag, know the voice of every dispatcher in the area.

    2. @Wendy a slimy politician full of self-importance using a basic sales tactic to get the personal attention of the dispatcher, so that he can then tell her what an important man she’s dealing with, and thus get put through to the people he needs to protect him.

  5. Ain’t no way the AG didn’t know he hit A PERSON. He need to be locked up if they show he was on his phone when he hit this guy. If it were me or you, we would be locked up on manslaughter charges. Talking about he was wondering where them glasses came from. SICK!!!

    1. I watched the full interrogation. And I found his answers to be evasive. He logically decoupled the ‘dead’ areas from his call dropping in his answer. He intentionally created an inference without actually doing so technically in terms of ‘lying to the police’ laws are concerned. He’s a disgrace.

  6. PLEASE, it’s time to stop calling Republicans, “Conservatives.” They are no longer conservative. They are the Extreme Right.

    1. @John Browneyes The vast majority of Trump base voters have the attention span of a flea. Trump has run out of fresh juice so hearing the same BS over and over again. I’m thinkin some can’t help but hear the BS echo

    2. We are extremely right. I’ll give you that. But the truth is that Democrat have gone so far to the left that anyone in the middle and further right are considered by fake news, radicals and brainwashed dems think anything normal is far right.

      Let me guess you think Trump called nazis fine people and encouraged people to drink bleach as a COVID treatment right? Wouldn’t be entirety your fault Bc this network and other fake news said it to be so.

    3. @Trey Sharpe I have to ask if you’ve ever heard or read Eisenhower’s philosophy on power and war and citizenship and responsibility… Eisenhower is the definition of Conservative.

    4. They are fascists & we need to refer to them until we all know that fact. Let GOP fascists try to prove that is not true.

  7. The shocking and disgusting vitriol and lies that comes out of the mouth of Carlson never ceases to shock and disgust me. He is so gross.

  8. Conservatives: Ashley Babbitt is a patriot!
    Also conservatives: the capital invaders were antifa actors
    Me: soooooo babbit was an antifa patriot?

    1. I totally see your line of thinking. As you know, they have to have it both ways at the same time! Total nonsense!

  9. I’m glad the South Dakota AG incident is getting more media coverage. When I first read about it online, I found it disturbing.

  10. OMG – no one could have gotten away with that other than a dirty AG! He’s on his cellphone, kills a man, lies about it….gos on with life unaffected.
    Our country is dirty…it needs a cleansing!

  11. Anyone else doing a phone while driving and killing someone would have gotten criminally negligent homicide with a motor vehicle.

  12. That attorney general doesn’t know the difference between a deer and a human man wearing glasses then I think we can safely say HE SHOULDN’T BE DRIVING

    Was he given a breathalyzer,/a field sobriety test?
    This is negligent homicide. Vehicular manslaughter. Nobody gets away Scott free for that. Nobody.

  13. Right wing pro gunners: we need our guns to defend ourselves from dangerous threats and intruders on our property.

    Also them: you shouldn’t have shot that person trespassing into a restricted area that’s your job to protect

    Gotta love their consistency

  14. This was a clear hit and run! If he had just told the 911 operator the truth, could this man be alive? Could he have been saved?!? MISDEMEANOR??? UNCONSCIONABLE!!!!

  15. “We don’t want anyone to tell us what to do.” Says the man who’s spent his adult life in a job where he tells people what to do.

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