Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 27th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 27th | MSNBC

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  1. They say they’re not sheep. They say they won’t take the vaccine.. Apparently these 2 things are true and they think they are horses. Freedumb!

    1. @Rhetoric Tell ya what. Post your most well-respected medical, pharmaceutical, and news sources that back up your claim. S McDonald already posted theirs. So far, you sound like some brainwashed Kool-Aid drinker straight from Jonestown or Scientology.

    2. @Patricia Cunningham Trump clearly suggests he has narcissistic personality disorder. Mere stuttering and slowness of speech, themselves, are NOT such. I used to be a stutterer, and even today I have occassional trouble searching for right words. I certainly don’t have dementia. So go grab a medical textbook from Johns Hopkins and read up on the condition – what it is and what it’s not.

    3. @filrabat 1 my Mother also had a stutter, but that didn’t affect her mental capacity. If, as you say, you have/had a stutter you would know that the two are not necessarily connected. You are presenting a straw man argument. I said Biden is in mental decline which is obvious. You are the one linking stuttering to mental decline. I also did not imply his stuttering was a factor in his decision making ability.

    4. @S McDonald you are generous and very kind.
      Do you think they might perceive the world differently once they have rid themselves of worms? 😉

  2. Didn’t Trump take credit for getting rid of isis, and Jared brought peace to the Middle East? Guess Not!

    1. @george butler It was just announced that Joe Xir Biden has just been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for sending Air Force 2 to personally evacuate all Afghan kids under the age of 10 to his Delaware home. “That’s the kind of unity this country needs.”

    2. @Flusha Art the problem was that it sounds like propaganda if it was on CBS or NBC or some major News Network then I might have a second thoughts but I still haven’t heard nothing from legit news sources

    3. If the first 7 months have been THIS BAD, imagine what Biden can do with the remaining 3.5 years of his presidency. It’s time for Joe Biden to resign. If this disaster occured under my President Trump, every Democrat and fake news reporter in the country would be calling for the 25th Amendment.

      Maybe it should be used on Joe?

      One thing is for certain though, he is NOT FIT to be OUR President.

    1. @Ted Zornow yeah I don’t understand some people. And it’s both sides of the aisle too. The average person is just letting fear rule their thinking, not common sense. I can empathize to a point, people have been given plenty of reason not to trust the government or cdc by now, but it’s not like HS is equipping people with medical knowledge enough to judge if a antibiotic of any kind is safe without medical advice. It’s just sad.

    2. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe well then he should be impeached! The only reason he wasn’t the second time was?because he wasn’t president lmao

    3. @unitunit glue it the media l8ke fox that promotes it why take a tested vaccine which the Pfizer is?FDA approved when u can take horse dewormer it’s like people just wanna be children and can’t admit they might be wrong it is a grade school playground out there be carefull

    4. @Ted Zornow yeah, but one of the vaccines wears off after 6 months, another causes heart enlargement in younger age groups, some cause allergic reactions leading to death. People are seeing reports all over the place from Fox,CNN,NYT. I agree a lot of people acting childish. You be careful too, we’re living in the twilight zone these days.

  3. It blows my mind how poeple can be so stupid. To take something that is not made for humans over something that has been proven safe and effective and APPROVED!

    1. @Argus Tuft I’m a female truck driver that worked during covid because I was an essential worker. I helped to keep you lot in T.P. and groceries, as well as keep the economy afloat during lockdowns. Also, Covid has put many of the classes I need to complete my bachelors in anthropology online, which is helpful to me, but it’s also caused many of the rest of you to lose time with loved ones and work in general. Common sense is not common, but we all received the basics of biology in middle school. How have we forgotten that?

    2. Democrat Policies allowed over 100 Covid infected illegals into Texas the other day. Who knows if they were gangsters or not. We do know they want American jobs at a time when the Unemployment rate in America is higher than it has ever been

    3. @Weberblau I didn’t see your comment I’m sorry. Who needs medically induced vaccinations of white corn syrup when we’re all eating it willing? It’s in nearly everything in the grocery aisle these days

    4. Dear Buyden supporters don’t listen to this person. Jab all you want they’re getting big pharma big bucks just for you guys. The side effects mean its working guys keep going. The independents and republicans are rooting for you guys! Team work makes the dream work! You guys are heroes in my

    1. What happened to Talibidens promise to “shut it down”? That was 236,000 deaths ago!! He lied,as usual,but some ppl believed him and paid with their lives. Talibiden didn’t”shut it down”.

  4. It takes a special kind of stupid to use horse dewormer medication rather than an FDA-approved vaccine. .

    1. @João Gomes Isn’t it the “aloud” part that’s problematic, João? When most intelligent people think about swallowing bleach or disinfectant, they usually do it silently, don’t they? Perhaps CJP should try that before sputtering nonsense.

    2. @Shane Alan Your reliable sources for these revelations, please? Nope. Thought not. The only significant trial of Ivermectin for COVID was ended early because of fraud and plagiarism. Numpty!

    1. @Robyn Nordstrom I am not against vaccines, I am against mandating vaccine, I was vaccinated back in March. My anger is that the media is not honestly covering the successes of ivermectin and hydrochloroquin.
      I admit thw science seems spotty, but are we getting rhe complete story-as we have seen the science community lie(virus came from a lab and they know it) to protect their reputation(funding). Great media would look into why so many are taking these cheap generic drugs instead of the vaccine. Maybe because Africa is 4% vaccinated and does not have the deathrate one would expect. And they push this heard immunity l, but instead of pushing phizer, Moderna and JnJ of donating shots to these African nations, they are saying we need a booster-tax payer money pays top dollar for those boosters…
      Great job by the media covering that corruption, just know that the media tells you what “their board of corporate billionaires” want you to know not what is really happening.

    2. @CJ P Of course the different media (media are not all alike) won’t give us the full story, but if we try to stay informed we at least get a bigger picture. That’s enough for me. When the company making the animal meds beg us Not to use it on ourselves, that is a sign.

    1. @Hekat Sees
      Please Check the SCOTUS ORIGINAL decision before you embarrass yourself in public:

      Cite as: 594 U. S. ____ (2021) 1 Per Curiam
      No. 21A23 _________________
      ON APPLICATION TO VACATE STAY [August 26, 2021]

  5. Sad times. Folks would rather harm themselves than to practice mitigation strategies…because the sources that made the monster can’t reason with it anymore…

    1. I really want to abuse the situation and circulate the idea that jumping off a cliff is a good way to prevent COVID, as the virus can’t survive in freefall. Who’s with me ? Let’s give natural selection a helping hand.

    2. @Calvin Bright Trump has been supporting covid vaccination since it first rolled out during his term. It’s individual people making bad decisions on both sides of the aisle.

  6. “Recent groundless studies have ‘totally proven’ that taking the ‘milk crate challenge’ immediately before attempting to consume ivermectin can increase mental acuity by 30% on average!”
    -bad advice that someone will probably take

  7. Patient: “Moo,Moo! Have you got any soup plates, please?”
    Doctor: “You sound like a bull in a china shop. Sorry – neigh chance.”…..

  8. Apparently Veterinarians know more about the Covid 19 virus than scientists. Good luck to people in the red States. You are going to need it. RIP

    1. When the unvaccinated “hosts” are dead and gone, the virus will slow for lack of “homesteads”! Good riddance Magats!

    2. @Candy Let’s use brain cells and think for a minute:
      If covid was as bad as the media is portraying it to be, then why aren’t the morgues across our country over flowing? If it was then the elderly population would have been wiped out by the time lockdowns went into effect in 2020. Our population has grown since 2019, it should have dipped. Especially since msm is touting that this virus and it’s delta variant is on par with that of the bubonic plague. But our population has grown?
      The covid virus has been confirmed to be in the U.S since fall of 2019. Sometime around September/October. And wasn’t reported or made public till Jan/feb, and by early March of 2020 lockdowns went into place. That’s at least 6 months to travel in an open population unfettered and across borders. It’s been proven to survive on a multitude of surfaces for up to 14 days as well.

      So if a patient zero touches say anything in a public mode of transit (bus,train,escalator, taxi,etc) or busy public building like a restaurant or office building and then others go on to contract that virus because of it for the next 14 days, then that means whatever number of people that contracted covid from patient 0 will then go on to spread it themselves. My guess is, by the time covid got announced and lockdowns occurred. Most of the U.S. either had it, carried it, or passed it thinking it was a bad case of the flu.

      After all, doctors both inside and outside the U.S. have deemed the virus 99% survivable without vaccination and cnn themselves ran a report showing doctors and nurses are refusing to get vaccinated. These are the people your supposed to ask about covid/vaccines and their saying no? I don’t care who ya are, that’s scary.
      Kids have something like a .0008% chance of getting covid, or the delta strain. They literally have a better chance of being struck dead by a falling coconut walking around in the state of KS then they do dying of covid.
      Shouldn’t the borders be closed as well? You know since a “deadly epidemic” is raging across our country. Or are you just hiding from a virus that Singapore (a third world country) has just downgraded to a seasonal flu???
      Bunch of cowards.

    3. @Argus Tuft you can call me dumb if you want, but it doesn’t change that you and I are living proof immune systems work. Ive traveled across the country during covid lockdowns. Haven’t had a sniffle. Just a lot of people making bad decisions based on fear.

    1. @RON WILLIAMS Obama released 122 and that delusional racist 5. Fact check that. Don’t drink the kool aid. Tainted with hate and no vaccine yet for it except a ballot in 22.

  9. When at the veterinarian, I asked her if people should take the horse medicine. She looked at me funny and seemed concerned for my little Shih-Tzu.

    1. Yeah, because clearly your don’t have all your mental faculties. If you’re not a horse (which is open to debate) then you don’t take *horse* medicine. You don’t even ask about it. Is you dog doing OK ? Remember to feed him and give him some water. And don’t give him any horse medicine. Because, you know, it’s a dog, not a horse. Also, drop by the nearest kindergarten and see if they can lend you one of those preschooler books with big drawings of farm animals. You may need a refresher course.

  10. “confusion”…”altered mental status…disoriented…difficulty answering questions” In other words, they’re a Republican.

  11. AP FLASH: The Taliban want to make Benedict Donald Tramp’s birthday, an Afghan Holiday…
    Their honor is for Benedict Donald’s great 5000 man staffing effort for the group…..

  12. Staff & management at fox have got stocks in the company that makes ivermectin, that’s why they push it, pure & simple.

  13. Remember when horse pill was just a figure of speech for describing large tablets? I sure miss that.

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