Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 10th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 10th | MSNBC


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    1. @Chino T. That is insane. You ain’t never going to get them guns away from them gangbangers. Start with putting a responsible daddy in the home! Oh yeah! The Left doesn’t like daddy’s in the home because the Left don’t like nuclear family. What is definition of insanity. THE LEFT

    2. @Chino T. That sh*t in Chicago and other Midwest Blue Cities been goin on for decades now and it’s only getting worse. It’s called Leftist enablement and entitlement of irresponsibility. But they keep feedin Blacks lies and BS and they keep buying the groceries.

  1. Dad went to Purdue. I always wondered how he could be so educated and so ignorant at the same time. Now I know more.

    1. So, you come from a family of wealth and education and yet are commenting on youtube videos? That’s the con you’ve chosen to go long with and expect people to buy into?

    2. So you think that YouTube comments is full of poor un-educated people?
      You must be a trumpy. There are plenty of bored educated people around. Some of them are actually wealthy! Wealth is not a sign of anything but acquisition capital. Surely not of a valid opinion.

    1. The cop’s like “Dude, you’re giving these people Covid”, and he’s all “Uh, yeah, sorry…”

  2. I heard, Tucker, that a complication of contracting COVID could be reduced sexual performance for men. Uh oh…

    1. Well we won’t have to worry about so many stimulus aka UBI checks going out to the baby factories!

  3. What exactly are the admission standards for Miami University of Ohio? Critical thinking and reading comprehension are clearly not a consideration.

    1. They all cry about their freedom,mask and not able to post what they want. Now this fool want to tell people how to dress and whom to socialize with.

  4. The news about Rep. Andy Kim’s suit moved me to unexpected tears. It was so decent, so unexpected, and so appropriate. Thank you for your service, Rep. Kim.

  5. They could enlighten themselves!! And care about real things—hunger, homelessness, poverty discrimination!!

  6. Marsha Blackburn needs to go back to high school where the rest of us learned the differences between political ideologies. It truly begs the question: How poorly educated are her constituents?

    1. My guess as to the answer to your question is……more than likely, very poorly educated. Look at the citizens of this country today; most of them could not pass the citizenship test and most of them could not tell you the names of the states that border the state in which they live. Ask any Americans that you run into to name the leaders of England, France and Germany and if one in twenty could do that I would be pleasantly surprised. Ask them which countries did the United States fight against in World War II and I doubt that the majority could come up with the answer.

  7. So, get Christy gnome out of here, and put somebody in that doesn’t have racist values. The REPUBLICANS seem to lean towards a killer mentality, in my OPINION.

  8. It’s a mandate that your children have to be vaccinated before they can even attend school in the United States

  9. How odd that Taylor Swift is too liberal for the right-wing, but according to that same right-wing, Taylor will be the first artist censored by the Communists. How odd.

  10. Fox obviously doesn’t care at all if their viewers live or die. That’s ok cuz we don’t either.

  11. Blackburn lost it. Most European countries have gone through socialist periods, and musicians or other artists were NEVER, EVER, told to get authorizations to make or/ and publish their music or dress whatever. This is utterly ridiculous and soooooo stupidly ignorant, it would be hilarious if that woman was not so pathetic.
    A French citizen from France

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