Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 13th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 13th | MSNBC


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  1. This is the only game you win as a loser. There would be no reason to play a game if your hard works didn’t pay off.

  2. Well at this point the republicans are all in no matter what they are using everything in their arsenal like fanatics sometimes the good doesn’t win but sometimes you got to fight fire with fire even if you got to take it to the street anywhere they want you have to throw the first punch and make it count

  3. 100% right. If this country doesn’t address this issue now we can forget about this country’s democracy.

  4. It’s just great to have a president that has morals and talk’s with command respect for all Americans and protect the constitution of the united states.🇺🇲⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

    1. I think some Democrats are trying to be bipartisan, or at least not widen the polarisation of the general public and make it worse.
      Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there is any willingness to meet them halfway by the other side.
      I guess recent events do not inspire any confidence that the American public can support policies and outcomes rather than the party that proposes it.

    2. @bobagorof You mean by pretending that Antifa is an “idea’ and a “myth”, so they can then deny that it’s an organization that caused, according to the insurance industry, over $2 billion dollars in damages as of last, what, August? September?

      By pretending that it’s murderous rioting is peaceful protests so they therefore don’t have to declare them a terrorist organization?

      By pretending that the Antifa-led storming of the Capitol was instigated by Trump supporters?

      By charging 500 Trump supporters with crimes like “parading” through the Capitol, while sealing the records of 200 of the Antifa members who don’t exist because it’s a myth?

      By ignoring the terror perpetrated on us by Antifa and instead declaring that militia group in Michigan the gravest terrorist threat to America — you know, the one who hatched the plot that was led by 12 feds and 6 members to supposedly kidnap the Governor?

      By shutting down the hundreds, if not thousands of citizens who witnessed election fraud, and instead pretending that Donald Trump alone was fabricating claims of election fraud?

      By pretending that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation while the FBI simultaneously admitted to possessing it for a year and running an active investigation into it?

      By politicizing healthcare and pretending that Ivermectin is not extremely effective against COVID while 60 studies, countless clinical practitioners, and countries around the world, like India, credit Ivermectin with rapidly reversing their growth in COVID cases?

  5. Far right whites are no longer Americans. I mean in nationality, sure, because they live here … but in the heart & mind, they’re fascists.

  6. The “Filibuster” needs to be taken down. OR? Old-School “filibuster” meant you had to TALK and TALK and remain on the House floor!!!

  7. We also need Representatives to be educated. Dumbing down administration’s across the board with ignorance is the reason we are in this mess. Duhhh!

  8. I wonder how many people who voted Republican at the latest elections have realized since then what’s at stake and, to be honest, I’m quite pessimistic: It’s clear that a vast majority has chosen party over country.

  9. It sounds like she got fired for being a rational human being who demonstrates the use of logic in doing her job.
    Good luck Tennessee.

  10. When it comes to republicans, ignorance is always, always bliss. Perfectly happy to live in a fact free world meanwhile insulting those that seek facts and information.

  11. We need a law saying it’s ok to send AMERICAN citizens APPLICATIONS to register to vote. Why are the REPUBLICANS so SCARED of PEOPLE participating in our right to VOTE

  12. Brave Woman! She stood up for her morals and let them fire her rather than giving them the pleasure of firing her for trying to protect the children of her state! Blessings to her!

  13. 1000% guarantee that when McConnell gets his 51% back he’ll annihilate the filibuster to get what he wants. There is no gentleman’s agreement with a snake

  14. I say get rid of the filibuster and get some laws passed. We had the presidency the Senate and the house but yet 50 Republicans are blocking every thing get rid of the filibuster.

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