Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 13th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 13th | MSNBC

Watch highlights of Tuesday's The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    Essentially, a person convicted of bank fraud will face fines and prison time. The severity of the penalties will depend on the specific facts of the crime, such as how much money was stolen and what technique was used to steal the money.

  2. Joe Manchin is afraid of losing his job being that his state is majorly republican. He’s never going to get onboard revoking the filibuster. Quite honestly I view him as a DINO.

    1. @Joseph Tulk Isn’t that just the worst? Just as we thought we were going to get stuff done, what a soap opera our government is. Call me shallow but he looks like a republican, or rather has the sour mean expression of of one.

    2. @Denise35jo Ah, good point. Ye old blackmail. One wonders how many politicians are being blackmailed (i.e. Miss Lindsey) in Washington when they’re not being bribed.

  3. The Radical Right of the Republican party {Labeled “Donnism” by me} is Not Communism, it is the complete opposite of the ‘government of the Poor by the poor and for the poor.’ They would create a bureaucracy that has never seen before in any country in the world; very, very selective in its nature. The mechanism of government at every level would eventually fail because the people will not be able to get anything done unless they ‘know’ somebody. In Colombia we call it having a ‘Palanca’ or lever.

  4. The Fraudit Audits are clown theater to give them cover for rigging elections and to overturn elections when they don’t like the outcome. Banana Republic Dictatorship Classic.

    1. Who has started the Clown Theater? Me or you and your friends? Who abides and respects the laws? Me or you?

    1. PAY ATTENTION he claimed he worked for FREEEEE what part of that statement did you NOT UNDERSTAND?????? He ended up in JAIL. And you are right trump didn’t pay him

  5. Karen Fann is delusional. She will be voted out along with her crew, and Kelli Ward-who should be locked up for election interference.

  6. “Perspective” and “Rolls”? They should not be allowed to have any type of audit if they can’t even spell.

  7. Arizona officials need tobe jailed for ripping off the tax payers, including all of the participants all criminals felons

  8. ‘forensic’ in this case means back to bamboo fibers. this is twisting the language. i[m glad ms maddow mentions how words are being subverted. read 1984 and stay alert!

  9. I thought they were calling it a forensic audit because it’s a dead horse that they are beating.

    1. Maybe a dead N key on their keyboard, because they still haven’t googled Narcissist and how one never loses, it’s always someone else’s fault. LOL

  10. Now wouldn’t it be hilarious to find out Biden won more votes than they first thought …. what if they find out that Oklahoma should be blue…. I can see heads and hearts explode

  11. It’s amazing how much energy the republicans are putting into manufacturing election drama. Imagine if they put that same energy into moving our nation forward….

  12. I know Manafort got a pardon, and even if they can’t retry him on what he was in for can’t they charge him related to this Calk conspiracy charges? New Charges. I hope each and every one of them as a deterrent for future nuts and traitors to get the message you will get charged.

  13. Can’t Manifort be charged for this new crime? Does his pardon cover this particular crime?

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