Senate Democrats Reveal $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan 1

Senate Democrats Reveal $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan


Senate Democrats have a new $3.5 trillion spending plan in place in effort to finance major aspects of Biden’s agenda such as expending medicare, funding clean energy and prohibit tax increases.

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Senate Democrats Reveal Spending Plan Apart From Infrastructure Deal


    1. @ethics first You guys still spout reaganomics so I’m not really sure what it is you’re talking about. Debt has no detrimental impact on the economy, because someone has to buy the debt and most of ours we owe to ourselves in any case. Please, don’t speak about economics

    2. @Ricky P The majority of adult Americans.
      Or do you not manage your own finances like a grown-up?

      Some people don’t, and that’s not a condemnation of them–it’s a condemnation of our education systems, of civics, and our current financial institutions that do everything they can to wring money out of people that have almost none.

      And when they destroy our entire economy with their risky bets over and over and over–we have to bail them out.

      How many people really know how not to collapse the largest economy in the world?

      The majority of us.

      I don’t know anyone that’s caused the stock market to collapse. That caused a housing bubble, that caused it to burst, or that reinflated the bubble. That bailed out the people responsible. And allowed millions of families to get evicted because of their negligence.

      How about you?

  1. Inflation. Yay. Yep because we want higher taxes and higher prices. Thanks guys. Good job. Smh. This is why im fixin to leave america. This is crazy. Im down for going green. But did we have to do it right now after dealing with covid and all that money?? Jesus. Smdh

    1. @2009davm *And if you try commenting about the majority of them, Youtube censors and deletes your comments.

    2. @Hugh Jass At least you realize what a good chunk of people still vehemently deny–even though they could see it with their own eyes if they bothered to do 3 seconds worth of research. Or just paid attention.

    3. @Nunya Business Cut them some slack–they’re serial projectors.
      Ukraine, the election, racism, sexism, Russian involvement, climate change–it’s no surprise that things they accuse people of, they’re eventually found to be the very ones doing just that.
      They do these things, and they think these things–and that’s why they assume everyone else must also be.

      But no, they’re just racists.

      Again, not a big surprise coming from the party that seceded and fought to maintain slavery. And then later fought tooth and nail against the civil rights movement–using, among other things, the filibuster they love to accuse now.

      More projection, I’d bet.

    4. @Rick Simon That still doesn’t mean that all non whites are poor and that all whites are rich, not to mention there are much more white people in the country than any other race

  2. The audits results are coming quick lets rip off the American people as much as much as possible before the Democrats are exposed

  3. I’m happy to see people finally realizing how bad we’re going to have it… Like c’mon now, Trump didn’t even do this badly in his first year…

  4. Democrats: It’s ok we’ll just print more money
    Venezuela: *”Hey, I’ve seen this one”*

  5. we are $30T in debt. how about stop paying politicians till they solve our debt problem, bet it gets fixed really quick

    1. Politicians become multi millionaires when in office. That’s not their salary. Salary and lifelong medical care, pension following two years, that’s just gravy. Where do the millions and hundreds of millions come from?

    2. @Barbara Maroney Except they want ALL the money going to them. Any money that American working people have they consider theirs too.

  6. They have their supporters actually believing they are making more money with the $15 minimum wage. When everything costs three times as much, ou I’ll still be behind

    1. I don’t agree with a $15 minimum wage but I they would be making more money even adjusted for inflation. Look at places that did increase their minimum wage, the prices went up but not so much that they’d have been better off making less money…

  7. Everything about democrats is about spending spending spending.
    Jeeze, whatever happened to Saving the money for good things but nope, gotta give it to the illegals.

  8. The people making under $400,000 is paying the hidden tax called inflation which just moved up another 5%.

    1. – “This is political theateR”
      What do you mean? Do you have some secret information that they aren’t really going to use the money?
      – “…and these clowns are dancing madly at the sound of the drums of war”
      What on earth are you talking about?

    2. @Ado Atero yes, the corporations, the donor class, wall street, Bezos, the military industrial complex. The main stream media is the puppet. They all want war for more money

    3. Ahhh what war? Are you alluding to a civil war? You perhaps want to go to war of universal health care and extended day care reform? Are you stupid?

  9. It’s been a while since anyone has talked about relieving student loan debt. I wonder why that is…

    1. If trump had won, we’d be watching a video of another huge tax cut for not the people. Biden 2024!!!

    2. @Paul as an ex republican from Texas is call you out on your BS. You can plainly see that voting for the republican party is not in the best interest of the country. They lie, cheat and support terrorists attacks on the capital.
      I may not like the democrats but at least I can work with them.

  10. Democrats just literally spent nearly $20 trillion in 7 months doubling our deficit. Welcome to Venezuela everyone. You got what you voted for. $1.2 trillion for 8 years, $3.5 trillion, and $6 trillion over the last year.

    1. Insider trading from which information was garnered from political work. Not to long ago 3 GOP and 1 dem got caught doing it.
      But you can’t give power to investigate criminal activity to those committing the crimes.

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