Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 1st | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 1st | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Thursday's All In with Chris Hayes where he looks at an undercover video where a lobbyist for ExxonMobil revealed his go-to list of senators for undermining climate action—and who he considers the “kingmaster.” Hayes also looks into the Trump Organization giving “off the books” compensation for executives—including Weisselberg.
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About All In with Chris Hayes:
Chris Hayes delivers the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold the nation's leaders accountable for their actions. Drawing from his background as a reporter, Hayes at times reports directly from the scene of a news event as it occurs to provide a firsthand account, digging deep and speaking with people who represent different points of view. Hayes brings the nation's officials, legislators, policymakers, and local activists to the table to address key issues affecting communities across America.

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    1. @hpqz hpqz; People are trying to move and deal with reality, but we have a rogue group of seditionist that care about nothing but their immediate goals.

    2. @Guy North : Agree. We are just at the start of summer and what we are witnessing now suggests this years wildfires will be horrendously destructive and widespread.

    3. And you have to wonder, where are all the billionaires going to live when they are finished up with destroying the planet. Is that why they are trying to go up in space? Maybe they are planning to move to Mars.

    4. Kathleen – When a small town in British Columbia burns down, like Paradise in the CA fires, doesn’t it seem the GOP would wake up ??? $$$$$

  1. I live in British Columbia and have my 58 years never but never have we felt this. These oil companies will stop at nothing. The tobacco companies tried the same and lost let’s hope it goes the same way for our globe


    2. @Monique M many premodern cultures had heat mitigation techniques, water, air cooling via underground pipes etc
      In the PNW ,they dont have air conditioning, I grew up in the upper midwest where usually fans were enough but saw the gradual heating, I also lived in coastal Oregon, and Montana, so been lucky enough to experience alot of US weather, this in unprecedented
      Stay safe and great post and idea

    3. I’m in British Columbia too and it should be noted that Lytton has had wildfires every single summer for several years now, this isn’t the first time in my 42 years here, just the worst time so far

    1. At least make it all above board (in front of Congressional committees, Senate committees, the media and the public). If any are caught dealing that is not in full view of those entities then they should be indicted.

    2. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. the decision was 5 conservatives FOR Citizens United, 4 Liberal judges against. I was NOT quoting current make up.

    3. @azharley I see you are referring priar. I get you now. Would of helped if you dated ruling you were referring to

    1. Agreed little people pay taxes and rich people end up in jail for not paying their taxes 😃

  2. You know if we did that,ALL of the poor people dreaming of a better life to actually receive one!!!

    1. Comparing anyone in Trump world to Al Capone shows you don’t know much about Al Capone or Trump. Are you in the heat in Portland?

    2. @David They know plenty about Al Capone the comparison is Al Capone went to prison because of his accountant (duh). Obviously you know nothing about Capone if you didn’t realize the comparison.

    3. @Bill J Al Capone was a murderer and a gangster. Duh. You’re not very good with analogies. It’s a dumb, stupid, and ridiculous comparison. Joined YouTube in 2021. Another dumb kid.

    4. @David Trump is a grifter criminal and loser. He was one of Jeffrey Epstein‘s biggest customers for under age girls.
      He wanted protesters shot down in the street when he was having meetings with security forces just shoot them he said. Trumps no different than Capone. You’re ridiculous if you think so.

  3. come on, now. he didn’t fail to report. he hid it! just say it like it is for, for puck sake!

  4. What a joke indicted co-conspirator number one. That’s just taking out of the Mueller’s report. Why hasn’t he been indicted yet?

  5. In Transylvania, when you sneeze after someone says something ,
    that means it is true

  6. I’m so sorry those people lost their home.
    I lost mine in the Paradise Ca, Camp Fire over 2 yrs ago.
    The town still has not recovered, friends have lung illnesses.
    Those people up there will need tons of help.
    Bless them all❤️❤️❤️

  7. Time each and every American politician be audited! How do they become Multi Millionaires … FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  8. Weisselberg should write his version of the book “How to get Rich Quick” 😆🤣😂

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