Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 8th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: July 8th | MSNBC


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  1. The Obama-Biden Administration set up the White House National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense to prepare for future pandemics like covid-19. Donald Trump eliminated it — and now we’re paying the price.

    1. I have a BS in Chemicsl Engineering; is that what you’re complaining about?
      Or is it my ABSN from Med school?@Dania Katrina

    2. Hey Hairy Nosepicker,

      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my post. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated ‘? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity ) @Dania Katrina

    3. @Ebaneezer Scourge funny how 40k still came from china after the so called ban without quarantine

    4. @Ebaneezer Scourge Trumps ban was aimed specifically at Asian countries and such much like his Muslim ban, it had already reached European countries and thus would of done nothing to stop the infection.

    1. @Polar Opposite so why can’t they say go out and be vaccinated as we have and had no issues.

    2. @John Taylor 97% of people who get infected with Covid-19 (overall), survive!
      About 25% have lasting effects(emphysema, in extreme cases)

      That dose’nt affect the immediate TV ratings for Fox…
      So, yeah! They don’t care!

    1. Rupert Murdoch got the shot. Bret Bair got the shot. The clown-show hosts (Hammity, Cucker, Peerlow, won’t admit whether they got the shot or not.

    2. @Scahoni have a look at” tucker talks to bubba the love sponge” he’s absolutely amazingly colossely stupendouly stupid.

  2. If a patient is noncompliant the doctor can fire that patient and refuse to treat them.

    1. I know of several pediatricians that have banned people that won’t vaccinate their children. Large hospital systems in Boston will be mandating COVID-19 vaccines for their staff, I believe when the full approval happens.

  3. If they really knew just how 5150 their base is, they would pass M4A including mental health today.

    1. Ooooo 😏 can you imagine what round up day would look like…who would be safe😳 it’d be like the purge 😲round here. 🤣😂. Do you really think the repubs want to bring in psych evals into play?

  4. Yes, black people are just like us, they just need to be treated the same. Equal chances make everybody the same.

    1. @Cheryl TheWaysideStitcher My question is, Does black people in America right now, has the same opportunity as any other ethnicity in America?

  5. why was fox so quiet during trump presidency when hundreds of thousands of people were dying from covid . . . and yet now they make a huge noise about Biden reversing the deaths?

  6. When the covid virus heard the saying “There ain’t no fixin’ stupid” he laughed and said, “Here, hold my beer”

    1. Of course they did. Some have admitted it, but no one has denied it. Many just refuse to answer, translation = yes they have been vaccinated

  7. Schools have mandated vaccines and shots for longer than I can remember. I’m 66 years old. When we were in grade school, they lined us up in school and we were given vaccine shots. Anybody remember polio? How was it eradicated one might ask. Vaccines given to school children.
    I’m sorry to say that the county I live in Missouri (not Springfield area) is only 25% vaccinated. Stupidity is running rampant! Disgusting!

  8. The fact that Dr. Faucci has to dumb down the message so that the unvaccinated to get their vaccinations, shows the intelligence of the unvaccinated.

    1. Fauci is a fraud… anybody who takes the shot will be dead within two years.. they are culling the herd

  9. Wasn’t it trump who defunded, and dismantled the global pandemic team in May of 2018? Yes!

  10. FOX: Adults behaving like bad children. My guess is, a bad child will always behave like a bad child during adulthood, but with a gun in one hand. Because that is exactly what we see every day in the US of A

  11. You are literally already required to get vaccinated to register for school. Meningitis is just one of them. And frequently boosters for other vavcines too. Also H1N1 vavcine was strongly advised. This isn’t new

  12. I love how Republicans support people making medical decisions for themselves when it comes to the vaccine but not when it comes to abortion

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