Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 16 | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 16 | MSNBC


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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 16 | MSNBC


    1. 100% of politicians have health insurance.
      Well, till you get down to dog catchers and school board members.

    2. @Peter Bills We must keep coming back to the Fact the Here in California Democrats have already passed Legislation that Provides American Tax Payer Funded ‘> FREE,” Health Care for illegal Aliens.. Democrats continue to Grumble about Trump’s Health Care Plan while Obama Care is still in Place and Nothing has changed at all except the Mandate has been removed. Most Americans could not afford Obama Care and just took the Fine and ended up with Nothing after being Fined.

    3. I wish I didn’t have to pay the steep co-pays with my insurance to see Dr.’s and for medicine I would die if I didn’t take .

  1. So once again, GOP stresses “less government” until it comes to women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community–then they’re all over it. TF out of here.

    1. They want to control what happens in my uterus, while not understanding how anything happens in my uterus. ….

    2. @crIms0ngen It’s noticeable that men are determined to enact endless laws about women’s bodies, but none about men’s bodies.

    3. @David Cohen at least use the correct spelling of you’re gonna try to come for an entire community. Stupidity is not a cute look on you.

  2. ACLU – challenge the laws on the grounds that a Government Agency CANNOT possess a human, nor can it make laws to violate their liberty and freedom.

    1. The James Younger Case in Texas Sparks Law To BAN Youth Gender Reassignment UNTIL THE AGE OF 18
      Only two people know if Epstein killed himself or not. Epstein and his murderer.

    2. @David Cohen , Younger should file appeal. No agency can have possession of a Human-beings. The judge KNOWS that he does not have Jurisdiction in the Young case.
      Epstein was murdered because of secrets he possessed.

    3. Ah it’s done all the time to woman. I guess the newly trans can get taste what’s it’s like to be female and have their life and body controlled by government….:
      Cuz they can’t actually get pregnant so they’ll never know what it’s like to be denied a safe abortion……so …..‘yea it’ll be a little taste so they’ll finally know.
      Always a “positive” perspective if you look….

    4. @9 Haunted Days , No Government Agency can possess a woman. A woman can have an abortion, if she wants. The Policies that they pass off as “Law” cannot deny a woman FREEDOM. Now, trans-women have the same FREEDOM. I stand for FREEDOM for ALL.

  3. Back when Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod there was a lot of controversy among churches as to whether on not to install them. Some felt that doing so would be seen as a lack of faith in God. Well, when several churches were burned down after lightning strikes while the town brothel remained standing, they reconsidered their position.

    1. @David Cohen Your right most of the riots are by people who are trying to take advantage of a bad situation. BUT that is not BLM protesters. Thats like saying all Trump supports are White Supremacist .

    2. Yeah, God is a randy kinda guy. He knocked up Mary the well-known mother of Jesus. Of course he left the brothels standing.

    1. @kingof Troy you’re very clearly not a parent. I’d be far prouder to be her mother than yours, honestly I’d probably disown you with that closed mind of yours. But you do you boo

    2. @KCs Funhouse Oh nOoOo, hOw AwFuL!! WhAt A sHoCkiNg TuRn Of EvEnTs!!
      {🍿Pass the salt, please…🍿}

  4. Once again we can see how horrifying Republican are
    Day after day we get new storys like this how despicable and self absorb Republican are!

    1. @Pam Ramsom Tell that to the folks who also wants to know or even dictate who you should marry/ have a family with/ or even choices such as the subject of abortion

    2. @Oh Really? ahh i don’t know any one whom is told who to marry..have an abortion…or anything else..and i am being very serious i was not brought up like that.

    1. @Lawrence Mckinney if that male is no longer classified as a male then yes its fair,just the same as a female who takes male hormones to boost her muscle mass as she becomes male can participate against males

    2. And in the 1950s, the same types of people wanted to go back to the good ol’ turn of the century days. There is always some fraction of society who are incapable of being happy with the present. I wrote up a response to someone who believes modern music will lead to the downfall of American civilization and found this page that shows just how long humans have hated their present times:

    3. @Katie Z exactly katie,its the 21st century and still people want to keep other people down,it should only matter whats right or wrong and thats the only thing that that we all should care about,yet some cannot see that good people come in all colors and so do bad people

    4. @Lawrence Mckinney How many times has your daughter had a problem with a trans woman in a bathroom? Wasn’t the previous avalanche of bills against the trans community (mainly trans women; somehow these talking points seem to forget there are trans men too) also supposed to “save” girls from something that hasn’t materialized?

  5. It is a PRIVATE situation that plays itself out in PUBLIC.
    Because of that, the government is trying to go places where it has absolutely NO business.
    Whether or not an individual is transgender should not be documented ANYWHERE for prying eyes.
    It is extremely private, confidential information and should be treated as such.
    This should not be happening in the USA.

    1. Pathetic Spineless Corrupt Demented Joe Biden Calls Kamala “President Harris” again.
      The Democrat Owned Media will be covering for him again

  6. Tucker Carlson just wants to ask the questions. He doesn’t want to hear or accept the truthful answers. Strange.

    1. Fox News morning shows are still filming with their hosts separated (I can’t conclusively tell with Tucker Carlson–it’s easier to see that an ensemble isn’t in one room). If covid were no big deal, meaning nobody needs to be vaccinated, why are Fox News hosts still social distancing? See, we can ask questions of them, too 😆

    2. @Katie Z True. Hypocrisy is easy to demonstrate when the practitioners think that just because they lie the world will change to match their imagination. They are pathetic really.

  7. Moscow Mitch needs to resign or impeached. He is just as bad as The past rotten orange. No one can make you be something you aren’t! Stand strong. We are all created equal &
    You should have the right without question or pause
    to make your own decisions on who YOU want to be. ❤️ Good Luck🍀☘️

  8. For the GOP, hurting Democrats is more important than helping Americans….

  9. Chris, I do appreciate your efforts, but the issue here is: The ones that should benefit about the information you are providing, are the ones that refuse to listen to you.
    You can’t help anyone that doesn’t want to get help.

  10. People must be allowed to live as who they identify as. When they live as who they identify as, they thrive. This is a human right! 😘

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