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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 16 | MSNBC


    1. Ron Johnson — something ain’t right with that man Could be he has caught the Trump curse — GOOD
      Teach him not to play with dirty things!

    1. @Terri Tarantulas The CDC is not a private business. They will not go broke no matter how many idiots refuse to get vaccinated. Those who die of COVID because they refuse to look logically at science and refuse to get vaccinated are simply removing themselves from the gene pool.

    2. @Gary Campbell
      Are you forgetting trump ignored his own intelligence agencies but listen to China when they told him they had it under control and the Chinese premier was a great man and transparent plus even when it got worse tango man still played it down saying that it would just disappear and came out of lockdown early and tried forcing other governors to do the same and near the end of his term when it was going up to 4 thousand per day he refused to do anything !! But became a super spreader on his rallies event!!! You cannot excuse this man’s incompetence!!!!!

    3. @Terri Tarantulas what? I don’t understand what you say? What are you talking about?

      Are you ok? Seriously, how are you?

    1. Trump Trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump trump Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa Russiaaaaaaaaaa 🤣

    2. @Cody Forest
      That’s right and don’t you “EVER” forget!☝
      Now that the imposters are out,
      IT’S HAMMER TIME BABY!! 🗽 🇺🇸

    3. The Republican party is doing nothing but trying to overthrow the government Jim Jordan mark gets Lindsey Graham especially Lindsey Graham he needs to be thrown out in the all need to be convicted they know what they did is wrong

  1. Why am I not surprised? Anything that has to do with TRUMP/PENCE/ADMINISTRATION is very shady! Most Americans want these guys to go away by way of jail!

    1. @David Shue You must be sniffing glue !!!!! YOU cannot me or anyone else what to do but I will SUGGEST you should stuff watching this GARBAGE or believing it. REMEMBER, YOU DON’T OWN THE INTERNET !!!!!!!!!!!! Love that techy word trolling though. Bye bye at least for now

    2. @baseball fan you say goodbye but you don’t leave..
      If you don’t like the truth why are you watching this it just gets your panties in a bunch..
      Watch Newsmax OAN or Alex Jones and comment on thier sites they’ll love you over there..

    3. @David Shue you contacted me dumb dumb !!!!!!!!! YOU DONT” GET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR ANYONE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t like what I have to say . things that get YOUR panties in a bunch obviously , the truth , just don’t answer , just a suggestion of course not like the orders you hand out. I cannot help a brainwashed person . I won’t take the bait of you answering me with something stupid so hopefully this is good bye. Please, You go ahead and have a great life . I wish you the best.

    1. Novichock (sp), Polonium or whacked with a bullet are Putins favourite methods. Easier for them to get at him now he’s out and about.

    1. The US Intelligence Services would do well to consider such a viewpoint as yours. They need all the help they can get.

  2. Yeah, when your sworn enemies want a candidate in office, maybe you should notice this and avoid that candidate at all costs, huh?

  3. I’m taking ALL BETS…
    Who wants to bet that Faux News won’t be covering this story🤑

    1. Maddow is a paid shill for the CIA. If you believe her you believe in CIA disinformation. Notice how often she smilingly cites the “intelligence community.”

    2. @Luciano Mezzetta Oooookay please tell me where do you get your news and information. I would like to see who you consider a reliable and honest source. So I can be as informed as you.

    3. Thank you so much for understanding how well informed I am. My sources? My sources are not your manufacture consent CIA FBI sources. Try having an open mind Treacherous. Ii might reverse your brain washing.@Treasonous Treacherous Traitorous TRUMP

    4. @Luciano Mezzetta okay clearly you’re an imbecile. I didn’t ask what weren’t your sources. WHAT ARE YOUR SOURCES FOR INFORMATION?!? You must be a weak minded Trump supporter. You counter just like those ignoramuses. I hope you don’t have kids because your kind of STOOPID is contagious.

  4. A presidential pardon given to a co-conspirator should be permitted to be revoked by the justice department.

    1. @cocomo Merrick Garland was just confirmed as Attorney General for the DOJ. He’ll clean up after Trump’s cronies ran roughshod over the department.

    2. All of Don the Cons Pardons could be revoked if someone really wanted them to be. All of Dumps pardons were not vetted or allowed to be reviewed by the DOJ as in the mandated guidelines. I every President after Ford had to submit all their pardons to the DOJ for review before they could be issued. tRump issued his pardons directly from his office and allowed no one to review them for conflicts of interest or self benefit. I think that the only reason Dumps pardons are belling left alone is that now all of the people that accepted the pardons can no longer plead the 5th when called to testify in related cases.

    3. Trump and Biden and MSM and our entire government are puppets for Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, Anthem Blue Cross and other multibillion dollar corporations

  5. I think it’s pretty obvious that our elected officials have an obligation to produce their financial records. I really don’t want another leader that has been bought and paid for by another country.

  6. They should call Manafort to the House (or Senate) and have him testify for real. We now know he lied and can no longer claim 5th Amendment protection since Trump pardoned him for it. And if he lies to Congress, he can be charged with THAT instead.

    1. Trump and Biden and MSM and our entire government are puppets for Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, Anthem Blue Cross and other multibillion dollar corporations

    2. @Carol Payne And could get away with it because Trump was there to issue a pardon, and the GOP in the Senate were there to block removal by impeachment by the House. Those conditions are no longer active.

    3. @Rob E And the basic rule of Terrain Theory is?
      The one answer to solve all problems. Isn’t that how you see it.
      Please don’t quibble.

    4. @i minabrons That its the terrain that is the driver of our health. We each have on average 380 trillion viruses (exosomes) in and around us, and they basically stay dormant, until a outside factor triggers them into action. Viruses and Bacteria can looked at as the clean up crew, if you will. In terrain theory, the bacteria and viruses are the respond system. Remember, all a viruses really is, is just rna, with some protein and enzymes.
      It’s theorized that all viruses (exosomes) are doing is just helping us adjust to a outside changing environment, and help us fight toxins. Toxins include air pollution, bad eating habits and emfs. It depends what doctor you talk to, one will tell you emfs are a form of pollutant (toxin), and others will tell you there’s no evidence for no such thing. My suggestion is to thoroughly investigate both.

      It’s also theorized that viruses were the originators of dna themselves.

    5. @Rob E
      In short, you agreed that you believe Terrain Theory explains “all” when it comes to the health of a person. This is what I pointed out in the beginning.
      You didn’t reply to my observation that you probably thought vinegar and baking soda were the wonder ingredients that solved household cleaning.
      Your non-response tells me that I was correct.
      Just remember all the carbon dioxide you release every time you use it though. On the bright side if you make some potato fries at the same time you can dip them into the Salt and Vinegar flavouring while you scrub away uselessly.

      BTW. I’ve noticed over the past few years that more and more web sites that once extolled these two “wondrous” cleaning agents are now recommending adding detergent to the mix.
      Soapy Salt and Vinegar!😝😝 Terrible.

      I guess too many people were complaining that these two ingredients combined didn’t clean jacks**t and by recommending adding a known cleanser, soapy detergent, they’re covering their butts.
      P.S. Don’t be tempted to dip your potato fries into the mixture if you’ve added detergent. 😋

  7. please do not forget about the brainchild of the Mercers,
    Cambridge Analytica, who played a major role in all those events.

  8. Treason against the people cannot be left without prosecution; pardons from a person calling for that treason (he even did it publicly) must be quashed.

    1. Trump and Biden and MSM and our entire government are puppets for Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, Anthem Blue Cross and other multibillion dollar corporations

  9. I feel like this is just the beginning of finding out how very close we were to losing our Democracy. This goes far and wide. Q is part of this. A Psy-Op to radicalize people and make Americans fight against eachother.

    1. @Rudy O’Brien No, buddy, it was a joke that someone posted on a forum that was then taken up by the maga paranoids as if it was real.
      ‘q’ is not a real person.

    2. @T Electronix I am pretty sure “Q” is an intelligence operation run by one of America’s enemies. The things it has tried to accomplish are all things that the intelligence apparatus of every major power tries to do to other countries. The US has run identical operations that I know of in Iran, North Korea and Hong Kong. It’s just very rare for these kind of intelligence operations to be this successful.

    3. @Aidan Campbell So…..not a person, like I said.

      There is no “guy behind it all”, just people repeating conspiracies back at each other.

    4. @T Electronix not a person. Just another attack on America using the gullibility and lack of education of far too many Americans as the weapon. If you actually pull apart the Qanon conspiracy theories, it’s just a bunch of anti-Semitic, xenophobic and white supremacist conspiracy theories repackaged for a new generation. Many of these conspiracy theories were part of Nazi propaganda.
      However, if you look at what it has accomplished… it’s accomplished a lot of the foreign policy goals of countries like Russia and Iran in regard to the USA. So it’s likely that it has been directed by someone in a government, just not someone in the US government.

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