Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 22 | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 22 | MSNBC


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Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: March 22 | MSNBC


  1. Look no further than maga-gop-Qtips. 100% responsible and until we do something about that this will keep happening.

    1. @T. R. Campbell and you do know you are more likely to die by a gun if you own or have one in your home ?
      So how is that less of a victim when you are more likely to be a victim if you have gun?

    2. @B. K. I am not more likely to die by a guy nearby have one or old one. What you’re saying is absolute ridiculous propaganda.

    3. @B. K. Yes indeed, accidental gun deaths. When I was a youngster we all learned how to handle firearms. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts had firearms classes where were held we would learn to respect the weapon and how to shoot. Sadly, these classes have been largely done away with.
      I saw a very interesting presentation involving parents of children who are diametrically opposed to firearms. They taught their children never to touch a firearm and to be deathly afraid of firearms.
      During a controlled event the children were filmed playing in a room with other children. The kids found a hand gun placed in the toy box. Parents were horrified when their children picked the gun up and began shooting at other children. Obviously the gun was not capable of firing and this was a experiment to see what children would do if they found a firearm.
      We teach children to look both ways when they cross the street. We teach children to be safe in their day-to-day activities. We teach children to stay away from the hot stove. We teach children not to climb up on the chair and the counter in order to reach the cookies at the top of the refrigerator. We do not teach children anymore to be safe around firearms and unfortunately some pay the sad price.

  2. we the people essentials workers
    The claw of the eagle has you between eyebrow and eyebrow
    The only ones who have fought for our freedom are the people and
    we the people always come back

    1. I agree with Madeline. Thats why I limit my time to 2 hours a day or less. How many times do I need to hear It. or see It.

  3. Where are all these guns when the shooting starts. Has a mass murdered, ever been stopped by one of these life loving gun owners?????

    1. Not even close to the number that use them to commit suicide or murder suicide or to intimidate their partner (mainly women) with and/or murder them.

  4. I feel like a yoyo. After spending a lifetime trying to get black people to vote in Georgia, they finally vote, and now the Republicans are trying to stop it from happening again.

    1. @Tod Brown in case youve been in a cave since Biden won its not the democrates trying to make it impossiable for people to vote. first repugs scream stolen stolen then they close down voter booths, get rid of wright in ballots , shorten the time to vote , make it illegal to even hand out water and shorten the time to even do out of state voting. They cant have it both ways. Maybe they know there was no cheating so the only way to win is make sure poor black and brown voters wont show up. Their despicable

    2. Tod Brown Republicans have been blocking Blacks from voting for years.Ever since the Civil Rights act. So I really don’t think it’s Democrats trying to keep them “on the plantation”.

    3. Tod Brown, that is not true!!!and you know it, there are no plantations!!!! People today choose to work the fields no matter what color they are! If that’s where the money is to make a living I would indeed rather pick crops out in the sunshine over working indoors and never getting to enjoy the sun which the vitamin D is essential to life!!!!

  5. This guy had a record of being arrested and released. Maybe should try fixing that problem. Instead of catching and releasing criminals so they can’t go out and reoffend. Keep them locked up.

  6. If this heinous BS with voter suppression continues, we need to ELIMINATE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. One vote per person. Period. Archaic voting laws need to go.

    1. Oh my God, YES PLEASE! In this time and age, the electoral college has become a load BS anyways.

    2. Luckily for us, just because something is “popular” doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.
      That’s mob rule, just like 1 person, 1 vote.
      And YES! A LOT of people ARE saying that requiring voter ID is RACIST. It’s UNAMERICAN!
      Why is it racist or unAmerican? Make a list of countries that DO NOT require voter ID.
      All it takes is just a LITTLE bit of research to make logical comments.
      Saying the Electoral College is ‘ARCHAIC” and “It’s got to go!” is easy.
      Explain WHY you think it’s archaic.

    3. @secret squirrel Maybe, but it would have to backfire really, really badly to get any worse than having Trump as president and McConnell in the senate. Somehow, I get the feeling it would be well worth the risk.

    1. That guy is not prosecuted because there’s no such thing as justice in America. Justice is an illusion in America, a big lie.

  7. Repukes know they aren’t popular, so instead of learning from that, they rig the system, and point the finger elsewhere. And the sad fact is, it works with an angry, uneducated populace.

    1. Uh, voter id’s is quite the opposite of “rigging the system” ffs.

      I want democrats to keep telling blacks they are too dumb to get an ID. They will get tired of your racism.

  8. There are more guns than Human Beings within the borders of the United States of America, how twisted is that one.

    1. @Areyou kiddingme in America we have the right to own guns! Its pretty simple if you don’t like it don’t live her or ever visit. You’re welcome!

  9. The numbers since 2000 are very clear.
    People shot by person with a gun: 2,370,000
    People shot by person without a gun: 0

    1. Have you checked the numbers for people knifed to death? people bludgeoned to death? people strangled to death? Yes, have sensible gun laws. But don’t blame the guns.

    2. Care to share a link to this data? Last time I checked fbi data it was no where close to this. Not to mention over 50% of gun deaths where sadly suicide.

  10. This is so dangerous! Blocking our voting rights**”*” we ought to be ticketed for not voting.

    1. That is so brain dead. People should never vote unless they have a good idea of what or who to vote for. The right to vote should be the right to vote with ID, be honest in your life

  11. GOP: Why work so hard to make people like and vote for us when we can just take the shortcut and make the people who doesn’t like us ineligible to vote?

    1. Only you make yourself ineligible. The fact that republicans want voter id’s vs ‘same day registration with no identity verification’ —doesn’t make anyone ‘ineligible’.

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