Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 10th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 10th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Friday's All In with Chris Hayes.

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    1. And yet you watch him. Is it because you secretly have a fetish for facts delivered by a devastatingly handsome news wonk? Lol, who am I kidding, you’re actually an emotional masochist, and this is your spank bank.

    1. @Ray S Just like Joe’s boy Hunter got a 3.5 million dollar check from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife and gave 10% to the Big Guy aka- Dementia Joe.

    1. I agree let’s do the same for anyone who could of prevented disease such as the morbidly obese, alcoholics, smokers, I mean it a choice right they should of lead a healthier lifestyle. Sounds kinda dumb now? Right?

    2. @Ralph James Not surprising considering 80% of their population is vaccinated. If you want your statement to have any meaning, please provide evidence that not more than 20% (by proportion of population) are hospitalized. Otherwise, you statement is simply misleading or purposely for misinformation.

  1. When they borrow against their wealth they get an added goodie, they can deduct the interest. to offset taxes on other income..

    1. I am ashamed to say that I did the same thing – not rich, but well off. Before my divorce, I owned (for my area) a very expensive house, and kept it mortgaged to the hilt! At the time, I was making between 7% and 10% on my investments, and my interest was about 15,000/year. Deducting that not only took me from the 34% tax bracket to 28% but also gained me over $5,000/yr to invest at much higher returns. You could say I was an honest taxpayer – never took a deduction I was not entitled to and even bypassed some I could have taken, but I did not realize the scam I was committing. Mortgage interest is deductible to allow those who might not be able to afford homes to get them – not to make people like me richer. I NEVER violated the letter of the law, but in this case, I violated the spirit of the law.

  2. What is particularly DISGUSTING is the determined efforts to expose the children. You can’t get much more EVIL than that.

    1. @Giggitty Giggitty
      Yes – because sometimes, there are medical reasons. My niece went through this, and had to travel from VA to NY to get an abortion for a baby she and my nephew were really looking forward to having. But she got a 2nd ultrasound in week 22 that showed that the fetus had no brain, except maybe a brain stem. Unlikely to survive, and if it did a vegetable for whatever time it did, Of course, they got 2nd opinions and had more tests done, but at about 26 weeks there was no serious room for doubt. So they went to NY to get an abortion. They were devastated. They had prepared a nursery and even bought some stuffed animals for the baby they wanted so much. The post mortem showed they were right. The fetus had almost no brain development and likely would not have survived more than minutes or hours after birth.

      In VA, she would have been forced to carry it for another two and a half months, and watch it die. NY does not allow abortions past 24 weeks without a good medical reason, and they are VERY rare.

    2. @Giggitty Giggitty
      Common stupid man, you mean. Sometimes women are in grave danger of dying in childbirth – sometimes not even for a viable baby. Are your SO INCREDIBLY STUPID as to think that a woman would carry a child for eight or nine months and suddenly decide on a whim that she didn’t want it? Late term abortions are the most tragic of all. Almost all, if not all, women who get them are women who WANTED the child.

    3. @Giggitty Giggitty Before the beginning of this school year we were PROTECTING the children, by keeping them home and not making them go to school with un-masked children whose parents are un-vaccinated. And that was before the Delta Variant which is 20 times more contagious and more deadly to children.

      Another brain-dead Right Wing Propaganda victim, (Thanks to FOX there are fewer of them every day)

    4. @Pat Doyle Well stupid man the conversation was about the word infant. Not about abortion as a whole. I don’t care who wants an abortion and for whatever reason. Reading and comprehension seems to be the weak link, maybe that’s why democrats have issues comprehending different view points.

    5. @dale murray CDC: Delta variant causing increase in pediatric COVID-19 cases, not severity and deaths.

      So like I said it doesn’t affect kids the way it does adults. Only 1 out of every 100,000 kids gets hospitalized with Covid. So we shut school down forever? Good plan b1diot. This isn’t going away. Masks haven’t fixed it, vaccines haven’t, lockdowns haven’t. There will be variant after variant thanks to the unvaxed and vaxed as your still spreading it even if you are vaxed.

  3. That scenario that you portrayed did happen to the native Americans in Massachusetts just prior to the Pilgrim landing. That biological agent was smallpox. Villages and fields were left abandoned that the Europeans just walked in and took over. So what you said was not far fetched, but it is overlooked and unexpected.

    1. There are records of diseases intentionally being introduced to indigenous peoples in the 1800s in the west in order to allow the US army to come into their areas and take over the land. By then, the US knew exactly what it was doing.

  4. The Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental (747-8I) accommodates a maximum of 467 passengers in a three-class configuration. The first reported U.S. covid death occurred 94 weeks ago on Feb 6, 2020. So, with the covid death toll at 661,314, it’s akin to 1,416 Boeing max load crashes over these 94 weeks, or 15 jet plane crashes a week, which is a little over two crashes a day every day for the last 94 weeks.

  5. Start showing the hospital bills these anti-vaxxers have when they are released from the hospital. That might scare them into getting the vaccine.

    1. It is hard for us ordinary folk to imagine just how wealthy these folk are. The price of a month in ICU is just the cost of the next dinner party they plan.

    2. @Mary Hunter not the poorer one’s the GQP need to get them in office, those fools are the ones dying for another “lost cause”.

  6. Poor Joni Ernst, everything is so hard for her. Decision making is a skill that has to be learned. Part of that “education” is learning the word “consequences”. If money has always been your problem solver, that is what you learn. Maybe voters need to think hard before electing people from wealthy families.

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