1. “And when the twilight of that ride is finally upon us, we will look at the trail we have taken and at the signs of our passage. And though our tears will be many, we will know that great lives have been lived, and that our memories will forever bind us together.” -John Shors

    1. @Guts Many European countries still remember the Ottoman invasion, and the way they were treated by Muslims then. Poland lost a lot of its land to the Ottoman Empire, and ended up being divided among the victors. Learn a little history, and you won’t ask such stupid questions.

    2. @Guts Why were they mostly middle aged men? That don’t fight themselves and demand us to fight their battles and then somehow blame us for it?!
      And do nothing but complain and demand this and that when given food and get angry because they refuse to adapt to the culture of the host country.
      There is poverty in our countries too you know, we have also people to take care off and don’t have infinite social funds.
      Most ungrateful and disrespectful attitude…
      And then call you a racist every time there is a disagreement or behave really ‘unacceptable’ towards woman because they aren’t used to women who dress more freely.

      I’m sorry, i wish they behaved the same way as the Ukrainians but they don’t. Its just a big difference. Could be a culture thing, I don’t know.
      They don’t speak the language which is also problematic, other habits, totally clashing habits in terms of religion, even food… That just results in tensions.
      Its easy to say, respect eachother, love eachother and accept eachother… Sadly this is not unicorn world and reality is a bit more complicated than that.

      Not saying that every middle eastern refugee is like this but many are/were.
      BTW, there has been huge help for refugees in the EU. If it were really so bad, they wouldn’t come to us but to other countries they passed on their way here, where there is no war but strangely didn’t want to stay?

    1. @Guts more than a million came in 2015 alone so your opinion is kind of bullshit. Also the difference is ukraine is our backyard, ukranians will not travel half the world through multiple safe countries. And will go back when the war is over. Maybe ask yourself why certain migrants have become so unpopular.

    2. I see, volunteers are helping…. but so poor Poland Government does not care about Ukranian refuges and left them on the streets

    3. @Guts there is no more war in syria, therefore they are not refugees. Additionally, Ukrainians are very likely to go back home voluntarily after the war ends. Many others are not.

    1. I see, volunteers are helping…. but so poor Poland Government does not care about Ukranian refuges and left them on the streets

    2. @Idaho Corrupt Leave them on the streets? They are kicking out Polish students from university housing accomidation.

    3. @Idaho Corrupt ….are they just supposed to build houses in a matter of days? We are doing whatever we can. Offering hotels and letting our students out of their dorms even to make room. We are trying our best and thats more than the USA can say when it comes to a lot of matters..

    1. Ukraine is bigoted against men they can’t leave and are forced to fight while women are leaving. I thought women wanted equality?

    2. I see, volunteers are helping…. but so poor Poland Government does not care about Ukranian refuges and left them on the streets

    1. They want to financially ruin Poland. They already milked the nation and imposed ridiculous taxes (including large % tax for property you own) which will take a toll very soon

  2. Lots of ❤️ Stay safe everyone. GOD bless America.. god bless to all American. AMEN 🙏 .. deep condolences 💐 to Ukraine ppl

    1. @Mike Graham I am praying for common ppl. For everyone. And thinking about GOD. Sending my prayers…Nothing else my friend. .

    1. I see, volunteers are helping…. but so poor Poland Government does not care about Ukranian refuges and left them on the streets

    2. Not only Poles, other countries too but mostly Poles yes.
      They are awesome people. They get their priorities straight.

  3. Wonderful to see people showing compassion helping these refugees. Bless these wonderful people.

  4. Imagine being in the comfort of your own home and in the blink of an eye you’re at a refugee camp this is a tough life those people are living🤔

  5. I pray for the families who have left their livelihoods behind who are seeking refuge and it is encouraging the people are helping these refugees who are seeking refuge from war.

  6. About the woman who fainted. I know it’s around a 10 hour drive from Belgium to Berlin. If she made the trip to the Polish border in one go, constantly worrying about her child for what must be 15-16 hours or even more, it’s no surprise she fainted.

  7. My heart is full after seeing this. The outpouring of love from Poland and other countries is amazing and compassionate.

    1. @Luis Luis I’m surprised he didn’t do this while Trump was in office, they are hommies, Trump would have called him a genius, Trump loves Puttin, there would have been no aid sent to Ukraine let alone any encouragement from him, Trump hates NATO, his a Commi love for sure.

    2. @Van Basham inflation, gas prices, +2million immigrants coming thru mexican border, 80billion in equipment gifted to taliban and now ww3….BIDEN IS SOOO GREAT! moron

    3. @Van Basham 👈. You guys crack me up. 2017 President Trump told Putin that is he attacked the Ukraine then he would bomb Moscow. You guys are like little school girls and are so are up with TDS you just toss any lie out there I bet you slap when you fight 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  8. I want to show my gratitude towards all the volunteers, medics, contributors and everyone helping every which way. Thank you. 🙏🏼

  9. Proud to be Polish. We fought like hell to be on that map so we understand what it’s like.
    We knew exactly what Russia was planning way before he even did. My great grandmother who lived through world war and had to live through Russian taking over her village said “at one point Putin will that that Crimea” and a month after she passed he literally took it. We knew he was plotting more 🙁 we’ve unfortunately seen this type of cruelty before and history repeats itself. So we empathize with our friends. My mother and grandmother keep crying for Ukraine. I live in USA now and during lunch break I get calls from my mother on the phone crying about what is happening. The media in USA is still very filtered, but the horrible things shown on Polish news about Ukraine are just heart wrenching you can’t help but cry for these people.

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