Watch Convicted Trump Ally Fact-Checked On 12th MAGA Indictment

Trump ally Tom Barrack is awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to seven counts, including illegal foreign lobbying and making false statements to the FBI. Barrack is now the 12th Trump ally indicted. Rick Gates, who worked with Barrack on Trump’s Inaugural Committee and pled guilty to federal conspiracy charges in the Mueller probe, joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the bombshell indictment. Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti also joins. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Al Capone did not have as many associates arrested and indicted as Trump. And the investigation into Trump is ongoing.

    1. I have heard that Capone also had a low intelligence like Trump. Was surrounded by people that did whatever it took to get what they wanted. Now those behaviors are being identified as crimes. The way to stop this is to fix the loop hole in the Constitution that says we can not indict a President while he is serving. If not fixed someone else is going to cheat & break the law & become an illegitiment President like Trump.

    2. Tim Volk, There is nothing spineless about refraining from engaging with an obvious bot. You don’t even know who or what you are talking to and you are playing into the algorithm and generating payment for them every time you respond directly. But maybe you are actually part of the algorithm, so bye.

    3. @ Jeremy Backup I didn’t realize that trumps number of associates arrested and indicted head superseded Nixon’s! I thought Nixon still had the title and Trump and Reagan were close behind. Wow. Trumps crimes are just dumbfounding. He would’ve done much better not to run for president and not to be president. I don’t think he ran with the intention to win, or thought he was going to win the election in 2015, I think he just ran to get more recognition for his “brand”, And of course he loves to hold rallies and get lots of ego stroking.

  2. so Rick’s suggestion is…
    just let the criminality go…
    otherwise we will retaliate…
    this is why folks consider the GOP to now be a clown show…

    1. @AwesomeBlackDude what bill are your talking about Biden should pass for the epidemic? You can’t even get Republican states to advocate for mask wearing and getting the vaccine. We all know anything that Biden would try and pass for the epidemic wouldn’t pass the Republicans. We also know the Republicans would be the 1st ones crying and acting like snowflakes about it and saying it isn’t constitutional. So tell me what bills are you talking about that Biden should pass for the epidemic? Nothing will work on stopping or slowing down the epidemic when have half the country against doing anything to try and stop it. Crying Snowflake Republicans are the reason we are still in this epidemic

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    3. @Kevin Connor Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself. You will benefit from it more than I will

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    3. @IMA INVALIDPOTUS tell the feds I said “what’s poppin” 😂 so now you’re in Biden’s team? Putin this Moscow that you’re just pulling out all the stops. Hopefully something sticks right? 😂

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  3. LMAO.. Rick Gates, (convicted trump associate) fears that prosecution might become politically motivated..
    Does the chant “Lock Her Up” ring a bell?

    1. I would sooo love to hear people shouting “lock him up…lock him up” every time trump or gaetz appeared

    2. “Might” become politically motivated…Mr Gates, these other criminals and the GOP made it political.

  4. Did he just say “why didn’t Trump’s DOJ go after Trump’s friend while Trump was in charge”?!? These people are breathtakingly short of common sense

    1. This particular instance isn’t a case of lack of common sense, it’s a case of lack of MORAL FIBER! And, of course, Fox News is making a HUGE deal about the malfeasance of ONE Democratic donor!

  5. Hey Rick Gates – the reason that they didn’t go after Tom Barrack in 2019 is because the DOJ knew that Trump would have pardoned him instantly before 2020. So…get this…the crime is still relevant, Rick. You just don’t like it.

    1. You are an astute man, Barrack also got the Saudi’s to funnel millions of $$ into the Post Office Hotel for trump!! trump’s crimes involve so much territory and so many coconspirators, those on the Hill are especially dangerous to our country and our democracy they are busy trying to turn autocratic, with their stooge, cult leader, General Bonespurs, stealing the election in order to be like Putin in office forever!! Rick Gates is as guilty as all of trump’s “PATRIOTS,” are, no decent, honest person would tout trump’s name!!!

    2. @Kari F Yep. He knows what the Russians will do to him for flipping on Trump. As Trump says-he’s WEAK. A sisssy lala.

  6. Lock all of them up! Starting with you know who. Cant imagine why Gatez is still running wild.

    1. Yes, still a traitor!
      BTW – I love his “whataboutism” when he asks why these items were not investigated in 2019; – – – perhaps it has something to do with William Barr having been US Attorney General at the time!
      WTF, how stupid does he think folks are?

    2. @Borvo Barr was the attorney general for Trump not in the interest of the people just to be clear.

    3. Do u think Cohen has really changed r he just playing on the winning side. He is smarter than the GOP representatives in Congress. He can follow the path of consequences. I am curious how much he has made with all of the shows. Probably more than with Trump who probably did not pay him regularly. Still glad he does shows I like the GOP perspective telling truth. Sure is different than the liars.

    1. THIS. THANK YOU!!!
      Sad how far I had to scroll to see someone state the obvious truth. This wasn’t done in 2019 because the justice department was being run by corrupt and incompetent politically appointed figures. In the few good ones that were there weren’t allowed to do their jobs. So now the Biden administration’s justice department is having to play catch-up. So sick of these idiots thinking that we’re all too stupid to know what’s going on in asking “questions“ that everyone knows the answers to but they present the question as if it’s a big mystery.

    2. @Julie Jane Smith Precisely, who knows how many more people are waiting in the wings for this exact reason. It’s sad that these prosecutors couldn’t trust the DoJ to do the right thing under Bill Barr.

  7. So 45 days in jail didn’t change Rick Gates views. Interesting. Maybe he could use a few more and maybe prison this time.

  8. All those people he claims were foreign agents….they were registered. 45’s people were not registered as they were hiding what?

    1. @Gaslight Gazette Hillary was investigated by Republicans and the DOJ numerous times and they found no crimes. Republicans had control of all three branches of government the first two years of trump’s presidency and had trump appointments over the DOJ and FBI – and they did nothing – because there was nothing to do. Hilarious you clowns can’t let it go.

    2. @Trolling Them Softly Right. No crimes. Investigated by who again? If I murder someone and my brother does the investigation and finds no evidence, does that mean I am innocent? Or does that mean my brother prob didn’t do an investigation because he is my brother? He has an interest in me staying out of jail. Come on meow. You have been gaslit.

    3. @Gaslight Gazette
      If trump could’ve come up with ANYTHING against Mrs. Clinton, you KNOW he would’ve gotten his jolly’s by having HIS alphabet q-cops use illegal methods of torture on her before throwing her in the nastiest place he could find…IF…IF they could’ve found ANYTHING…but that didn’t happen because SHE didn’t say our Military were suckers and losers or stand by and do nothing while Putin put bounty’s on our soldier’s heads or make jokes about grabbing men by their genitals or, or, or times infinity til death.
      We only get 1 soul per person and he’s lost his plus you can’t fix stupid so he’s just royally phubarred. Maybe if he gets reincarnated he’ll be able to gain maggot status but maggots work harder than he ever did so probably not.

  9. I’m tired of them crying it’s a “witch hunt” if that were so they wouldn’t be found guilty. Many of them have been found guilty with hard evidence against them.

    1. @Matt Maxwell
      Marjorie Traitor Green is the wicked witch of the southeast. She’s also to be caught and burned at the voting booth.

    2. I hate the “witch hunt” analogy. Women were abused & killed behind that label & now a white privilged man is using it to his benefit. Disgusting but then Trump is disgusting.

    3. What I love about the witch hunt whine, is that after whining about it they then go and engage in one themselves! The supposed corruption in the case of Hunter is nowhere near as bad as what Trump did in appointing EVERY MEMBER OF HIS FAMILY to positions in the White House! No President has ever done that! Even JFK only appointed ONE family member

  10. Oh it was way more than Russia “collusion” – it was *Putin OWNING Trump & his entire RICO gang & the Republican party.*

    1. @Slip Knot You need to wake up my friend, Trump and his RICO band are in fact owned.
      It shocking to me the people that love that moron and come over to MSNBC & CNN to troll, like anything they could ever possibly say would make a difference, lol!!!

    2. @Mark Keller Yes, no doubt, but they also have the pee-pee tape, which is real & his decades of money-laundering. He got a huge smack-down at Helsinki! Remember when he came out to the podium with Putin and looked like a sad, beaten puppy. The moron is owned. But the entire republican party is owned, even Mitt Romney who has been so incredibly quite since the Sedition riot.

    3. @Rebecca Henderson … Biden is the one owned by many people, including China. Just wondering, how are those gas prices? Food prices? You like all those illegals being shipped all over the country on the taxpayers expense spreading covid everywhere? Your dementia ridden fool in the white house is doing so good isn’t he? You need to wake up sweetie.

  11. Do NOT fall for it. The “Christian” White Right have been getting away with this kind of thing for centuries now. Time for them to be held accountable.

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