Watch Deadline: White House Highlights: July 5th | MSNBC 1

Watch Deadline: White House Highlights: July 5th | MSNBC


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  1. Tell Zayn and Harry how a black woman’s dying wish was to be able to vote. To count. To matter. To be a citizen of somewhere, anywhere just to belong and know how it feels to belong.

    Tell that to those boys that preach kindness but will oppress without a second thought. We all have to do our share to help democracy stay alive, even if it costs you money. That applies to you too mainstream media!

    Shame on you Harry Styles!

  2. Don’t b surprised when after Britney’s trial, it gets found out that her dad has been spending her money even more than making her pay HIS legal fees. It’s pathetic

  3. Why is Rupert Murdock never held accountable for the huge contribution he has made to the dividing of America? What is his motivation? What does he gain from it?

    1. Rupert Murdock is a multi- billionaire…and has the same mentality as Donald Trump…because he’s another Trumper…Not sure, but I think they both were born in the same generation. Trump is 75 and Rupert is around 83!

  4. When I voulenteered signig folks up to vote returning citizins would not believe me they COULD vote

    1. Thank you for doing that service of education and outreach. Folks need to know their voices will be heard and they matter.

  5. Part of the problem, as a Latina of mixed heritage, is that on the Census, in choosing a race, we are given either to claim Caucasian or Other. We Latinos (and don’t get me started with this Latinx crap) aren’t even considered a race? So, of course there’s assimilation.

    1. How are they stopping you to vote? Voter suppression? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  6. Excellent work, help the helpless.
    Hopefully they understand what constitutes a crime, playing by the rules.

  7. everyone is equal…… yeah, we mostly believe that crap but the fact remains that this is indeed NOT the case!

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