WATCH: Doug Ford’s shifting position on vaccine passports | COVID-19 in Ontario

WATCH: Doug Ford's shifting position on vaccine passports | COVID-19 in Ontario 1


  1. He was told in NO uncertain terms, do it or you’ll answer to me! The question to ask is this one,who is Ford’s daddy?

    1. big money is Fords daddy when he’s out of office he already has a job lined up you know it we all know it and it will be with BIG money

  2. So it’s okay to have a “split society” as long as the federal government facilitates it? Gimme a break!

    1. +vivian papa….You will have a chance to do something about it on the upcoming Federal Election, and on next year’s Provincial one!…Trudeau~2021, Del Duca~2022!

  3. Throughout the “pandemic” Ford’s been blaming somebody else when really he just lacks integrity and a back bone required to support it.

  4. Vac pass will require you to get top up shots continuously every few months. This was always about the vac pass and never ending shots. Forced injections.

  5. Check News Point Poll ;
    Canadians against Passports; 84.6%
    Canadians for it ; 15.4%
    TOTAL VOTES 56,355

  6. They say listen to science
    Any science that doesn’t acknowledge natural immunity is obviously not in the right Mind to make any suggestions…

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