Watch Gaetz Go Full MAGA As Trump Dumps Congressman Facing Sex Crime Probe

Watch Gaetz Go Full MAGA As Trump Dumps Congressman Facing Sex Crime Probe 1


  1. It’s trumps way. “Don’t recall him, talked once or twice , don’t know him, never knew him and never liked him”. 🤣😂🤣😂

    1. All world leaders, politicians, celebrities, news anchors etc attend the cloning centers via REM driven cloning. Read the Donald Marshall Proboards/Donald Marshall Revolution website……the rabbit hole goes very deep. 🐇

    1. He may be hanging with Hunter wait there is a double standard in this country, S@%t bad dems near serve time for their crimes against the country.

    1. No need to worry. The rest of the rats (trumpites) will flee once Ag Merrick Garland closes in on Trump and his cohorts. I expect by the midterms justice will put a damper on any Republican ambitions, especially those aligned with him. The stench of Trump will be their doom politically.

    2. Including all you leftist lemmings and media shills where Trump live in your heads rent free…

  2. Car dealer: “And this is a mint condition 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1. A real beauty. Wanna try it out?”
    Gaetz: “Nah, I’ll pass. I only ride things born after 2005.”
    Car dealer: 😳😬

    1. @Joe Dementia Fingers learn how to read for accuracy in your news fool. FOX and the republicans have no policy platforms etc, so they/ you pander in hate. There was collusion pal, trump trying to her Biden jailed before the election. Wake up. You are a perfect example of why the USA is #32 worldwide in education. 🤮💙💙

    2. @Lisa Zabriskie I could NOT conclude Trump committed a crime! Robert Mueller! Sorry BOY but you got nothing on Russia COLLUSION evidence BOY!!

    1. @Kendrick Farrell you spelled BDS wrong….now back to your trailer before you’re smacked back there princess

    2. @Stephen Kershaw it crazy how delusional liberals are. You think you are on some type of moral high ground and superiority. Liberalism is truly a mental illness not to mention how stupid you have to be to fall for BS Democrat narratives like “Jim crow on steroids” Smh.

  3. Since Jan 6th, I am waiting to hear SOMEONE went to jail. I really hang on every story for that ultimate thrill.

    1. @Rusty Key exactly! These people are so brainwashed into thinking “orange man bad” that their entire democratic party is doing the exact same things and making them think its somehow okay, and they eat it. These type of people are so blinded that the current president is literally running this country into the ground and they somehow still think hes a great president lol

  4. Gaetz reminds me of a child with his hand in the cookie jar, sitting there, denying everything…whilst up to his elbow in cookies.

    1. Every good investigator will tell you that money and financial records snag even the “best” criminals. You think you are free and IRS Criminal Investigations Division gets ya by the ankle.

  5. Here is what keeps me going when I am having a bad day
    I remember that Trump lost the election and then everything began to be ok
    Thank you America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    I love you America ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    May Jesus Christ and God Almighty bless everyone that voted for
    Our 🇺🇸 president Joe Biden 🇺🇸

    1. Fortunately there were enough americans with a brain and sense of decency to get the job.The land we love will recover.

    1. Karma? The only Karma that should happen is the deserved Karma on Democrats for Rigging and Stealing an Election and using the FAKE MADE UP CHINA VIRUS to push their cheating by sending mail in ballots and letting illegals and dead people vote while also forging names.
      Yeah KARMA WOULD BE YHE DEMOCRAT PARTY GOING EXTINCT. I’ve never seen a group of people hate their Country so much.

  6. The hilarious part is they convinced themselves they’re smarter than they really are. I’m sure they thought they were ten steps ahead using what’s app and venmo. I can imagine them cracking up at themselves for labeling the payments “tuition”.

    1. @Jeremy Backup drag our country down? You mean like what your socialist puppet Biden is doing? Lmfao. You’re so blindly following Biden and his cronies it’s hilarious. Open your eyes. Lmfao.

    2. @D. Cannuscio Trump rang. Says you’re not really American with a name like that. He has a plane waiting to take you “home”.

      Gee. Tough love I guess.

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