1. Joe Walsh is right. We must NOT let Authoritarianism prevail this decade!

    What we must do is vote this fall to send a message.

    1. @Brian Morrison IDK about all that.
      One savvy statement does not a POTUS make. Yes, he would be better than Tr45h, or DeSantis, but that’s setting the bar low.
      He is not “center right”. I couldn’t list now, as it’s been a couple of years since I’ve checked up on him, but he has some extreme views himself.
      (“Pre-Tr45h” extreme)

  2. Poor Hungary. They don’t realize they got into a relationship with America’s “toxic ex”

    1. @Matthew Neddeau Both my statements are correct, and no i am not American. Im Danish, and my country did not attempt to mandate jabs, it was even the first country to lift all restrictions. But do elaborate which of my two statements are nonsense and on what grounds ?

    2. @Ogier The Dane yeah you’re not American. Not worth debating domestic policy with someone that does not even live in this country and has no perspective on actual citizens living here

  3. Is it weird to hold CPAC in Hungary? Not if you’re infatuated with authoritarian regimes like this current Republican Party.

    1. @brutally_honest It’s not a choice if all the press is basically in one hand. Orban has eliminated many critical outlets for his own advantage.

  4. It would be interesting to see what would happen to Carlson’s crazier opinions under an authoritarian regime…. But we have to hope it never comes to that.

    1. @Chris Davis Yeah, great idea. Let’s get rid of tree speech completely. Maybe a ‘Ministry of Truth’. Oh no, that did not play well.

    1. Those with decent morals… hope that does not include the USA after what you did to Afghanistan.
      And you clowns still insist on commenting on russia lol.

    2. @Fletcher Christian And there we are. The prime example of wanna be human beings that insist on moralizing, but refuse to ever take a look in a mirror.

  5. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 3/30 1953

    1. Yes. The USA has been tolerated for too long. The sheer gall that you think you get to even mention russia after Afghanistan is the hallmark of where you stand ethically and morally.

    2. I don’t even know the word to use for us humans…but leave it to Einstein’s quotes….

    3. Is your plan to saturate all of YouTube with this quote? You’ve already done it several hundred times today. Give it a rest, Dr. Cut and Paste, and use *your own* words. 🙄

    1. Your democracy doesn’t really like disagreements. Thus I don’t know why you keep calling it as one. Maybe to self dogmatized yourself?

    2. Seen from my spot in Europe, I would like you Americans to go out and vote at any cost, to oust as many MAGA politicians as possible ….. you have done it before and you can do it again. That will be your contribution to saving democracy!
      And we, in the EU, will deal with Orban. He was briefly saved by the war in Ukraine…..

  6. Being the “most watched” show doesn’t make it the most “loved” show. MANY Americans hate watch it.

    1. It means MANY people from his exclusive peers who would never allow and directly expel anyone who don’t share their skewed wold views. Like school girl gang, to be exact.

    2. James- Even if they hated Tuckers show people hate the Liberal press in greater numbers than any Conservative Journalist.

  7. The Clowns 🤡 are indeed taking over.
    What happened to the “respectable” party of “accountability”?

  8. How does this channel have almost 14 million subscribers, I’m not saying everything on Fox News is true, but none of this is 😂

  9. — The US Senate allocated $40 billion “to help Ukraine”

    — The US Senate has blocked the allocation of $ 48 billion to help small businesses and catering.

    1. @John Cahill I think you have no idea about politics or foreign affairs, but, wait!! Russia, China, Iran etc, we are going to improve our economy and if we succed then we help our allies, but don’t attack us, our allied or do bad things eh? Good job man!!!

  10. Until now the thought of living under a communist regime in the western world was unthinkable.
    Some seem to like the idea.
    Being told what to think, what you are allowed to watch and listen to, be afraid of change, and free thinking ideas.
    Hopefully this doesn’t become a reality.
    However we are well on our way to living under this form of government.

    1. @Jeffro S why would i try to flee fascism. I rather fight it where it is and vote (while I can). Maybe its a republican thing to do? Lets go to Hungary where its already there. …go to Hungary then?

  11. “And we believed in things, at least in foreign policy.”
    We were always Elitist and self-serving, and we pushed through baseless wars to line our pockets and appear as though we were “strong” on foreign policy.
    Folks, Reps have been shameful for decades.
    Trump just led them into deeper and darker waters – which you may have noticed required very little coaxing.

  12. “We live in very volatile times. And it is super necessary that all of us resist this move toward the militarization and establishment of a more and more authoritarian regime, not just in the United States but in Europe and elsewhere.”

    Roger Waters

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