Watch Joe Biden's full address to the nation after Electoral College reaffirms his victory 1

Watch Joe Biden’s full address to the nation after Electoral College reaffirms his victory


After the Electoral College affirmed his win, President-elect Joe Biden addressed the American people and slammed attempts by President Trump and Republicans to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

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    1. He has every right to talk. Do you think it’s only Americans who are happy to see the back of Trump? Think again!

    1. this man is such a lier…the poll workers abusing others were the democrat poll workers….this man is sick. God help America.

    2. @Prevailing Right why cant you admit defeat lol stop being sore losers. You guys lost let it go and move on. All those law suits are gonna get thrown out like the others.

    1. I think he’s holding in a bunch more but Biden has enough intelligence to present his feelings in a professional manner and not some spoiled baby brat way who always has to suck the life out of EVERYTHING.

    1. Hunter’s not in the cabinet… and we haven’t seen Jill’s tits! Something’s *wrong*! I’m not *used* to this!

  1. “leaders do not take power, the people grant power at their will for a time” We the people hold the power in this Democracy. The United States of America!

    1. @Martin Dread actually we did by 7 million votes over the opponent. Unlike when Trump was placed into office with 3 million less votes.

  2. He got the most votes in the history of the country because everyone couldn’t wait to get that clown Donald trump out of office.

    1. Or, your side cheated and you now live in a banana republic. But keep lying to yourself if it helps avoid reality that 80 million Americans did not vote for a dementia patient who did very little campaigning and who suffered numerous gaffes like, “we have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud operation” (A Fact he said that).

  3. The American People: 81 million YOUR FIRED
    The Supreme Court: WITH A STAMP ON IT TWICE.
    The Electoral College: OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED.

    1. @William 007 Joe Biden couldn’t fill a gymnasium with his rallies.. 81 mil voted for him? Hahah, you’re delusional

    2. @joe thomas Trump’s ridiculous behavior is why he lost. He took his 2016 victory and drove it straight off a cliff.

  4. This is how a caring, strong, compassionate, hard working and great man will govern our beautiful Country. Trump YOU ARE TRULY FIRED! I hope orange is your color

  5. 4:47 “It’s everyday Americans, infused with honor, character and decency, that is at the heart of this nation.” I see this everyday as a photographer in a hospital system. Everyday people stepping up to do the right thing.

    1. @Nightraven777 As of about a week ago, the count was 81.3 M. The Electoral College met today. So, “I feel good,” as the song goes, Happy day, with hard work thrown in, are coming.

  6. No relentless, disjointed bragging about himself? Actually addressing those who have died? ACTUAL empathy and understanding? Yes. Thank you.

    1. @UC2dz6BsPtUL6Hs4I_iMiZkw trump has 26 sexual allegations including one with a 13 year old at one time that he had too settle out of court.#ibeliveallwomentoo

    2. @Common Sense Patriot please get help and come back to your country. It’s ok if you don’t like leftist policy and prefer conservatism. We need people who disagree. But you really need to come back to reality and argue your perspective on the merits. The ad hominem attacks only dig your opponents heels in deeper. We need a set of facts to debate about. You can read the senate’s evaluation of Biden anytime you like. The minority & majority both investigated & both determined that some folks felt awkward, but neither said or came close to saying that Biden did anything wrong. Ok? You can read the reports yourself. So let’s move on now, let’s focus on the problems we need to solve rather than the people we hired to help us solve them. Ok? You can do it. You’ll be alright, honey.

    3. @Common Sense Patriot welcome to this edition of is this a troll, a bot, or a sadly misguided individual who has been fed lies and spouts them as truth because (s)he now lives in a fantasy world where they can no longer identify truth. Who wants to play?

    1. Thank you– we are bruised and traumatized a bit by our own people, but we will come back stronger than every before once we get this pandemic under control.

  7. Biden and the congress must pass laws to prevent this attack on the democratic will of the people again. Stop the crazy republican dictators.

  8. This brought tears to my eyes. I feel hope for the first time in a long time. Thank god we have this compassionate man coming into the presidency.

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