Watch live: Attorney General Merrick Garland on a ‘significant national security matter’ | USA TODAY


  1. All these years after 9/11, how can we call ourselves safe when we don’t know who is entering our country through our open border?

    1. Didn’t the Russian spy come on a boat right to Mar-a-lago?

      You feel the same about the white Canadians coming across the northern border?

      Just kidding. We all know who you’re upset about 😉

    1. @Not Sure I agree. Trump literally can barely read. Especially with a teleprompter. That’s exactly what I said above.

  2. BIDEN news

    “My legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round,” Biden told NowThis on Sunday.

  3. Did you clear this joe joe the clown ? He’s not gonna like you threatening his gravy train. Bad dog, Bad, Bad !!!!

  4. Wray has been sounding the alarm about this for years, I’m glad Garland finally decided to do something. I guess he ran out of parents to harass.

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