Watch live: Closing arguments in Johnny Depp, Amber Heard libel trial | USA TODAY

A jury is scheduled to hear closing arguments Friday in Johnny Depp’s high-profile libel lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Each side will have two hours to summarize their case in a trial that has stretched on for six weeks. With broadcast cameras in the courtroom, a celebrity trial that garnered intense interest from the outset has only gained momentum as fans have weighed in on social media and lined up overnight for a coveted courtroom seat.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million in Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court over a December 2018 op-ed she wrote in The Washington Post describing herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” His lawyers say he was defamed by the article even though it never mentioned his name.

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  1. She should of got her divorce and walked away. Why she kept this going??? I don’t know? Both of them should have to walk away but they’re attorney bills paid and that’s it They’re both not innocent

  2. Breaking… Jury finds Me guilty on 2 counts…
    1). Not liking either of these two.
    2). Two counts, not giving a 💩.
    Sentence… Normal life.

  3. Amber’s lawyer not helping her – her voice is way too strident! should have left all arguments to her male lawyer – who was very calm and rational, too bad.

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