Watch Mary Simon's first speech as Canada's 30th Governor General 1

Watch Mary Simon’s first speech as Canada’s 30th Governor General

Mary Simon speaks about the challenges that Canada faces during her first address as Governor General of Canada.

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    1. An experienced diplomat as governor general? Imagine choosing someone who’s actually qualified for the job.

  1. This is a really challenging job. You have to smile and make pleasantries with folks while flying around in a private jet for only millions.

    1. Is that what you took from this? Wow! Here is a remarkable woman who gave her life to service. She deserves everything she gets.

    2. @Tina B I never said anything bad about Simon. I insinuated this is a token and useless position which costs Canadians a lot of money. Simon may have been chosen because she’s truly remarkable, or more likely (given his history), Trudeau appointed her because it helps him to win some political pawns from the Indigenous community. Of course, we know what happened to the last prominent Indigenous hire under JT.

  2. 5 seconds in and shes already pushing the “stolen land” garbage. what a terrible choice for GG.

    1. @Carmen Neumann 5 generations of law abiding taxpayers in this country which is more than i can say for any Indian/liberal.

    2. @Pat Murray how far back do you want to go with countries being overtaken by others let’s take it back to when we walked out of africa

    3. @M Pinchi I have more indian in my blood than she does. Let that sink in. You cant steal something if it has no owner this is just fact, you live in a country with a 1.8 Trillion GDP and not a single dime of it was created by an Indian.

    1. Let’s see if you call yourself a nobody by the end of the week – because I’m Sure you’re a nobody!

  3. looks like the perfect pushover to not pursue constitutional issues, and to never dissolve parliament.

    1. @Marjory Overholt not that language is important to me I work in all kinds of work environment finishing 20 years in office work before bilingualism came out and we all made sure everyone was understood one way or another . I just researched Mary Simon and this is what I found, “But concerns have been raised about Simon’s ability to speak French. While she is fully fluent in English and Inuktitut”. She will be learning French.

    2. @E Charts So what is your point? Tearing her down before she has a chance to show what she can accomplish, serves what purpose?

    3. @Marjory Overholt what did I say to tear her down . I was curious as to what 3 languages she spoke as I knew they’re going to force her to learn French when translators are perfectly fine. Read my above response about what I think of this language issue that never ceases to come up. I think she’s an excellent choice and I also think the new Green Party leader is a political jewel .

  4. You are sitting in country took from you by the mighty British Empire so get over it. So now we have to put up with listening to that gibberish and French.

  5. This position should be abolished. It’s pointless and we should cut ties to our relationship with British monarchy and former imperialism or now imperialism

  6. I wish you all the very best, Governor General Mary Simon, “Bossy Little Old Lady.” Congratulations! Thank you for accepting this important and valuable role; it was created with you in mind. You impress as a very honest, sincere and genuine person. Yeah, Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada!

  7. Congratulations! Mrs. Governor General, Mary Simon! Let’s hope that you will do an amazing job representing Canada!

  8. Such a wonderful moment for Canada. I’m so happy and proud by this appointment. She is truly a remarkable woman!!

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