What are the duties of Canada’s governor general?

Since 1867, the governor general has represented the Crown in Canada, but what other tasks lay ahead for Mary Simon?

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    1. Let alone the pandering in Canada. Pandering, that’s the polite way of saying suck-holing.

  1. Her duties are to take attention away from burnt churches. Oh, and to make JT appear like a uniting trail blazer, even though appointing an underqualified person to political power based on ethnicity is its own form of pseudo racism.

  2. Fly everywhere on a private jet on taxpayers expense and occasionally shake hands and nod – that’s about sums up the job.

  3. Can’t be worse than the astronaut before. Ribbon cutting, tours, dinners, reciting a speech, smiling for photos, it’s not a difficult job…..

    1. Bravo, and I thought I was the only one in Canada recognizing the waste of this needless position.

  4. The duties?
    To make a F**k ton of money for nothing.. Sort of like Canadian Senators that sit for life with a generous salary and then retirement.
    Cushy jobs. I wish I was a Canadian Senator.

  5. Her job is what ever Trudeau tells her to do because when a 1st Nations gets the job they do as there told by the PM and that’s truth

    1. Wrong. Read Article 9 of the Constitution. The Queen is the real Boss. The PM must swear allegiance to the Queen.

  6. Congrats you hold the most pointless public position, now we get to here the indgins whine through the queens mouthpiece

  7. So, she speaks about the evils of colonization while wearing the colonizers’ clothes, driving in their limousines, flying in their planes and working directly for the queen! Yeah, no hypocrisy there!! LOL!

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