1. Corporate America’s response to McConnell’s warning: “Ooo I’m, like, sooo scared.”

    1. @Don Nwzad I don’t know what drugs Mitch is on. But it’s pretty safe to say cocaine isn’t one of them.

    2. @Kman8962 “SON!” You really need to grow up. You’re arrogance might make you FEEL smarter—it doesn’t make it so.
      “They aren’t okay with Trumpism.” True—they are not okay with a leader who is blatantly, openly screws us. They ARE okay with a leader who pretends to help us–and screws us. Are these the people that you boast are so socially conscious? What a joke. They are aware of what they see on the surface–they make zero effort to actually see what leaders are doing underneath. If that’s what you consider socially conscious, then you’re bar is pretty low. Democrats threw a fit when Trump wanted to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Did that bother these socially conscious people you brag about? Nah, they’re good. There is news story after news story about big corporations mistreating their employees, sometimes to the point of abuse. Did your “socially conscious” people boycott them? Nope. Only when they heard about voting laws did they react. Your socially conscious folks sit back and watch Netflix while we bomb the crap out of other countries, as content as a tick on a hound. A black man gets shot by the cops—and they are up in arms. So, again you give these people far too much credit. Their social conscience is limited to buzzwords and virtue signaling. If the cause doesn’t get them some shine, they could not care less.

    3. @Isaac Suarez Don’t have time to highlight all your post. Especially when I clarified I was talking from a business centric perspective. And you kept on with the propaganda regurgitation. At least that’s my opinion of what it is. Just a repeat of what you heard elsewhere. Plus you can’t objectively respond to half of what I said, business or political. You made a ton of assumptions regarding my political and philosophical beliefs. Keep in mind you responded to my original statement with the asinine statement of using my head. You seem comfortable with the status quo. A lot of people are. Theres nothing wrong with that but its unfortunate because things will change. Always does. And you’re scared shitless. Understandable but it won’t slow change. Business, political, or socially.
      You never had anything other than your propaganda or autorepeat.

    1. If I was a donor of his those would be fighting words! Still wouldn’t mind seeing him get slapped for it. The arrogance is astounding.

  2. If you want to keep politics out of business, I believe a discussion with your wife is in order.

    1. @wily wascal Here’s a real simple sanity check.
      Choose the president with the right words coming out of his mouth. You’ll notice that the entire thing is simply based on assuming that anything Trump says or anybody connected with Trump can’t possibly be telling the truth. Only a child would believe that.
      So, if you put on your big-boy pants and admit that you can’t trust any of them and start looking at your own party a bit you might see things differently.
      For example, at least Donald Trump most likely knows who George Thoroughgood is.
      I was a lifelong Default Democrat. I left shortly after Nancy Pelosi told me walls are immoral.
      Just how much of that garbage will you swallow before you realize it is those that complain so loudly that are telling the black lies.
      Trump tells no black lies, that I can guarantee you.

    2. @wily wascal And don’t forget to do a quick review of the history over the last 100 years.

      Commie takeovers – several examples with atrocities.

      The rise of authoritarian populist real-estate developers – none.

    3. @wily wascal I mean JFC man, you don’t even know who is actually running the country. Our own administration will only say it’s “a woman”.
      To get you to the point where you will accept such insanity, and do it with confidence, you had to be told some real whoppers don’t you think?

    4. @wily wascal Muslims, Jews, Trump supporters AKA Christians… What’s the common thread? They are all people that DO NOT look to the state and/or media for guidance on their moral compass.
      You take your moral compass from the media whether you realize it or not, otherwise you would not talk the way you are particularly if you know George Throroughgood quotes.
      Muslims in camps in China. Christians in camps in the USA. That’s the trajectory, pal.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this guy is just a life size wooden nutcracker? I mean seriously look at em

  4. You know he looks like the type of guy that would lead you into battling and leave you there for the slaughter

    1. Cocaine Mitch is All bark No Biting , he should’ve stood up for The Election Integrity instead he welcomed Beijing Biden & his “, Chinese ,” wife resigned !

    2. That’s is exactly what he’s been doing with the American people since he’s been in office really..

    3. You are close Journey.
      M.M. would not lead, he would place himself far back. When asked why he wasn’t leading he would say I had to tie my shoe, you guys go on without me.

  5. Mitch wants to be the happily married guy with the girlfriend and he wants his wife to be cool with that situation.

    1. thanks Jeff Zogger and CNN for helping Uncle Joe win the White House. I love paying higher taxes

  6. This man is one of many examples of why I believe in termed congressional service. A 12 year limit is more than generous.

    1. @sixpoint3 well trump ran on his prowess with the economy and failed miserably again. The sources are from govt reports. Not biased news channels.

    2. @D D The previous administration had one of the oldest elected presidents and it was made obvious age doesn’t equate to expertise…knowledge does. Expertise doesn’t start the moment you take office. You can come into office with said experience and use that time to make valuable change and pass on that knowledge to the next generation.

    3. @Cptlsthipi
      Typical Liberal.
      My argument is right and yours is not. I never talked about Trump only YYOU brought him up.
      And a g a i n , for those who didn’t get it the first time, LIKE YOU, all statistics or even (or especially) just quoting bits and pieces are subjective

    4. @sixpoint3 the stats I quoted are not subjective. Cold hard numbers. I’ll compare a liberals economy to a so called conservative any day. You lose. Yet again. Sad.

    1. @Andrew Warther ….and add your voice to condemning the behavior of various corporate identities that think they can bully a state because they don’t like something they did.

    2. @Joe V Na, the voter suppression measurements should be resisted by all means. Honestly this blowback the south is getting right now is lax.

      Corporate over reach is a very real problem, but im not going to yell at them for using that power to speak out against the neo-confederate scum in America.


    1. @Ben Earhart I presume you’re referring to “polls” on Faux news, right? If so, that’s the very minority view. Your losing streak will continue.

    2. Cocaine Mitch is All bark No Biting , he should’ve stood up for The Election Integrity instead he welcomed Beijing Biden & his “, Chinese ,” wife resigned !

    3. The fact that they have so much to donate means we are paying way too much for their products. It’s really our money they are donating. However we don’t get the tax break, they do.

    4. @Jay Abacromby and don’t forget, those “donations” are tax deductible (which doesn’t really matter since big corps rarely pay federal taxes anyway).

  7. They love the free market, until it goes against them.They rail against cancel culture, until it comes for them and then they are the victim.

    1. Corporations are afraid of the violence, burning and looting of you leftists. It’s the same kind of fascism that led to the rise of Nazi Germany.

    2. thanks Jeff Zogger and CNN for helping Uncle Joe win the White House. I love paying higher taxes

    1. thanks Jeff Zogger and CNN for helping Uncle Joe win the White House. I love paying higher taxes

    1. thanks Jeff Zogger and CNN for helping Uncle Joe win the White House. I love paying higher taxes

    2. @Richard Blumenidiot thanks for the money! Real hard living down in the virgin islands hasn’t gone down past 70°.I think I’ll spend it on a trip to Europe or maybe China

  8. Doesn’t sound like a warning to me….more like a threat. Is that a threat Mitch. Coke could squash Mitch very easily. Be very careful Mitch.

  9. Hahaha! The talking turtle supports businesses —-until they do something besides giving him a check.

  10. Hey Turtle Boy – Corporations are people, too. Remember? Now when those “people” disagree with him they need to shut up.

    1. thanks Jeff Zogger and CNN for helping Uncle Joe win the White House. I love paying higher taxes

  11. Erin your hair looks great in this segment, and the presentation is perfect, thank you to the CNN team!

  12. Thanks for sharing this – just trying to learn a little more on America + politics. Sending love from Ireland

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