1. They rather take the drugs for Cows and Horses then get Vaccinated?
    They’ll be drinking Bleach again!

    1. @Anacapri Tropics That woman killed her husband! On purpose. Derp. Talk about ‘not paying attention’. You got all your news from MSDNC didn’t you?

    2. @Who said that? hahaha. That is closer to the effective, proven protocol than what you will get from MSDNC or FDA. They want you to wait at home until you are too sick to be treated. Dr. Joseph Varon has a treatment protocol that saves lives. Why is there a cover up?

    1. what is the ‘right thing’? The Gov’t, WHO, NIH and FDA lie and change their lies every day. All we know for sure is hardly anyone gets sick, and of those that do hardly anyone dies.

    1. go find out what treatment the real experts are using, like Dr Joseph Varon, the Chief of Critical Care at UMMC Houston. He says he has adapted a treatment protocol that has given his Covid-19 patients a 95% chance of recovery. What is he using? Dewormer!!!!!!!!!! hahahah. you have been lied to.

    1. Liars are elected politicians who don’t care about people who work for a living. The are most of the Republicans and a couple democrats who actually represent the richest. Is there 1 in 20 people out there willing to go to Washington and peacefully stand up for voting rights and make the money trail that purchased our elected representatives. Make a difference through actions.

  2. Ivermectin, seriously? Forget the warning labels let natural selection sort it out! If you are ignorant enough not to take a vaccine but rely on an animal medication more power to you good luck in this life.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply y’all forgot it was a pandemic team put in place under Obama! You think Trump was over seeing the vaccine but telling his followers not to take the shot and not to wear their mask yeah right!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. I guess you don’t care about science. Remember Dr Joseph Varon? He is the Chief of Critical Care at UMMC Houston. He says he has adapted a treatment protocol that has given his Covid-19 patients a 95% chance of recovery. What do you think is the main ‘ingredient’ in his treatment protocol? Yup. You guess it! What you call ‘animal medication’. hahhahahahaha you have been duped.

    3. @Nonya Bizness you should ask yourself, what is the treatment protocol for the covid sick? Yup. You guessed it. It is being covered up by shills in FDA and MSDNC

    1. @Tom Sawyer so what are you trying to tell me that it’s not some sort of political game and the KKK is actually less racist than the Democrat party itself now πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ‘ that is good theory an that actually sounds pretty accurate.
      Republicans have never change their political stance.. equal rights for everybody and pull your own weight for a smaller government..
      The only problem is today without racism and race-baiting Democrats have no purpose and largely because it contradicts their entire political history..
      maybe you need to look up some of the stuff Joe Biden himself has said against blacks and his past bills against minorities even in the 90s..

    2. @Tom Sawyer look at the civil rights movement in the women’s rights movement in the 60s..
      Republicans unanimous for women’s and minority equal rights and Democrats unanimously against it….
      But demo dummies want you to think there was a switch…. No they just start putting minority liberal hacks in places of power influence to make you think they were less racist..but hey there was black slave owners too in the United States and they can’t be racist right πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ that is the definition of the Democratic party.. fake

  3. And here I thought it was due to people who appear to have ‘squeezed’ noses like Dan Patrick’s. Who knew.

  4. Well, don’t be surprised if people take comfort in his words about the numbers and go out reckless as a result.

    1. If he can. And steal a few more votes along the way. Laws and rules don’t mean much in Texas anymore. The big lie encourages the big steal. Will need 1 in 20 people from this state to come to Washington, peacefully protest to pass legislation, and preserve the American voting right. Make a difference . national vo

  5. Texas need to educate themselves befofe heading to the polls. That state has the worst politicians! Abbot, Patrick, Ted Cruz, and Cornyn 🀑

    1. Biden is trying to help with more education for our citizens. Think voting rights might be more important first.

  6. Richard Citizen Journalist on T e l e g r a m posts videos of these hospitals from local residents. Their videos tell a different story. Something isn’t adding up.

  7. This Ivermectin foolishness is IMHO a direct result of the level of education and health care generally present in the country.

    1. With a survival rate of 99.8 % I don’t believe the hype. There hasn’t been an isolated sample of the so called covid. So based on what did they develop a vaccine? This is nonsense.

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