Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC


  1. We’re going to just live with COVID-19 for foreseeable future while unvaccinated families die

  2. God, the Republicans are, honestly, like spoiled toddlers; “I want a cookie, now!” “I just offered you a cookie, Jeremy!. Do you want one?”. “No” (Five minutes later) “I want a cookie!” (crying).
    The problem is they’re “adults” and “governing” ..?!

    1. @Stuffstuffington Stuff You must mean tRump — the previous guy…moaning, complaining about losing the election, throwing temper tantrums when he couldn’t steal the election, wanting credit for things he doesn’t deserve after over 6 M deaths (and counting), etc. Biden got it out and saved hundreds of thousands of lives, while the “Marilago psychopathic toddler, man/child is still whining, complaining and lying consistently while he plummets deeper into his psychosis!

    2. Good description not only of the elected Republicans but the vast majority of their voters, particularly in red states.

    3. @Karen Hammonds Wow, that is one awesome Blue Anon conspiracy.

      Let me get this straight. You are blaming Trump for the 6 million death around the world due to the COVID virus from the Wuhan lab that Fauci was illegally funding via the NIH? All the while giving Biden all of the credit for the vaccine? Now that is some next level conspiracy theorizing right there. Well, done.

      Where do the lizard people fit into this conspiracy?

    4. @Karen Hammonds Karen, I think the MSDNC deleted my post that you replied to!

      How dare they! They have stolen my childhood! (in my best Greta voice)

  3. The Cuban government should be treated better than we treat the Chinese and Saudi Arabian governments for reasons obvious to those aware of Chinese and Saudi human rights violations

  4. If companies do make mask mandates, they better give their employees better security than they did last year. I hate how many service people were lift vulnerable to a violent and angry public

    1. You left out STUPID! “Rights and Freedoms, like what good is that if you’re DEAD!! The Ultimate Freedom!

  5. Again with the Senate Parliamentarian, what a cop out. The parliamentarian’s opinion is just that, an opinion. When Republicans didn’t get an opinion they liked they fired the parliamentarian. Dems just aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to win, they’re losers through and through.


  7. Hold up! What does the Parliamentarian have to do with ANYTHING? He/she has no power. It is merely a advisory position, there is no power to set boundaries or rulings. It HAS NO POWER. Don’t give it any.

  8. Trump could really shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, or anywhere else, and the Republican Party would find a way to say it wasn’t his fault.

  9. As usual, Eugene Robinson gets to the core of the issue. Not flashy, not blustery, just gets it done. The Tim Duncan of Talking Head Pols. Thanks for posting.

  10. 500 million doses going to poor countries! Awesome! Maga making the ultimate sacrifice for others! Well done!

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