Trump 2017 Inaugural Committee Chairman To Be Released On Bail Pending Trial 1

Trump 2017 Inaugural Committee Chairman To Be Released On Bail Pending Trial

NBC's Tom Winter reports as Tom Barrack, chairman of Trump's 2017 inaugural committee, is likely to be released on bail pending trial. He has been charged with acting as a secret foreign agent and lying to federal authorities.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump 2017 Inaugural Committee Chairman To Be Released On Bail Pending Trial


    1. Would be smarter than staying in this hellhole where we now prosecute based on political ties.

    2. @WellDone Baku You seem confused. Barrack is being prosecuted for crimes he committed, his political affiliation just happens to coincide with his criminality.

    1. @Censorship Is real let’s just say if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck

    2. @D B you do know the first comment still shows up, right? Anyway opinions are fine some are overrated but, we are all free to have them. Would the world be a better place without me?? Eeehh probably, who knows? Would the world be better without liberalism?? Probably. Liberalism does have some good qualities, but most of the good qualities are already being adopted by the conservative libertarian movement. Would the world be better off without leftists?? Most definitely!!! Would the world be a better place without alt right?? Of course it would be. The problem is most liberals go further left, while conservatives have been more centered until this last election. Only thing is it’s a new national populist movement that is taking over the Republican party. This party is not just conservatives because they’re also former liberals, and independents.

    3. These trump CO conspirators really thought trump was gonna be president forever Committing crimes right out in the open, not even trying to hide…

    4. @Eric Gatlin
      It can show up. It was unproductive so I changed it.

      It was mainly to help you self reflect on your suggesting self harm to another human as a general principle.

      My issue is with tribal ideology that manipulates fear into agression against “them” and there is always a them. Never a us as humans.

    1. @John Mcsorley to which country? thats the problem. you cant just assert something then cant even provide who he was a “foriegn agent” to…

    2. @Emily Toombs since you clearly have been following this please enlighten us a foriegn agent to which foriegn entity…

    3. @MrChris7582 well it’s not that new news now lol he was acting on behalf of the UAE while advising trump

    4. @John Mcsorley so why do they mention trump then. seems like trump has nothing to do with what this guy was doing

    5. @MrChris7582 the answer was in this video. Did you watch the entire video? Or a simple google search will bring you to the top latest news story with all the answers to your burning questions you can’t be bothered to answer for yourself. Normally people are not order to NOT make contact with anyone from a foreign country as part of a bail agreement unless said country and contact with is part of an ongoing case. He isn’t forbidden for instance to have contact with any representatives from the UK, because he is not being accused of collusion with the United Kingdom.

  1. How? I trusted the man. Me and my co-workers and everyone working under $10 wage trusted in Trump! MAGA! Jobs!

  2. What kind of range would a GPS monitoring device need to cover a road trip from LA to NYC? Seems like he should stay in whichever city where he is currently.

  3. Unless Barrack thinks his high-priced attorneys can get him out of this he will most likely flee. It will be interesting to see if they seize his stocks – as that is where the bulk of his wealth resides.

    1. @Brett Garretson This guy will walk too. I can’t wait till 2022 when the Republicans take over both the House and Senate. The impeachments won’t stop till McCarthy is president, if you catch my drift.

  4. Once he’s gone…….. He’s Gone!
    Unlimited Resources affords you that type of privilege.

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