Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 29th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 29th | MSNBC

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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: July 29th | MSNBC


  1. It’s astounding that McCarthy wants to now talk about and reference “facts”, but for the last four years he did nothing but ignore facts hypocrite

    1. @thegreen iguana Enjoy being unemployable. Helpful hint, avoid black bags when dumpster diving

    2. @thegreen iguana Go back to play in the Upside Down and let the grown ups talk, sweetie. You’re being silly again.

  2. At some point, you’ve got to just let it be. Ignoring the science doesn’t mean the science will return the favor. Besides, I hear ventilators are all the rage this season.

    1. 100% agree. There is only so much we can do. It’s still up to them. I gave up. I just block them.

    2. **remember all the morons who went to Trump rallies without masks,,, and ended up in the I.C.U.,,, OR THE MORGUE…..THEY COME INTO THE EMERGENCY ROOM AND ASK,, IF THEY CAN GET THE VACCINE!!!!!?DUH… TOO LATE!!!! MAYBE A LUNG TRANSPLANT IF YOU’RE LUCKY!!!!**

  3. Thanks for expressing so well that almost all of our kids are not eligible for vaccination as yet!! Children ARE the unvaccinated.

  4. No sympathy for Texas who keep voting for politicians who sweep them under the rug!

    1. @David Hale yes, a few of them had breakthrough infections. However, origin is unknown. Likely they got it from unvaccinated Republicans in Washington

    2. @David Hale why don’t you stop lying? Origin is unknown. Likely they got it in washington. Was a breakthrough infection as all Democrats who left Texas and went to Washington were previously fully vaccinated.

  5. I don’t listen to politics, I listen to Dr. Fauci. Wear your masks for your protection. As simple as that!

    1. Smart girl Clara. Go with the pros, especially Dr Fauchi who has a fifty year track record of helping Americans!

    2. @thegreen iguana … We wear masks for others, not for ourselves as much. So, it ends up being a selfish thing.

    3. There’s a LOT to be said for experience.
      Fauci’s been in the game since he graduated Cornell Medical school 1966.
      One of the foremost expert’s on virology the world. Same for Biden, 47 year’s in politics,. the man knows what he’s doing. These fascist- in-training fools who can barely write their names trying to tell me the “right” thing to do.

    1. Also, everyone at their propaganda outlet FoxNews has been vaccinated. They’re all cynically playing politics with the lives of their gullible base.

    1. @B G *_On behalf of Barack Obama, George Soros, and all the deep state liberals who stole this election for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Beelzebub, I am authorized to inform all you butthurt MAGA crybabies that next we are coming to steal your household pets, appliances, possum rifles and pickup trucks. After that we will be stealing your cha-cha heels, wigs and zaftig foundation garments. Thank you for your cooperation._*

    2. @B G The Democrats are on an exceptional losing streak. In only two years, they managed to lose the House, the Senate and the White House.

    3. @Rich Sackett you mean losing 20 seats in the house in 2020? a tied Senate and a geriatric faliure who can’t speak without the trusty teleprompter, your right winning lol, just wait til 2022 you will see real winning , brainwashed liberal

  6. Unless, he’s experiencing cognitive decline, McCarthy should feel thoroughly embarrassed!!

  7. Americans should be able to look to their leadership for examples of how they are “supposed” to behave. That includes wearing face masks and getting Covid vaccinations. Just as we “expect” prudent and proper behavior regarding handling money, sexual affairs, and general honesty, we expect “leaders” to show the way into new territory such as response to a new illness. McCarthy has failed America.

    1. Republicans aren’t about leading people into the future.

      They can’t, as they’re always looking to return to the past.

  8. (spoiler: it’s kevin mccarthy. kevin mccarthy is the one who’s coming from a covid-19 hot spot. kern county, california)

  9. Props to those who are marching . The tide will turn if we continue to work for truth , democracy and the American way .

    1. well yes but it is better than I ever thought he would do…give a little credit…probabvly the only time I would say that about Mitch….compared to R paul……for instance.

  10. This is Stop the Madness, Djt is getting measured for a Orange Jump Suit, to go to prison and you want him as your “Poster Child”.
    Djt is an Embarrassment in the USA and the world.
    He will never Govern Over Any Political Body Again in the USA.

  11. Believe me when I say that I am no fan of McConnell. However he had polio as a child, and he knows firsthand what can happen to someone who is unvaccinated. Listen to him.

  12. Every time McCarthy talks, not only does he remind us of how uneducated he is, but he also reminds us of how little power he has. If he had any power he would be “doing” instead of “complaining.”

  13. We must pray that 45s endorsed candidate in Ohio losses as well, this will make him a pariah rather than a kingmaker and drive him crazy.

  14. Hurry up with the Criminal Investigation of the Insurrection, and the Biden Administration will clear many GOP seats

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