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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: September 7 | MSNBC


    1. @G Hill It’s a bad law, and the best gift after the Afghanistan debacle that the Biden administration could ask for. It’ll cost the republicans a lot. But that being said, MSNBC and the rest of the media won’t help by going all hysterical about it. Calm, rational discussion and alternatives to the law is their best option.

    2. @Gordon Lynn patriarchal religions rarely are. But both were started at a time when women were considered inferior. Of the two of them I don’t know which had evolved more.

    1. Empathetic Joe Biden abandons Americans in Afghanistan.. Ignores southern border crisis.. Both crisis’ he created.. What a POS.!!!! Disgrace…!!!

  1. The studies are showing the 2 vaccines do well against the Variant. Now There are reports of a mutation, they’re calling it the Mu-Variant.

    1. @I’M SAF Israel highest percentage of people vaxxed. It’s not working. A French Nobel prize winner says the vaxx is actually causing the v to become stronger and creating antibody dependency. Cant say his name or AI will delete.

    2. @Drought Tolerant All kinds of vaccines require boosters. It is a very common practice for a variety of immunizations. Thanks for making it obvious how little you know about the topic.

      One French nobel prize winner (whose prize isn’t in virology or epidemiology) is meaningless when you ignore all the other scientists.

      Because viral loads are smaller in the vaccinated we can say for certain that more mutations are taking place in the bodies of unvaccinated rather than vaccinated people.

      Also, you don’t know how to spell “fourth” but you think you know more than the experts? Please.

    3. @Drought Tolerant Good question, the answer is that because the longer it is out there infecting people, and the more people that get it, the more opportunity there is for it to mutate again and again. Getting a vaccine is like arming your immune system with a shotgun and waiting for the virus to try to bust down the door. As soon as it does, your body fills it full of lead and kills it before it has a chance to mutate.

    4. @Matthew Currey you are such a sucker, that is not how it works. Remember when they over used antibiotics and bacteria became resistant? The vaxx is causing the varients. Nobel winner French scientist has published his assessment but you are not allowed to read it.

    5. @Dupre of Trinsic Fauci lied about aids in the blood supply did you FORGET or are you not old enough to REMEMBER? And the band Played on movie is a good rememder of the fraudFauci. .

    1. @The Son Man this one doesn’t quite apply because my lack of birth doesn’t effect you. You’re lack a vaccination will effect others people.

    2. @Dan Archer except that it isn’t. if one person in the room gets an abortion, it doesn’t cause everyone else in the room to get an abortion.

      if one person in the room doesn’t get a vaccination, it puts everyone at risk of carrying it to someone else.

    3. It is not your body my choice, it is your body anybodies choice, anybody that needs 10 large, wants to blackmail a girlfriend, wants to torture a young girl, just anybody can make a choice except for the person that is in trouble. I ‘m not sure the Telaban could figure out how to be more cruel than Texas. I suggest castrations for people who create draconian laws .

    4. Empathetic Joe Biden abandons Americans in Afghanistan.. Ignores southern border crisis.. Both crisis’ he created.. What a POS.!!!! Disgrace…

  2. I love social media checking these low-lifes‼️ You say or do some trifling stuff in public then you immediately pay the price. I LOVE IT‼️👍🏽

  3. Anne Ms Applebaum is a God sent. She is 1000% correct. Depending on your political beliefs and who you vote for makes you a target. This world was never like the way it is now before social media became giants. We would have opinions and then move on to ” your team sucks” if you cheered for the other team. What’s next ” I’m a racist cause I’m a yankee fan”. This madness needs to stop.

  4. Ever since they came out about their relationship I’ve been having a hard time enjoying Morning Joe like I used to without anything even happening ‘that day’ in the news. Mica & her Entourage could be MSNBC’s answer to Vice & Last Week Tonight on HBOmax. We need another Rachel Maddow & Mica is THE Lilly Ledbetter Act – voice of America. I want to see her in new, donated, designer clothes; explaining how Russian bubbley Wine is claiming EXCLUSIVE access to the term Champagne, while forcing actual champagne manufacturers from Champagne France to rename champagne sparkling wine. This is a news story that we could all have a great laugh about while boycotting everything Russian, ever, forever. We can revisit the issue when Putin is in prison or the morgue. Love love love love love. I hope that you will listen to someone who capable of abstract thought, unlike the notoriously non-creative TV execs of news channels, some offense implied

  5. We (USA) are officially the least intelligent people on earth and the entire world laughs at us except for YOUR viewers. Sorry. That’s just true and embarrassing 🥲

  6. How is this doctor so sure it will be rwo months “at the most.” Look at the UK where the Delta hit earlier– are they in decline? Nope, it’s rising again. QUIT TRYING TO PREDICT COVID. Accept that it’s not that predictable!

  7. The Pilgrim fathers were purentarians , they left England because they didn’t agree with the laws the government under Elizabeth I as they did not want to live under church of england rule .

  8. I noticed that you included every topic from your point of view. Frankly, we are disgusted with your Earthly caretaking, ever owned by the Almighty Dollar, ever condoning the status quo. You’re blowing a concern that you first exaggerate, then step to protect all the victims. Practice your words before you slaughter grammar, decency and communication, in general. Shy folks don’t speak and do not prepared to speak succinctly. That leaves plenty of air for folks that want to stand out. There’s a price, time and research. Don’t step on your tongue when you try to stand out OR you will be affected negatively by your own lack of preparation, not fear of fear!

  9. Seeing a liberal media outlet addressing cancel culture gives me hope that everyone is starting to realize how stupid it is

  10. Yet MS schools won’t close especially in the capital city where it’s ravaging through especially high schools. Bless those children and that state. Their government Reeves is a complete durfwad

  11. “The members of Congress know that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don’t call the, that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country. It’s just across the board.” Dementia Joe Biden (9/7/21)

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