Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: April 8 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: April 8 | MSNBC


African Americans make up a disproportionate share of Chicago's coronavirus deaths. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot joins Rachel Maddow to discuss.

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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: April 9 | MSNBC


  1. Stay at home for a while.
    Wear a mask when you go out.
    Wash your hands frequently.
    Practice physical distancing.
    We will protect each other now.
    This way We can save many lives and help our healthcare infrastructure get the time they need to acquire more resources.

    1. Cliff Medina There is no cure. The patients may have experienced a shortening of symptoms. This is anecdotal data~not scientific data.

    2. @Dania Katrina Pretty obvious where this is headed. Trump is going to use his miracle elixir and medicine show to get the lock down lifted prematurely. He’s going to declare victory. Cases probably WILL level off over the summer, only to explode when flu season arrives in November. After the election.

    3. @Dania Katrina It would be interesting to see what this does for patients on ventilators. (Something like, what, 80% of them don’t make it?) My guess is that if Trump’s miracle elixir helps at all, it is in a small way, under special circumstances.

  2. STAY AT HOME REGARDLESS!!!! Politicians, specifically Republicans, are signing death warrants for American citizens!!! DO NOT ALLOW IT!!!!!

    1. @Ushould Knowbetter Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion…Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you are abusing the privilege..Oh one more thnig.. Life’s good, you should get one…

    2. @Ushould Knowbetter The more that learn to read, the less learn how to make a living. That’s one thing about a little education. It spoils you for actual work. The more you know the more you think somebody owes you a living.
      I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you

    3. @Peter B. Please don’t misrepresent studies you do not understand. If the antibodies are engineered correctly, a non-trivial process, a cytokine storm may be avoided. In fact, this was precisely how the SARS vaccine was produced. This line of research is well established and is being actively pursued in the US and the UK. Britain’s national blood service has begun screening blood from patients to find plasma rich in antibodies to use in those trials. Moreover, a California scientist (Dr. Jacob Glanville of Distributed Bio) and his team recently announced they had completed the engineering and had some very potent antibodies that can be effective against the virus. These antibodies were harvested from patients who had been infected by Covid-19 and other SARS viruses. During the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, Dr. Fauci was asked about Dr. Jacob Glanville’s work with antibodies, and said he supports the concept of monoclonal antibodies. Dr. Fauci correctly observed that the science is well established.

    4. @Bryce Brogan Hey there, Bryce! Thank you so much for all that great information!!! I really appreciate you posting it! Hugs Be safe & Be well!!!

  3. Mass murder by assured incompetence. Crush the Covid Profiteering Republican Party 2020! Stop the Madness

    1. @Bubbascuba Not only did Wall St lose fortunes, seniors , working peoples 401 k, savings institutions. The Republicans had access to Intelligence reports warning of the pandemic. What did they do to support their oaths of office? Nothing. Instead first there were stock trades, investments were made, stockpiles went missing, misinformation and denials were broadcast in a circus atmosphere, the scientist were ignored, attacked or discredited, food stamps cut. Really? Crush the Republican Party 2020!

    2. Wow you’re so ill informed it’s ridiculous. Then again if you’re getting your news from Rachel Maddow, it makes sense.

    3. Mass murder by assured incompetence. Crush the Covid Profiteering Republican Party 2020! Stop the degenerates

  4. one person dying every 45 seconds- and those are just the confirmed cases. yet today, our neanderthal ‘president’ decided to cut federal funding for drive-through testing.

    he doesn’t care how many people die, all he cares about is keeping the numbers low because it helps his campaign. fewer tests = fewer confirmed cases.

    1. Conald Trump is willingly throwing older folks under the bus, those that are hit hardest by the virus, ages 60 to 90. Is he glad he can finally cut their social security payments off? Real geniuses don’t get impeached !

  5. This is infuriating!!! There is no excuse for this country to be in this condition!!! Trump and any governor who isn’t issuing a stay at home order should be charged with murder!

    1. 97 percent of the country is under a stay at home order. Just saying. Social distancing is working.

  6. No matter what your governor might say, stay at home and practice social distancing voluntarily if you can. For yourself and for others. Take your health into your own hands, since leadership seems to be lacking in places.

    1. Expose FakeNews Your name really nailed your comment, fake news. I can’t believe you even have to through out this conspiracy theory despite CDC and WHO indicate this is a mutated virus.

    2. Kate100294764 So everyone just suppose to ditch CDC reports and all scientistic research and believe a made up video with lack of evidences? Because stories told by others aren’t consider evidences.

    1. @Douglas Lowe as a fact they have 2 cures for the virus one is the malaria drug the other is a year awayor two i saw it on frontline fact check your self. It was on the news on pbs

    1. @Thomas Gormly Please elaborate how ‘ your family & you ‘ have more rights than ‘ Me ‘ a American citizen… go ahead and dumb yourself down kiddo!

    2. @Valley Girl have you heard of these people called Native Americans? You know the ones born on our soil long before idoit families claimed rights to the land just to cast out others as illegals or immigrants. My ancestors arise from the Sioux Indians. We were citizens of America before it was cool to do so. Who sounds like an idoit dumbing himself down? That would be you.

    3. @Valley Girl Even if he was what would that have to do with the situation. I worked compliance for 3.5 years and non union shops even those with no illegal employees had multiple issues that were never fixed. Whenever you see OSHA fines of over a 100K you know that there were issues management ignored. In the millions that decision to risk employee lives was proven.

    4. whats funny is the fact that you people are so stupid that you need someone to tel you that. The very reason democrats exist are to tell the uneducated masses what to do. yet they consider themselves enlightened.

    1. @Mr. Greatness It’s not fine with that thinking. Americans are such a fool because of that “American Boris” in the WH. This virus is very very contagious and they can stay in the air for a long time as long as previously there were a patients spoke or caughed there. Its like the micro mines distributed throughou the air. How long it took for 50K Americans get killed in Vietnam? And think this virus is anticipate to take more than a 50K American life’s a month from now. That’s why I think the devil in WH should be killed asap, he is obviously wishing more dems voters die in order to allow him to be reelected.

    2. JOHN VAN DEN BROEK… That is exactly the government mentioned from day one to people to stay at home to avoid these pandemics to escalate…our government is preoccupied with the national economy. What happens is we don’t produce??? For months and months? We will be ending in the bad shade. The United States is rich because we work, we produce we build constantly is not going to be the same if we stop that. It got to be some ideas that will help people to back to work without being in the danger position to be exposed to that COVID-19 virus…we can create new ideas, ideas that will help bring back our economic stability. We’re praying that we soon can find the cure for that mess.

    3. @AMIEL LEVY. Big stories without producing is like Trump. Creates destruction more than build. A family man who cannot put the family seniors safety in priority, or who failed to put the family member health in priority. Its no different from a scum, who keeps divorcing and marrying whole his life. Even if Trump & his family members to get burnt alive to death now, it won’t put off the angers for whom have lost their family members during this pandemic. How Asian countries have done the it better than Europian are solely because of Europe countries mistrusted their head country chief today. Trump cons whole his life, he is just a MLM money game tycoon instead of a property tycoon if you ran through enuf research on his background and chk with many VIP’s stories about him. Its the biggest tragedy on earth history have this low animal becomes the US president, Dr Fauci had intentionally downplayed the US decease number since the very beginning as he knows the scum he faced in the WH. FYI 200,000 was just a number implicitly disclosed by him if you attempt to playback all his interviews on this pandemic repeatedly, Dr Fauci purposely gave an optimist number as he wish to reduce the mess to his might too. Those Dems state deaths are still consider good now as they be provided with coffins and simple ceremonies. The trailling death tsunami is yet to hit US in a couple of weeks. Trump is the reborn of Demon via human body, everything he touches will dies. He will lead America like the “histories” he made for his life. Take good cares ..

  7. The chart of infection rate via timeline clearly demonstrates how great America has been made again. Tired of winning yet?

    1. @Bill Fauber 1)Trump did not CHOOSE this Pandemic nor did he Create the Virus that is the cause. That would be the new Darling of the Democrats.. CHINA.
      Trump has a world class team and is doing the best he can. Leftist Corruption, Hoarding, and Lazy
      Unprepaired Leftist Governors are the cause of this chaos. Cuomo had a chance to buy 17k ventilators. He bought Solar Panels instead. That scenario or similar is echoed by EVERY Blue state. Disgraceful.
      2)Trump declared the ‘First in the World’ incoming travel ban from China.. one day after WHO declared an HEIC. Leftists called him a Racist and a Fear Mongering Xenophobe. And your man Biden declared he would never close the border no matter the circumstance. Even war.
      3)ALL people coming from China at that time were
      quarantined by the Feds.
      Leftists called it an Unconstitutional and Racist
      Policy. Morally corrupt.
      4)The Entire World is blaming WHO. Not just Trump.
      5)You Leftist Animals have Slaughtered, Dismembered, and Sold the Severed Body Parts of your OWN Children by CHOICE.. in the Democrat Perpetuated, Ongoing GENOCIDE of 65+Million American Babies. More DEATH than Hitler and Stalin combined.
      6)So.. we’ve established you’re either:
      a Weak Minded, Easily Manipulated, LYING Leftist Ignoramus..
      An Evil, Morally Corrupt, Baby Slaughtering, Death Worshiping, Haughty, Leftist Monster.
      Most Likely A LOT of BOTH.

    2. @meh757 Joe Biden can’t even put a coherent sentance together. And his boss Obama never even ACKOWLEDGED H1N1 until 5 Thousand Americans died. And the LEAST he could have done was replenished the stockpile. I can name a dozen ways Obummer dropped the ball, but I don’t hav the time of day to go through the whole list.

  8. The Republicans made Wisconsin people go to the polls because they know if there is vote by mail the Republicans will loses big time . All this shows is Republicans care more about staying in power than people’s lives .There is no way to deny it

    1. @Patricia Ray lmfao moron have you even seen the polls. Sleepy creepy dont know where what when or why thats all u have alot of dems have left because of people like you

    2. @Patricia Ray you so ignorant on your beliefs you need to go and fact check what the dems stood for before slavery til now and fact check what good trump has done r just sit in your pathetic safe space and watch cnn msnbc and other fake news


    1. Facts First ,It should be one vote one person one president. Not who attracts who is from where! Of course you have it must be Republican because you like the system.

    2. max vauderk , thank you my dear troll friend. Throw out the Hillary ,card throughout the Obama card! What’s next abortion card!Three talking points that are set by Russian trolls

    1. He’d make them compete with enemy countries to buy bullets on eBay and call it free market efficiency.

    2. @Gray Shus They would have to purchase Trump brand bullets made in some old Russian factory with special Trump War Bonds, (which, btw, would never be repaid). The bullets would never actually be delivered, and the Trump Bullet lawsuits would be held up in the courts for years, delaying the war until everyone involved had forgotten what the dispute was about anyway. Trump would then stop declaring victory and blame Obama for no one wanting to give him a Nobel Peace Prize. When future historians attempt to describe this episode in their history books, their heads mysteriously explode. Thus, only oral legends of those days will be passed down. That’s ok, though, since by then the average American won’t be able to read anyhow.

  10. Having some states lock down and some states not locked down is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.

    1. Annie Warbux I’m exhausted with idiots like this 2Bean We must remember his ancestors were smart and healthy enough to survive the other big pandemic in 1918. They must be so disappointed with him/her/whatever it is.

    2. What about countries in Europe??? Should one suffer for the others negligence? No. And neither should Ohio suffer because OUR Governor acted superior to New York’s Cuomo and Di Blasio. . Keep NYC shut down. Open Ohio. And no state border crossing from N.Y. to sight see in Ohio.

    1. @joe ward Good luck . It beats listening to the Clown.

      But with Trump, it’s a fact. He doesn’t even seem to understand what a joke is – his idea of a joke is a crass comment, an illiterate insult, a casual act of cruelty.

      Trump is a troll. And like all trolls, he is never funny and he never laughs; he only crows or jeers.

  11. i can tell …. rachel maddow is just trying really hard to hold back the tears…. its so sad watching her trying to keep a straight face through all of this mess

    1. Rhona Page none of us to be honest. Pretty sad I’m from Australia complete lockdown we are saferrrrr for now, but it is still hard. Thanks to some Organisations cover up :(.hope it all get better for you there.

    2. catmani2 wake up! Since early January the American experts have received clear and transparent information regarding to this virus. WHO is just the scapegoat, Trump WH is the culprit !

    3. @Joe YF haha Trump wanted to shut down NYC and go into quarantine and the Cuomo refused. Only when the deaths and infections started creeping did he accept to.

      Trump stopped flights form Wuhan on Jan31st, a month and a half before WHO declared a pandemic. USA got hit so hard cos they believed China’s official numbers which downplayed the virus’ severity

  12. When this is finally down to a dull roar, we need to have a Nuremberg style trial for those state and federal officials who deliberately roadblocked efforts to get a handle on the virus.

    1. Cleon P. No test, but I’m alive to clean with lemon juice and vote! I may even vote for 4 more years of Trump so Repubs can keep killing their own grandma and grandma and daughter until they finally stop saying “B—b—b-but Obama”…

    2. @A R not that Trump really needs your vote, he’s got plenty enough support to win by a landslide, but at least if you vote for him you won’t feel like your vote was totally worthless which is exactly what it would be with a vote for anyone yet! Besides, it oughta tell you something about how desperate the Dems have become when you consider the fact that Biden is the best they can come up with as a candidate. Seriously, most folks are pretty good at multitasking, but joe obviously has a huge problem trying to remember what he’s talking about AND construct sentences to express his thoughts at the same time. I actually feel bad for him already, but even though I’m sure Trump would be more compassionate towards him than the people who would allow him to be put in a situation like that, I would be a little painful to watch biden up there across from Trump, completely confused about where he’s at and why? Can you imagine how that would go?

      Anyway, just thought I’d share that with you … Carry On …

  13. Now that red states are being hit by this “Democratic hoax”, I wonder if those clowns (not all of them are Trump boot-polishers) will still vote for the Orange Tornado… Its hard to feel sorry for Trump voters. Everyone knew Drumph was a lying turd when they voted for him.

    1. @Kate100294764 – There’s no evidence at all that Joe Biden has taken a billion dollars from China. Just like Trump, you are a liar.

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