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  1. Politics in America will never be fixed whilst politicians earn most of their money from insider stock trading and huge corporate “donations”.

    1. It’s going to be real tough getting rid of Citizens United, especially with the present supreme court.

    2. The politicians get huge amounts of money from insider trading and dark money. Not all of them Rs only most.
      Everyone does it is NOT a valid defense.

    3. Campaign Finance Reform is desperately needed. Decent people usually don’t want to spend their days begging for money and pandering to donors. We’d get better candidates, to start with.

  2. Joyce Vance is such an intelligent and credible person. Thank you Arie for having her on your show.

  3. When are they going to go after the “Cabinet Members” who was referred to the DOJ via their respective agencies? The first one that should be investigated is Elane Chow.

    1. I believe there will be no investigation for a criminal probe of Trump or even his Tax returns (even though they are looked at by the Trump Justice Department goons) if Trump goons (some maybe Democrats) are still in this Trump Justice Department that goes back to the Capitol building riot to overthrow the USA government. I even believe there are listening devices placed in the Trump Justice Department Right now so Trump & his children know Everything what is going on (so to make a safe exit out of the USA for good if they are going to be charged with a crime, etc.). Trump & most of his children should have been in USA jail a long time ago instead of playing on the playground with the other USA billionaires from the Trump private IRS.

  4. What’s happening in Florida is a re-run of what happened nationally under Trump. It’s Desantis’ denialism, ignorance, and supreme stubbornness against medical advice. He’s abdicated his responsibilities as an elected official, just as Trump did. This seems to be what 40% of America wants. Putin is peeing his pants with glee at this latest development.

    1. @Chad Simmons I still don’t believe you, because there are too many people who come on here and lie about vaccines and masks. You all want to be believable then they should NOT go around telling lies all the time.

    2. @Sandi Harris and guess why, because the idiots refuse to be vaccinated, it doesn’t matter who goes back and forth that is just how it is. Sure they are understaffed because medical people quit because idiots WON’T GET VACCINATED, they are fed up with the idiots.

    3. @Sandi Harris ivermectin has to be prescribed according to your weight. because Ivermectin doesn’t work. The delta variant and RSV are going hand in hand, there are no confusing numbers, you seem to miss the point too. just because you recover does not mean you are out of the woods, children and adults who recover can have life long health issues, in children it would be respirtory issues.

    4. @Sandi Harris
      The data says you are WRONG! They are the states with the highest rates of new cases and deaths, And with nearly 20% of NEW patients being kids, they are not allowing even MASK mandates in schools! And Austin is possibly the most SANE part of the state (present company excepted) so I imagine vaccination rates there are pretty good – thus the sane people protecting your selfish behind.

      This is VERY simple – get a large majority (preferably all) vaccinated, wear masks for a little while, avoid large public gatherings, and we can pretty much stomp this out.

      And calling a gym “as safe as can be” is a joke. There are worse options, but a place where sweaty people are breathing heavily in an enclosed space is not safe. Let’s give you and example – say you wanted to use a bench press machine – someone else is on it, so you wait, keeping your social distance. If they are doing it RIGHT, the are exhaling hard with each lift, spewing potentially infected droplets that can hang in the air for over five minutes. They leave, and you get on the machine in contact with their sweat, and breathe heavily as their infected spewage slowly settles on you. Yeah, that REALLY safe LOL!

      Have a TINY bit of humility, or at least SENSE. I do not know what YOU do for a living, but even if it is flipping burgers at McDonald’s, you know a lot more about how a McDonald’s runs than I do. So when nearly EVERY person who spent years getting doctorates and years studying infectious disease, all around the world, says you are WRONG, maybe you should LISTEN! If Neil DeGrasse Tyson and I disagreed on some aspect of astrophysics, I am going to question my opinion, because HE is an ASTROPHYSICIST and I am not! I might do some research to see if the consensus of astrophysicists agrees with his position, but if they do, I have to accept that my well educated layman’s opinion is probably WRONG!

  5. I swear I have been trying to figure out when she will be back lol i watch the previous evenings episode every morning & this past 2 weeks hasn’t been the same 🙁

    1. @Censorship Is real BLANK homepage reads: “Joined 28 Jul 2021″………Russian troll spreading misinformation / discontent

    2. @Uniquely Lily is really not, they have looser laws then many democratic districts. They extended the time, you can still vote by mail, it really comes down to democrats not wanting voter ID and many even staying they are against it. But you’re right, no one should gave a problem with it, yet many leftists do!

    3. I wish you were wrong. Federal law must be enacted to prohibit both partisan gerrymandering and that voiding of voters choices.

    4. @Censorship Is real if Democrats wanted to cheat then why are they trying to pass an Act that keeps all politicians, even themselves, from being able to cheat? That never made sense to me. They have tried to pass that Act since right after Trump won in 2016 but McConnell would not let it get voted on. Why would the Republicans stop a bill that keeps all politicians from cheating, even the Democrats themselves, if the Republicans weren’t going to cheat themselves? No they sat on that bill so that they can tell y’all the Dems cheated, if they won, that way y’all would believe them. Because why would Dems cheat if they got an Act passed that kept even them from being able to cheat? No, all Trump truly had to do, was plant a seed of doubt in all of you before the elections started, that only the uneducated believed it and fell for the con Trump ran on all of you. If you read my entire comment and understood the critical thinking I introduced in my line of questioning then there might be hope for you yet. But maybe the line of questions, I just mentioned, might be to complicated for you and you skipped my post to these last lines. Which if so you just proved how uneducated you are and proved I was right.

    1. @Censorship Is real Of course the opinions of scientists are going to change. That’s because virus’s evolved, so information needs to evolve with it. The one thing that isn’t evolving is you and your unintelligent comments. Maybe you should try Russia for your comments, they like the dumb and uneducated.

    2. @SMS yet the science doesn’t. So it’s not about the science. It’s who’s controlling the narrative.
      And that changes with the agenda they want to push

    3. @Censorship Is real it’s pathetic that those who are suppose to protect their constituents aren’t.

  6. I’d rather see the schools err on the side of caution than express regret later. Covid is gonna stick around forever if we’re not smart.

    1. @JJ Strumr the Joe Knows the borders open we’ve had over a million immigrants come in so far this year but yet he’s worried about everybody here taking the vaccine doesn’t make much sense does it

    2. @JJ Strumr From Daily Mail:
      “Shocking photos show scores of illegal immigrants packed into holding cells in breach of COVID caps while hundreds of infected are treated in special army tents”

    1. @Elena Latici – yes, for the decision document just follow the link on my answer to Awesome Black Dude above, then click on the attachment button.

    2. @Sandi Harris Actually, the disgraced former was an inadequate promise keeper and stumbling, fumbling leader with zero experience in government with a major dictatorial streak and a crummy businessman to top it off.

    3. @Wark Mahlberg The charges will stand in spite of the whitewash. Similar to the insurrection, still hope for charges there?😉

  7. What is happening in Florida is a politician who has no clue what a governor is supposed to do. Ms. Vance is doing exactly what needs to be done to accommodate a gone-off-the-rail train.
    I hope tax payers would ask for accountability at the elections.

    1. They have a Governor who is enamored by trump and is running Florida into the ground LITERALLY!! (Just as trump did America.)

  8. When policy is 100% political and not made by teachers, doctors and other medical professionals, and scientists…….

    All about the

    DeSantis probably funded by funeral homes.

    1. Ive lived for 40 years and have only ever seen policy based on 100% politics. Money is only half of it. Religion is the other half…

  9. If parents wanted to send kids to school with bear spray to protect themselves from bullies (something they could bully others with), would DeSantis also be defending parents’ rights to send kids to school in that way? Knives? Guns?

    1. When I was in school many of the boys carry their guns to school. They kept them in the Clock room. Some of the guys made zip guns in the metal shop and they also made brass knuckles. We carry knives in our purses and I know some of my friends carried small guns. Nobody was shot and everybody felt very safe. Perhaps you have a very good idea and we should return to those days.
      Always say now is grave danger in gun free zones. Most my feelings occur in gun free zones. People are safer at a gun store and they are in a gun free zone. You have a great idea.

    2. Perhaps they can prescribe medication to help alleviate some of your deranged delusions and proneness to violence@T. R. Campbell

    3. @T. R. Campbell No they are not. I live in a gun free country and I don’t only feel safe, I am actually safe.
      You in the US watch too many violent gun and arms driven movie plots.
      Gun use by private citizens is a false feeling of safety and usually men buy into it. If women only were to vote on gun rights there wouldn’t be any. Well, under the premise that the N.R.A would not intervene.

    1. @Bud Fudlacker Follow me here….can you say international relations, stimulus packages, honest words, tons of jobs and tons of jobs coming, … I could go on but, no, slow and steady already won the race. You are littering this thread with your trash.

    2. @TheDiamond2009
      Yeah, and the people who opposed Hitler were tearing Germany apart – until they were killed or cowed into submission.

  10. 6:41 that’s actually a good idea. if you want kids to wear masks don’t punish them, incentivize them. What’s the easiest incentive for kids? Extra homework! Just go ahead and add one extra problem per class for “non-mask wearing kids” and they will mask up in a hurry.

  11. When are the parents going to start having teachers backs? Desantis is basically telling parents what to do. That’s what he says teachers are doing.

    1. Lets see who rhe dumb parents are who despite the rising deaths of children will still go ahead and listen to De Santis!😡

  12. When the pandemic first started, and the CDC thought the schools were a petri dish for Covid, we shut the schools down and now it’s happening again, and the schools should not even be open…. if they have to make children wear masks, that means the Covid virus is there so why are we sending our kids back to school if there’s still a pandemic! I don’t get it

  13. They don’t want to teach Critical Race Theory because that will probably open up people’s eyes about these voter restriction bills.

  14. When you see a kid’s casket, it will be forever in your brain.
    Don’t let your kid die from the Wuhan virus.

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