Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: February 8 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: February 8 | MSNBC


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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: February 8 | MSNBC


    1. Right. Pop Joe wouldn’t even call him after receiving #45’s “gracious” letter in the Oval desk drawer — if that even happened. The smart response would be to simply throw whatever was in there right into the trash as other legit world leaders did with the monster’s hateful, absurd letters.

  1. Love watching Rachel, she don’t give the bs lies that Maria does on fox. Rachel is top dog when it comes to getting the truth.

    1. @Richard Pierpoint why should he die? I mean yes, he clearly is not in his right mind. But to wish him dead…

      How are you friend? You seem angry too?

  2. Unreal. The stupidity of those who believe a TWEET over the results of more than sixty court cases. Complete and total stupidity.

    1. Yep. This is where we’re at. At the impeachment hearing, Trump’s lawyer said that the impeachment was going to disenfranchise 74 million voters. What about the 81 million voters Trump and his cult were trying to disenfranchise? These people traded out their country for a buffoon.

    1. “In the state of Arizona, over 36,000 ballots were illegally cast by non-citizens.”

      Trump appears to have based this figure on dubious math offered by anti-immigration advocates, not any actual data. C. Murphy Hebert, a spokeswoman for the Arizona secretary of state, told the president’s claim is false. “You must be a citizen to vote in an election in Arizona, so that number appears to be completely fabricated,” she wrote in an email.

    1. Because there are no consequences…..he knows that he can incite people to do his bidding and get away with it.

    1. @Sandra Linz appreciate the sentiment. but “pro” meaning “for” in this sense, and “anti” meaning “against”, means it would just be the ProFa party, or Pro Fascism

    2. J S you’re right. I clicked to post then thought…bummer, just mixed pro with anti and came up with…well, something mutant instead of a clever poke. Ah well, back to the drawing board

  3. I consider my cute little Rachy-Rach, my sista from a different mista. I treasure the blend of education and relating of current events she does each week night.

  4. Give the people 1200 a month and let the republicans try to take it away later and see how people vote then. Simple . They did it with social security.

  5. Holy crap! The Arizona State Republicans trying to arrest the entire Board of Supervisors because they can’t accept the outcome of the election? Wow…these people have gone completely off the rails!

    1. And they have the audacity to say people couldn’t accept the fact that Trump won the 2016 election and Hillary didn’t. Nobody went as far as Trump and his cult did over the election, just bc Biden won. It seems they are the ones that can’t except the election outcome.

    2. What can you expect? It’s friggin’ Georgia. Progressives need in GA need to speak Truth to Power more forcefully if they want that reputation to change. (I’m in Louisiana, not being a hypocrite but working as hard as I can for the same!!!!)

    1. Same..bought a van, turned it into a camper with plans to head west..first stop..Arizona..umm..nope..staying on the eastern shore, but nowhere near DC even tho i live too close for comfort to it..

    2. @Kizzie White I have family in tuscon..climbed white mtn as a kid, cliff dove there too..beautiful state..horrible politics..I’ll stay home..

    1. The military should & could called Mike Flint back for a military court-martial strip of his General title and a rest him in a military confinement in Guantanamo Bay Cuba where they keep dangerous terrorists, and military traitors and military spies ?

    1. Yes, she is. Sadly stupidity seems like another pandemic nowadays. People are listening and going along with things like that.

  6. Watching from the Netherlands as the Republicans destroy democracy. The world is appalled by what America has allowed itself to become.

    1. Watching from Australia
      Couldn’t have imagined this scenario in my wildest dreams.
      Sadly if Trump is not found guilty this chaos is going to continue and ramp up again. God help the USA.

    2. When isn’t america destroying democracy?
      Americans spent 50+ years enabling acts such as:
      Invading the middle East for “weapons of mass destruction” even though everyone knew it was for oil and profit.
      Sanctioning Russia for the warcrime of annexing Crimea but has no problem profiting from the genocide in yemen through weapon sales to SA.
      Endangering the lives and livelihoods of their own citizens for decades in order to justify pre-existing conditions and greed.

      If you think giving Americans mulligans for 5+ decades makes democracy look good, you are sorely mistaken. Destroying democracy is all Americans do, along with people like you who cherry pick when we should apply human rights, decency and moral justice. Apparently when Hitler commits genocide that’s the worst thing on earth but when america does, it’s just called good business.

    3. @Janet Crawford its called white supremacy and its all over the western world. Theres a standard they want to hold the world to, and then there’s another standard they hold themselves to. That’s why america can get away with whatever and no one sanctions them like we do to every other country on earth. Exactly to your point, genocide is only a warcrime if someone outside of the alliance commits it. We don’t actually care about genocide, we just use that as a talking point to justify ourselves like lying hypocrites.

    4. Ya know folks im just a nobody living in the middle of nowhere in the USA , i cant do a thing politically, but this trump thi g has wome the giant and people have taken notice. I think like a car with 2 flats we need to pull over and fix it. We will and voting the right people in takes years. The next Senate vote is 2 more years cant wait pray for us Corinthians.

    5. Agree. But Europe govs r not much better atm, ignoring our constitutional rights, distroying economy, not rolling out vaccination. In the US its the trump virus, in Europe the corona

  7. “Lock them up” instead. Straight to the Looney Bin. These people are definitely not all there. In fact they r WAY OUT there, like wAaaY past Space. They have to be to keep doing this, especially after each time they recount these votes they put Biden ahead even more. They r truely Pathetic.

  8. From UK: “Stand back and stand by” remember? He knew that the proud boys (and others) would listen to his every word for signals, we ALL knew this after that flag…..

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