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  1. The translators should have been flown out with the soldiers. If those people die…who will help us again?

    1. Don’t worry man. They got Creepy Joe and the cackling psychopath Kamala Harris looking out for them.

    2. @OldManGhost this is a wonderful idea! please think about posting your comment on a main line so more see it

  2. It’s cowardly to abandon allies that placed their lives and their family’s lives at risk.

    1. Yeah they left the Afghan forces with bases that had been stripped of all devices/tech and the power cut off in a way it couldn’t be turned back on. Not exactly a smooth transition.

  3. Springfield Missouri has a national trucking company New Prime Inc. headquartered there. One of the largest fleets in the nation transporting goods, and probably disease, all over the country. Think delta variant won’t come to your town, it may on a truck driver staying at the local truck stop or motel.

    1. I thought of the same problem. I was a truckers wife 30 years and my husband drove for two different companies in Springfield, there are many more. Because he was in all states long haul, he regularly got sick every winter. Daily exposure to so many different people all over the country. And he was extremely conscientious about hand washing. His mother had drummed personal hygiene into him when he was a child. What part of “highly contagious” don’t these self righteous, sanctimonious, holier than thou hypocrites understand?? “Real Men” get vaccinated and protect their loved ones!

    2. @J. Wright Keep deluding yourself. Hopefully you won’t contaminate any family members or friends. You are lucky not to have lost anyone close to you yet.

    3. @Diana Lesueur Can you tell me what about this shot makes it a vaccine? Like how does it work

    4. Yikes! Sure hope they don’t deliver to Au. we’ve trouble enough trying to hobble this bug even with interstate travel restrictions..

  4. I can not believe we are being so callous to our allies! There is no excuse; there would be no USA without allies, they must be protected.

    1. And I am so glad the Corporate talking stooge ‘MADCOW’ mentioned the plight of the heroic Cuban people who for the first time in 60 years are standing up to totalitarian Communism. MADCOW’S bias in truly nauseating.

    2. @Mary M Davis I have been seeing this too. I really hope it is not true; if it is I hope it is corrected fast. Americans don’t even treat dogs like this! We can do better for our fellow humans let alone those who risk their lives to help our families.

  5. This is shameful. Get these people out . All of these people who helped us. Don’t put their lives in danger. No matter where they are in Afghanistan get them out get them out safely.

    1. We’ve been in Afghanistan for how long? 20 yrs, if these Afghans have served American interests in the ME then I say they earned a spot. To those of you who say they should go somewhere else maybe it’s you that needs to go somewhere else.

    2. Over the years, I’ve seen less and less reason to be proud to be an American. We somehow have to pull ourselves out of this super selfish, greedy, callous attitude that so many Americans have of both other Americans and the rest of the world. I don’t know how though.

  6. This is not new. The US government abandoned interpreters in Iraq too. There is no loyalty.

    1. Let’s not forget the Kurds in Iraq. We convinced them to rise up against an Army and we allowed them to be slaughtered.

    2. Really?
      One of my battle buddies from OIF II in ’03-05 MARRIED one of our interpreters. She ended up in Jordan for 9 months waiting for the process to finish with the state department. They live in Hillboro, Oregon with kids, and she was not the only one of our terps to get citizenship. 6 of the 14 in our pool ended up in the US, 4 were denied, the rest didn’t want it.
      You people make blanket statements without actually knowing what you’re talking about because it ‘feels good, man’

    3. @Jack B Yes, And I am sure that your personal experience is the same for everyone and everywhere in every warzone, even when those being abandoned are telling us different.

    1. @Cassius Clay In Texas they call them high level racists. They will have nothing to do with that low level stuff. /s

  7. These cutesy slogans and buzzwords, like Don’t Fouci My Florida, Cyber Ninjas, Operation Warp Speed, Ouchi Fauci, etc., look unprofessional and childish. They may help your supporters to understand but you will gain no credibility from intelligent voters.

    1. It’s been true for years now that Republican’s are not going for intelligent, informed voters. For obvious reasons.

    2. Some of their comments consist entirely of buzz words and slogans.
      Show’s their depth of understanding of the political nuance’s. No wonder Mother Nature decided it was time to do some culling.

    3. They’re not aimed at intelligent voters.
      They’re aimed at the knuckle-dragging mouth breathing 2nd Amendment/militia crowd that only speak baby talk. If it isn’t three words or less not only will they not understand it, they’ll forget it right away as soon as they see something shiny. The two-word slogans work the best because any two of them can remember it. If they’re standing right next to each other….

  8. Missouri doesnʻt think itʻs got enough of the Delta Variant going yet, apparently. They want to really do this up big. Garth Brooks is coming to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on August 7 for the hugest of the huge superspreader events to date.


    2. “Low places.” How about 6 feet under? I, again, feel sorry for the nurses and other health care workers who have to try to save these people who want to deny reality.

    3. Just Imagine how many more Red Socialist Fascist Racist Republicans with their entourage of the Proud Boys from the KKK & Nazi Regimes will bite the dust and never get to vote. Oh Yeah, arrogance is great…

  9. Didn’t trump get the vaccine in January 2021? Isn’t he informing people who attend his rallies?

    1. @eric Who died and made you the Internet police? You just don’t like being countered by a better debater.

    2. @BunzeeBear
      The perception of being smarter is more important to you people than actually being right.
      Your core audience doesn’t notice how dumb you really are.

    1. O.K. but only if he paints his face and wears buffalo horns and no shirt so we know it’s really him.

    2. @Tamme Brown
      There was no vaccinne before Biden got in. How’s that Sputnik going? I hear nobody wants it. 😂

  10. This will never change. The Army loves being a reactionary force. They knew there was going to be a draw down. How did we not know we had to reward those that saved American lives?! This is embarrassing. Very embarrassing.

  11. Absolutely breaks my heart but also enrages me to hear about Afghan interpreters who risked both their lives & the lives of their families, only to be left behind to die the most horrific/traumatic of deaths imaginable at the hands of the Taliban. Have we not learned anything from our previous mistakes that have stemmed from lost pointless wars when it comes to a ‘strategic’ withdrawal? Apparently not then we are surprised when 15-20 years later those very people who were abandoned, potentially could become the future terrorist who make even more innocent civilians pay the ultimate price? We had time, more than enough as its not even August yet! Makes me beyond disgusted & embarrassed as an American that we are now a country who has no qualms about betraying our allies who helped keep Republican, Democrat & Independent service men/women safe so they could return home. And now we’re not even coming close to returning the favor. Good luck finding enough interpreters in future wars or conflicts as a result or even sleeping at night if you were part of the problem & not the solution.

  12. End it took nine months to figure out the Congress need to be involved in this sham! What is wrong with our Congress? Why are Democrats utterly Ball-less.

  13. I was so upset for this reason back when trump reduced the forces, the fact that it wasn’t even on my radar under Biden shows a bit of bias. Thank you for reporting this . The Biden administration really messed up on this pull out.

  14. If you say no to the vaccine why expect the hospital to say yes to taking care of you?The first responders are putting their life on the line .

  15. God forbid if someone loyal to the Taliban watches TRMS. Now, thanks to this guy, everything is given away on TV.
    Are you trying to help these guys or have them killed before they can get out?

  16. If ur life means so little to u that u worry about what ur neighbors think and that kills u, how is that pro-life?

  17. Talking about Howell county: My biology professor used to say that stupidity one way or another erases you from the dna pool. Truer words were never spoken…

    1. Explains all the vaccinated people dying in droves to both the virus they’ve supposedly been vaccinated against and the vaccine itself

    2. @Cameron Bland Define droves. You are lying. 608K in the U.S. people have died from CoVid19. THAT counts as ‘droves’. Comparatively, the percentage of fully vaccinated people who have died from CoVid19 is very, very small. Adverse reactions directly linked to the vaccine is an even smaller number.

    3. @Cameron Bland I’ve been vaccinated, and I haven’t died. Do you know of any, personally, who have? Or are you merely passing along, or, worse, originating, a scurrilous lie?

    4. @Cameron Bland You don’t follow the news do you? It is now widely known that across the US, over 99% of deaths last month due to covid were in UNvaccinated patients.

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