Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 16th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 16th | MSNBC


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  1. Had anyone been watching and honest, Trump was doing the same things early on in his term. It’s time to round up all of these people and let them have their own country… in Antarctica… where no humans live.

    1. @Yanski Arbuckle You are threatening America you should be ashamed of your self I hope the FBI comes knocking on your door

    2. Deceived by your own government and your favorite “entertainment news” channels. So sad. I hope you get better soon

  2. it’s not over because almost ALL of the republican politicians are willing to do whatever Trump wants.

    1. @Drought Tolerant Wrong dude their was a coup and Trump and he’s supporters committed a crime and it is what it is so get over it already

    2. They’re pigs at the trough of russian mob money. They aren’t even willing to disavow themselves of their terrorist wing.

  3. Trump is the new Hitler; the parallels are strikingly similar: Jan. 6th is so similar to the Beer Hall Putsch, the name calling, his overt racism towards Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and Blacks, “knows more than his generals”, the lies, et al.

    1. It isn’t by accident…there are people guiding this man’s every step. His Goebbels, his Goering.

    2. @PugglesMcWardog Unlike you using your real name, eh Puggles? At least she’s not using a 2 week-old troll account like you, dingbat.

  4. Sadly, those people who voted for Trump in 2016 who may have buyers remorse for the rest of their lives put this mad man in the White House in the first place. He’d have the military in charge with him as the dear leader and god help anyone who opposed him. The man is a failed fascist but still poses a clear and present danger to the US.

    1. @Bigballs Betty “all hail Trump” you root for Hydra in the Marvel ‘verse, doncha

    2. @jock guy his entire business model is about to go under due to no legit entity is going to continue to be able to lend, so sure, he knows exactly what he’s doing.
      just like all the bankruptcies are the only smart way to be a developer, just like tax avoidance makes it smarter than the average bear. sure, in the delusional state 45* relies on its supporters to remain under, it all works absolutely perfectly. and you’re sure it’ll be “reinstated” on Aug 13.

  5. I am glad that there’s is talk over fascism now. A year ago I was mocked by responders of my comments for saying that you where heading to an dictatorship. But when you are at an distance,wich I am, the picture is mostly clearer.

    1. @jay campbell of course not, i respect people opinions.

      What i call dumb is, people believe there was voter fraud, just because Donald said so. With no proof or evidence to back it up.

      And to think that Donald is gonna be president again this year.

      Also to think Florida’s governor can use the first amendment violation on private social media platforms,( they’re not government platforms)

      There’s more but I’ll stop here.

    2. @Emilia Teerds – de Jonge I think Trumps victory had alot to do with the hatred of Hillary Clinton and the way the middle of the country is treated by Democrats. The entire middle of the country, especially the South, is looked down upon by Democrats on the coasts. California is on fire all the time, they have no water, the largest cities have been overrun by the homeless. The streets in LA and SF are lined with tents and covered in needles and human waste. Cities like Seattle and Portland were allowed to be taken over by rioters after the George Floyd incident. Months of riots in Portland. Tens of thousands of people in SF were forced out to the streets when greedy landlords raised the rent so they could move in tech people, the vast majority of them white. And the folks who work in the service industries and other jobs could no longer afford to l Iive. They preach about tolerance and acceptance for all while showing none themselves. Saying all Republicans are dumb is ok, but don’t you dare use the wrong pronouns. They call Republicans fascists and white supremacists. Antifa claims to be anti-fascist while also using violence and other means to shut down Conservative speakers.

    3. @Orange County 714 I will concede the voter fraud point. That is idiocy. I’m not familiar with the Florida issue but I will educate myself. I’m not comfortable with the Biden administration flagging people for Facebook to cancel. That’s a fine line, using a private company to restrict free speech. When Trump talked about locking up journalists he was a dictator. They tell Facebook who to cancel so they don’t violate the Constitution legally, but it is the government restricting free speech

    4. @Tammy Brothers
      Trump ran for that reason and, according to his ex lawyer Michael Cohen, it was to make money from his campaign; and he didn’t expect to win. I think he was as surprised as the world was that he did.
      After he won he undermined and reversed just about everything positive Obama had done. I think Trump is also jealous of Obama. He’s a class act while T**** is the chaotic and irritating class clown.

  6. YEP! A failed coup attempt is simply “Training Practice” – especially given the fact that the Inciting forces are STILL openly operating and continuing to rally their minions and preparing for practice #2, 3, 4 etc.

    1. @GOPfacistLOSERS Again And the grifters are fighting against each other, and put the middle classes in their mess. Middle class want our kids to go to school and get a good job……What the f uk with Lori

  7. The 25th best democracy in the world is vulnerable.

    When judges accept the “No reasonable viewer takes Tucker Carlson seriously” defense, then America is in big trouble.

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD Nice try. But since I am not the one parrotting propaganda of the ignorant and confusing political terminology, I am not required to prove anything to any uninformed conspiracist. The burden of proof is on the one who made the claim. In other words, if you use big words among educated people, make sure you know what they mean first. Again, genuine discussion does not start with lies, propaganda, conspiracies and insults, and that is the reason why no one is engaging with maga stalkers in liberal comments sections. After the first few sentences identify where each one of us stands, those who begin with falseties and primitivities are not taken seriously any more and largely ignored. A few of us like to have some verbal fun with you, though. If you want respect in these circles, do not start by sly projections and blameshifting. Show genuine knowledge and civilized manners, otherwise you’ll end up with my jokes, pet.

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD “I ask the same of you. Sweetie.” (here’s the one argument you show rudimentary command of: I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I.)
      The assertion to ‘marxism’ is yours; this means all burden is yours to tell us what you mean by a term (the definition is available to you as well as to the rest of us, but no.).
      The ball has never left your court: so you’re punting. Everyone that has a working definition finds your use of the word a joke, it’s just a smear tactic with no meaning at all. Everyone this side of outright fascism is a marxist to you, one supposes. Did someone accuse you of _being a Russian while French kissing China_ ? It makes arguably more sense than you saying people that notice Russian trolling are in some way enamoured of China (IE: learn what a comma does in contructing a sentence).
      No, that is all of it a rote regurgitation of the same idiotic buzz points you all do, as though there is a script crafted especially for imbeciles. You have literally not said one thing of substance, it’s just automatic response as though a being with no agency at all to work with, a simple program, has been activated by a trigger.

  8. Why are we allowing those treasonous criminals to walk free?
    We need to get Trump and his family in court for Tax Fraud.
    Then we need to turn up the heat and get busy with investgating the January 6th Insurrection.
    Trumps needs to find out criminal actions have consequences.

    1. Democrats really got us fooled they think that after 50 million dollars of the Russian hoax. That Muller didn’t look at his taxes they have gotten us so fooled. Democrats keep calling it The January 6th insurrection. Meanwhile not one person is charged with insurrection! We are stupid!

    2. @Mauser What makes you think that President Biden is a criminal please give a list of his crimes

    3. @Brent Grusendorf FYI yes Russia did interfere in the election so no it’s not a hoax and also their were 500 people arrested and have been charged and a lot of them have already been sitting in jail waiting for they’re sentence date and how long they will be in prison and they still are investigating other people that were involved in the insurrection

    1. @Scientific Methodologist No, more like recent past when the traitor republicans stormed and looted the Capitol, assaulted and injured over 140 of the officers trying to defend it, and all in an attempt to violently overthrow the government…Notice them flying the Confederate/traitor flag?

    2. @Scientific Methodologist You might want to go take some history classes because the Republican’s now we’re called the Democrats back then and they are the one that formed the KKK and they still are the KKK today under the Republican so I’d advise you to go take some history classes before you make any more comments because what’s funny is your actually cutting down your own party the Republican’s

    3. @INCARNATE People like this person you just comement to want people to forget about the domestic terrorist that stormed the capitol on January 6th 2021 they want to bring up the past but what this person doesn’t get is the Republican now we’re called the Democrats back then but they don’t want to talk about their party they want to bring up something in the past which is actually funny because they’re cutting down their own party

    4. @Matt Thompson And NAFTA. But the stuff you mentioned was all bi-partisan stuff.
      This is a duolpoly.

  9. Nothing like waiting for the cancer to be diagnosed as stage four, than you can start treatment. Thanks Millie.

  10. Outreach can work with the uninformed, but the misinformed are proud about their ignorance so they’re mostly hopeless.

    1. You are misinformed if you get your news from MSNBC. NBC Xfinity are a monopoly media corporation that brings on former CIA Directors like John Brennan The USA mainstream media is Operation Mockingbird corrupted. The monopolization of our media made it even easier for the deep state to manipulate “journalist” in the MSM. Get your news from smaller Independent sources for the truth.

    2. @StealieSteve The Young Turks is an independent news organization

    1. Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it. Those who *do* understand history are doomed to watch it repeat.

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD I think it was ‘Blessed are the cheesemakers.’
      …’Ahh, what’s so special about the cheesemakers?’ ‘Well, obviously, this is not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.

  11. “we need to make sure people understand history”

    We should probably start by prioritizing upgrading our _education system._ It’s a mess.

    1. @adamf663 BS many parents have come forward in school meeting of high school and jr high school complaining about it being lectured in class. You just do not hear about it since this is where you get news.

    2. @Zennbubba Quit lying. The parents are calling for the meetings because the RW echosphere has them riled up with the culture war lies.

    3. @adamf663 Yes, but the problem is that subjects taught in school have been controlled for far too long. I’ve been almost 50 years out of high school, and our history classes only barely touched on the absolute horrors that were committed during the Holocaust and wars. But they DID at least, bring them to our awareness. It is amazing to me, just how many people today don’t even believe the Holocaust even occurred at all, that it is just propaganda designed to scare them. REALLY? Most of history IS scary, and hopefully we all LEARN from it, not just sweep it under the rug, because we don’t like to think about it.

    4. @Zennbubba just because parents are complaining about it does not mean it is actually happening.
      That’s not how reality works.

  12. IMO, if the fascists try again and even get close to the White House, they will be pushing up flowers before they get through the door.

    1. Drumpfascoris wants Uncle Sugar to prop up his sad spoiled life like his daddy did for him, including Trump family trademark of white supremacy.

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