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  1. More attorney generals should file charges against all profiting from “Big Lie” spammers and con artists.

    1. Unfortunately, that would never happen here in Texas because then we wouldn’t even have con men running the government.

    2. @imam omar between your screen name and your screen image and the nickname you choose to give, I would say that your racism is showing old white guy from other old white guy.

    1. @Floyd Allyn Obamagate isn’t REAl. Trump
      Was NOT the POTUS or any other federal employee. What he and his campaign members were doing is what got them investigated. That was not on Obama. Maybe not meeting up with Russian oligarchs and then you don’t get investigated?’ It’s sad how desperate y’all are for lies to be truth. You need help

    2. And put on display in public blocks on the Capitol grounds for six months so that every Texas has a chance to go to Austin to tell him personally what a worthless human being he is.

    3. @Amberlee Sibley I wasnt even talking about those crimes
      I was talking about his fraud his weapons dealing his drug dealing his child abuse his treaties with our enemies & murdering Americans over seas
      lets talk about those crimes

    1. It’s just like a cheater does. They ‘accuse their spouse of cheating when, in fact, THEY are cheating.

    2. Kerri Sprague

      And the cheater uses sketchy info, take things out of context and makes the spouse apologize for something or other, Keeping the cheater from suspicion. I’m getting myself worked up over this hypothetical LOL

  2. It’s hard sometimes to generalize an entire party. Sure there are decent Republicans, but the rotten apples have spoiled the whole group. I haven’t seen this level of depraved, disgusting crap in my life. That man gets sentenced to YEARS in prison, while Trump still walks free, to say this is wrong is a vast understatement.

    1. It was a woman who was sentenced to 5 years, Mr. Rodgers hasn’t been tried yet, but unless he gets some good representation (or the DA gets shamed) he’s likely to end up in jail for years as well.

    2. @Sam Harris On what matter is he false? Seems he’s not. There seems to be one penalty for a white man deliberately casting votes for his decades dead mother and black folks erroneously attempting to vote. That’s not false, that’s facts.

  3. Go to church on a Sunday and you will find Ken Paxton somewhere in there singing his heart out…

  4. This man is obviously being targeted. He was on parole and went to jail for voting? So they threw him back in jail? I thought that law was changed. He was not committing any crimes. What part of this story are we missing? This sounds like a good case for Reverend Jesse Jackson. Someone needs to notify him about this.

    1. @Markus Brauns It’s like someone pointed out that you wouldn’t stand in line for six hours in the hot Houston sun knowing that it was illegal for you to vote because you were on parole for 15 years. Which is another ridiculous thing.

    2. The election fraud is so obvious that the Supreme Court ruling rejecting ballots that voters cast outside their precincts.
      The other rule, a ban on so-called “ballot harvesting,” limits who can return an absentee ballot for a voter and imposes criminal penalties on those who break the rule.

    3. I’m not a fan of Governor Abbott, nor of Texas Republicans more generally, but in the case of these former Texas felons, I agree that the burden is on them to understand the long-term legal consequences of their actions (which, to be clear, is not a defense of Texas voting laws, but rather general respect for whatever prevailing laws are in effect in a given jurisdiction, as Draconian as they may be). This is speculative, but I’m willing to bet that the limitations on their future voting rights is spelled-out somewhere in the veritable mountain of paperwork they received upon release. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect ordinary citizens to read, digest, and understand every word of these of documents — this is partly what lawyers are for. Just so, I think it _should_ be the ethical (not legal) responsibility of their lawyers and/or parole officers to periodically remind them of such restrictions; e.g., as big election dates approach. I don’t think it matters whether these folks submitted an actual ballot versus a provisional one — both are attempts to cast a vote.

  5. …. and saying that “No one is above the law” is just as true as “everybody buying a lottery ticket will win Mio’s of Dollars”.
    It’s not only the minority screaming and acting their insanity, but the majority who stays silent who allow this to get worse and worse …. down, down, down!! Evil is the new orange!

  6. The Michigan court system is fully functional, non-biased and professional. Trump grifters WILL be prosecuted according to law. If you break laws in Michigan, you lose every time.

    1. @Chad Simmons maybe infamous. But for a man who is forgotten you are still about Obama. This is aft 4.5 years out of office.

    2. @Jock Share Rock I supported Obama, wrote the man a letter & he wrote me back (true-story) Biden’s mushy brain isnt running anything, hand him his words & hope he can read them

  7. Now you know why the White Supremist’s don’t want CRT taught, because CRT exposes events like this.
    Unfair treatment between white/Black or Dems and Rep. This could be added to the curriculum!!!!

    1. Willie Thomas

      I agree with you, and it’s too bad that for political reasons conservatives have stigmatized the discussion. All they do is worry about their own lives and possibly being canceled and unconcerned with the realities on the ground that can easily be discussed without anybody getting hurt. But I guess once most people make a stance, very few are willing to admit “I got it wrong“ or “there were areas I understood but I never got the full picture“

      Can you imagine Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro or Sean Hannity ever admitting to being wrong?

    2. @Jock Share Rock Did you see how those crazies protested CRT so vocally at a school board meeting in Virginia that they ended it early? The police were called and one man was arrested. Of course CRT was not being taught and there were no plans for it to be taught. They sang the National Anthem in the parking lot and in the meeting room. Nut bags.

    3. @Emmabee learning to treat others well is exactly what CRT is about. Yes I do possess an advanced degree. I do think it is too complicated for Elementary children but certainly not for 8th graders. CRT is exactly about helping everyone to learn to walk in the other person’s shoes. That is the basis for empathy. Sometimes life is messy and complicated. They are aware of that in 8th grade.
      When I was in the 8th grade I had a member of the extended family do something stupid and horrid and got arrested. My parents told me the truth. He was guilty. He needed to pay for his mistake. It was a very valuable lesson.

    4. @Jock Share Rock what cracks me up is that BS always says “facts don’t care about feeling” yet he leads the fight against the facts when he demonizes CRT.

    5. Emmabee
      Wow! I hadn’t heard. This is like a cruel Jerky Boys/Phil Hendrie/Sacha Baron Cohen prank perpetrated upon us as a nation


    1. The election fraud is so obvious that the Supreme Court ruling rejecting ballots that voters cast outside their precincts.
      The other rule, a ban on so-called “ballot harvesting,” limits who can return an absentee ballot for a voter and imposes criminal penalties on those who break the rule.

  8. Why is Chris Wray dragging his feet on prosecuting the Texas Attorney General? Maybe Wray is up to the same cover-up crap that he pulled when he was Chris Christie’s personal attorney.

    Remember when Wray hid evidence from the FBI when he was Chris Christie’s attorney on the Bridgegate cover-up.

    1. Are we supposed to pick sides? A popularity contest? Sad state of the country we’re living in.

  9. “Follow the Money” …next …. “Follow the Republican” they don’t really have a plan for you.

    1. Follow the Supreme Court ruling rejecting ballots that voters cast outside their precincts.
      The other rule, a ban on so-called “ballot harvesting,” limits who can return an absentee ballot for a voter and imposes criminal penalties on those who break the rule.

  10. “I prosecute voter fraud wherever we find it!”…
    AG Ken Paxton should be prosecuted for crimes against the English language.

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