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Watch highlights of Wednesday's The Rachel Maddow Show where she takes a closer look at President Biden's meeting with Putin, points out the merits of Senator Joe Manchin's compromise voting rights bill, and reports on the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act. Watch the top news stories and highlights from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. @Cisco de la Vega Unfortunately that’s all the GQP has and they continuously try to use them as actual evidence of anything they’re accusing somebody of. No proof on any of their claims, nothing. Only rumours and opinions are needed when it comes to them.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking. I suspect he only pretends to be Democrat to get votes, since he knows that the majority of the country is Democrat.

    3. @graphosxp
      If the Dems really have become socialist, (they haven’t) and trumpism is the alternative, I’d gladly take Socialism.

  1. I have stated before & I say again Manchin is the Republicans/Retrumplicans ‘Manchurian Candidate’, he will not stand as a Democrat for positive change & remove the filibuster as that is not what his true Bosses have installed him to do🙈

    1. @Justice F. All Thank you. Yet it saddens me that so many are choosing, yes, it is a choice, to believe in things that are “patently false”. And I am not sure to what “end”. I am a staunch supporter of your First Amendment rights (mine too) and what I find confusing is that so much of the recently proposed legislation is the deny “your rights”. Just do not “get it”. If this is the “purpose of Social Media”, maybe I just need to go back to “radio and telegrams” (yes, I am an “old fart”, 70 years old…HA!).

    2. @Mikel Kirby
      Hang in there Mikel, MAKE SURE YOU VOTE IN ALL 🇺🇸US ELECTIONS! NEW 🇺🇸US VOTER SUPPRESSION LAWS VIA GOP will not stop the people from electing better “LEADERS.” There was “NO” fraud found via many 🇺🇸US Judges. Republicans hinder their own party via “DISHONEST” behavior; which is allowing the GOP to lose long-term Republican party members.

      The Republicans have failed inadvertently to retain many things in such a way that the party cannot be immediately recovered. Example: “VOTERS” win of the 2021 Presidential election ~~ the citizens and Biden’s victory must haunt Republicans. The morality of the party is appalling. The 🇺🇸USA Nation will retain Democracy🗽.

    3. @Mikel Kirby
      Furthermore, The “CRIMINALITY DOTS” ……….are
      ……….. “CONNECTING” with striking legal implications seeking “ACCOUNTABILITY” and “JUSTICE.”

    1. Guezz each of those states had!!!!!! Re-counts on the 6 courts rulled..even the supreme court weighed in!! Doesn’t the trumpsters ever listen to the news???or fact check??? Oh i forgot only beleive the orange man.

    2. @Guy North Biden getting 80 million votes is an absolute effing joke…..and people are figuring out just what went on.

    3. @Patricia Vyce define legally? Ballots missing in Georgia is not legal. No chain of custody is not legal. Read election laws before just spouting off at the mouth.

    4. @SkyGemini typical liberal…you can’t argue facts so you resort to this. Lovely! Have a great day!

  2. Manchin along with his GOP colleagues continue to create voting issues when there were NO VOTING ISSUES NO VOTING FRAUD more SUPPORTING THE BIG LIE. Manchin’s behavior is disgraceful and a threat to the democracy.

    1. @Rod There was no question that the Trump administration colluded with Russia, several of inner circle were convicted and went to prison. The only thing that saved Trump, was his mental fitness was so pathetic, that Mueller thought Trump lacked the mental acuity necessary to form the element of intent. Not that the collusion wasn’t obvious. The “Big Lie” is that Trump wasn’t crushed in the 2020 election by more than
      7,000,000 American voters!

    2. Maybe all this boating talk is a diversion and not getting the real work done in Washington it’s just keeping them employed the only to go all of them need to go

    1. Putin KNOWS how to speak and read English.. he’s just a huge sneaky killer.. he’s not going to get away w anymore bullroar..cuz now he’s messing w the American rich boys business..with the ransomware cyber attacks..

  3. Am I the only one who noticed what a tiny short little podium Putin had –in order to make him look tall, I presume?

    1. Its that strongman attempt to appear large and imposing when he is really just a teeny tiny little fascist twerp.

  4. It’s perfectly clear to most Americans that Senator Manchin and the “Republican” Senators don’t want to get reelected. Bye!

    1. It’s perfectly clear that an Algorithm stole the election and the audits will back it up. Bye Joe.

    2. sadly most people don’t pay enough attention to realise who is screwing them on capital hill

    3. @once upon a dime
      Speak for yourself. “A lot of people…”
      is a trumpism meaning, ” I’m trying to sound widely accepted. What I say is believed by many, therefore probably true”.

  5. Joe Manchin’s “highly suspicious” reversal on voting bill follows donation from corporate lobby
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce sure loves Joe Manchin. Is that why his op-ed on voting bill echoed their talking points?

  6. Rachel’s analysis of the fourteen men who voted against Juneteenth having stink stuck to their shoes forever more is really a good one. Hahaha

  7. GQP is just running out the clock until midterms. Watered down legislation is worse than an exercise in futility. Dems will not have this opportunity again stop wasting it.

  8. The last time Russia messed with a Democrat they lost a plane full of dignitaries and Russian military. Putin better to sit down and shut up…gojoe

    1. I THINK Tom might be referring to a plane that went into the black sea in 2014…TU- 154… was a big deal for Russians

    2. @Atanalo Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 was a commercial flight shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force over the Black Sea on 4 October 2001, en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Novosibirsk, Russia. The aircraft, a Soviet-made Tupolev Tu-154, carried 66 passengers and 12 crew members.

    3. 🤣😂🤣😂 pretty sure that happened in 2001!! 🤔 I think GW was present then…I think you should sit down

  9. The visible difference in Putin’s demeanour in Geneva compared to him in Helsinki tells you he _knows_ the good old days are over.

    1. Yes, Putin was so comfortable under the treasonous Trump. It’s almost impossible to believe how Trump sold us out to Putin.

    2. @michael holtzman HAHA then why are you commenting on this… 3 Months old stuff. You just did what your trying to make fun of me about good one!

  10. Manchin just wants to seem as if he supports voting rights when he doesn’t. He doesn’t care if it passes or not.

    1. He doesn’t care for anything that his corporate donors don’t care for. Follow the money.

    2. He cares very much. Free and fair elections would be just as bad for him as for the Republicans.

    1. LoL..oh he did indeed answer her question!! If you REALLY listen to his “translated” response AND watch the entire exchange..he actually chuckled at the question…they are dead because he wanted them…hes been the Russian president for 10years..its called a communist/socialist country! Learn your history! He is NOT a good guy

    2. @Cort31Lynn learn my history….I need to learn my history, yet such a simple comment clearly roller stated right over your dome. I’m going to let you make it this time and wish you the best

    3. @MDM8998 oh I got it!..he didn’t answer her question directly! It’s a loaded question.. although he did made it quite clear as to why they are dead..

  11. I was hoping that Rachel would report on the leaked Zoom call Manchin had with his mega-donors about the voting rights bill and the 1/6 commission.

  12. There is a leaked audio on why he is doing this and it’s not for his voters. All media should be covering this and this is why our government doesn’t work for everyone regardless of party.

  13. I am convinced the WH is still frightened for trump, that trump knows no depth and that democrats are unwilling or too inept to fight this clear democratic threat.

  14. You can’t convince a dictator, to give up his dictatorship. and he believes if he let’s people vote then he will lose control over the people.

  15. “The kind of vote that will stick to their shoe forever and smell up any room they ever walk into”…LOL I love that!

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