Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 22 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 22 | MSNBC


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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 22 | MSNBC


  1. It is good as so many airports are old and need to be renovated. Roads are bad in need of repair, especially in Washington DC . Foreigners visiting DC ask ,”why are the roads so bad? in the Capital of the greatest nation in the world”. Bridges need repair, Infrastucture will give so much employment. Yes DC must become the 51st State.

    1. @stephen van buskirk how do you expect anyone to take you seriously. You support a party that hates America and every policy is fabricate with the only agenda to gain power. Not benefit the people in anyway but destroy the country. If your white and refuse to except their insanity your racist. Absolutely ridiculous

    2. @George Sprague So what? Do you have a coerent point point? It doesn’t seem like it. I”m done. I will delete anything else you send without looking at it.

    3. @stephen van buskirk party of science!! Don’t even know a respiratory virus may have the potential to be airborne. Donald Trump according to you clowns held back information about the RESPIRATORY virus that possibly could be airborne!! Well theirs some of the dumbest smart people I’ve crossed paths with.

    4. @stephen van buskirk Joe Biden. “If you want to get something done and you keep it near a dear to your hart then ah ah well never mind.”

    1. @Serai3 Yeah, Manchin turning from his “I will not vote for nuking the filibuster” talking point to “I am for a reform, however” is putting the GOP in shambles. But I’m curious as to why the question of the GOP using the filibuster to stop filibuster changes isn’t even talked about. Is something stopping that from being a thing?

    2. It will be interesting to see which bundle of policies will be the one dems break the republicans and the filibuster with. Will the repubs be forced to publicly and fiercly oppose voting rights or infrastructure?

    3. I agree, until the democrats get as ruthless for good as the republicans are for bad you and lost! They need to grow a pair. Pack the courts and feed the poor!

    1. About time we joined the 21st century.
      The problem will be the regressive Republicon’s, if their fingers aren’t in the till they’ll try to block it

    2. I won’t call it “modernization” without the installation of high-speed rail-lines. If there was ever an excuse to stray from petroleum – and to implement a faster, safer way of transport to replace pipelines – it’s maglev trains. Except for creating targets/tools for domestic terrorism, the future could be fast!

    3. And well paying jobs!!! Education will have to include training tradespeople & engineers, draughtspeople, surveyors. So long overdue.

    1. unconscionable that DC has a representative who can’t vote which I have known for a long time. absurd. what are the criteria for having a location become a state what does his-tory tell us? “to form a more perfect union”…seems we still have a long way to go and short time to get there! we’ve been working on this for centuries now. will the experiment ever be completed?

    1. @Helen Patterson During the Trump administration, the national debt increased roughly $7.75 trillion, more than half of that since the pandemic. In two months, the Democrats want to spend more than Trump did in 4 years.

    2. @Scarlet begonias Republicans Trillion dollar tax cuts for Billionaires added Trillions to our debt! What other industrialized countries in the world gives Billionaires Trillion dollar tax cuts/Corporate Welfare?

    1. Actually it was Obama who tried to pass the American Jobs Act which would have created millions of good paying Union jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure but blockhead Moscow Mitch blocked it!

    1. @Đeath Vader Yes starlink sounds good but we need fiber optic nationwide just like the rural electrification project of the past

    2. @C H
      I live in backwoods Tennessee. We got fiber here about 5 years ago, and now Up to half of us think covid 19 is emitted from 5g cell towers developed by underground lizard aliens so Bill Gates can inject us all with microscopic tracking devices.
      I’m worried that rural people aren’t quite educated enough for access to that much information

    3. @Juli Star-Alexander
      No. It’s a matter of overwhelming misinformation. It’s a direct result of “free speech”

  2. Add super fast trains,what japan has,let us stop this individualistic i want my car concept,we need mass transit to start and be minimalistic.

    1. @Paul Wilson You didn’t pay attention. The wall builders were buddies who got the contracts.

    2. Trump never completed the wall. Didn’t they get caught with a fund raising fraud while trying to build it?

  3. I would hope that a higher priority (than in the last 40 years) would be given to mass transit and modern rail systems to reduce the dependency on automobiles.

    1. Tom . I don’t think so. Everyone used to take the trains until airplanes got them wherever faster. I do agree that mass transit would be great.

    2. I believe in your idea, places like China, Europe, Japan, they all have better railway systems. And the thing is forcing the poorer people to get Automobiles to get to their work location is pretty bad, because a train ticket is far cheaper than a car. Plus it would make tons of jobs for rebuilding the railway systems.

    3. @TheLastPolitician My daughter visited a friend in Chicago and they belonged to a car usage program where for a reasonable price they had access to a car at certain times per month depending on needs. It was parked in a secure lot walking distance from their apartment. Work week was mass transit.

  4. Pete Buttigeig, as Transport Secretary, is going to have a lot of input in this infrastructure package, and if anyone can get it over the GOP, I back Mayor Pete.

    1. @C B: You’ve got me fantasizing about being in B.C. with my bike. I would get a third wheel kit for riding on railroad track and go through the mountains on abandoned rail lines. If I ever went from Vancouver into the States I would want to go to Seattle and visit the Jimi Hendrix museum and park. I saw Jimi and play a lefty guitar. Yeah… you got me fantasizing alright.

    2. @John Watt Most of the rail lines have been torn up and turned into skidoo trails in the winter and bike trails in the summer. We did a bike trip all in the Kootenays primarily on rail trails, it was endless and it went from town to town. There are a ton in the states which is why I love the AmTrak to get home. There are vids on here from @duzer about him doing the Great Divide and the Baja Divide. Check him out, really good stuff. I have friends that went from Calgary to Vancouver on rail trails over a 2 week stint.

    3. The Auto industry industry has lots of power in congress blocking alternatives to cars. There are countries operating passenger rail going over 300 mph. Imagine getting on a train without the hassle of the airport. It’s hard to hijack a train. America already has a failing obsolete transportation network. Why build more? A mile of two tracks of rail takes way less space and costs bunches less than a mile of 4 lane freeway and produces spectacularly less pollution.

    4. @C B: What you’re describing sounds like the Niagara Peninsula, taking away all the tracks and making recreational trails. Of course that’s after taking away all the businesses like the steel factories, the Union Carbide, John Deere and Robin Hood that used to be here. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out those vids.

    5. @John Watt Pretty similar but you don’t get to breathe in fresh mountain air and travel over mountain passes. Have fun sir!

  5. OMG. Infrastructure is back on the table. That sounds like actual Governing rather than self and cronies enrichment. Hooraaah !

  6. “They’re making an infrastructure bill.”

    Me: Oh cool, can’t wait to see it needlessly get blocked by the senate and die.

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